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Retsubi (Chinese: Xingwei)  was Zhao's gateway to Qin.


Retsubi is one of the main cities of Zhao, being important due to its defense line that covers the entrance to the capital of Kantan. Retsubi has very significant importance in the 46th and 47th volumes of the Kingdom manga due to Qin's Invasion against Zhao.

Plan to intercept the Qin army


Retsubi is located next to the Yellow River and the western mountains of Zhao. As the only quick way to Kantan is through the pass between the mountains and the river, it serves as the gate to Inner Zhao and the capital of Kantan. Its strategical meaning can be compared to the Kankoku Pass in Qin. Retsubi is an important defense fortress located near Kantan. However, the structure of Retsubi has been purposely constructed in a way that makes it hard to hold. More specifically, the walls are lower than average while the city street layout is awkwardly laid out. By making the city weaker to begin with, it would be easier for the Zhao to reclaim it.


Rai Kai-Zhao.png
Rai Ka
Cavalry Unit Commander
Slain by Shin
Ba Toku.png
Ba Toku
Archer Unit Commander
Slain by Sou Jin
Archer Unit Commander
Slain by Sou Jin
Ten †
Archer Unit Commander
Slain by Sou Jin
No image.PNG
Koubu †
Archer Unit Commander
Slain by Sou Jin


Western Zhao Invasion Arc[]

The Qin are invading Zhao and have to pass Retsubi before the Zhao main army under Great General Ri Boku. They have only two days to break through, so supreme commander Ou Sen let the Yo Tan Wa Army and the Hi Shin Unit deal with the city. While the mountain people overcame the walls and open the doors, so that the Hi Shin Unit rushed in and seize the commando centre. But the extremely high morale of the defenders posed a risk. After capturing the city, Ou Sen disappeared upon noticing the city's weakness while the other generals and the three "special" 5000 man commanders are left deliberating what to do next.

Siege of Retsubi.png
Siege of Retsubi
200,000 Qin vs Zhao
236 B.C.

Later Shun Sui Ju, who was defeated at Ryouyou, regained the city of Retsubi and fortified it to seal the escape route for the Qin armies.

Later on Tou Army went on going to capture the city. With no reinforcements, the Zhao army retreated, enabling Tou to capture it.