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Ren Pa’s Rebellion
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Gaku Jou surrenders. Ren Pa's victory

Ren Pa’s Rebellion is a civil war that fought in the state of Zhao, where Great General Ren Pa, the last member of the Three Great Heavens led his armies against Zhao loyalists led by Gaku Jou, a Great General.


Ren Pa and then Zhao Prince Tou Jou had grudges on each other, the former part of Zhao's Three Great Heavens and independent on his opinions, the latter the crown prince. Despite winning prestige, recently Hanyou Campaign, Ren Pa criticized Tou Jou's decisions and calling him useless oaf and refused the newly crowned King's order to be stripped of his rank.

Gaku Jou's background to be Gaku Ki's relative and his expertise made him a Great General and Tou Jou's man. He was made commander and raised an army worth 50,000 to capture Ren Pa.

Ren Pa was in disadvantage, with Kyou En, Gen Pou and Kai Shi Bou were in Hanyou, and only Rin Ko on his side and 8,000 loyal men, he prepared to face Gaku Jou.


Before the battle, Gaku Jou warned Ren Pa that he will never win if he resisted, due to his forces scattered in Hanyou, no one will help him. Ren Pa just laughed at him and left.

In the ensuing battle, Ren Pa himself showed his might against Gaku Jou despite being outnumbered. He led the charge himself, and used a bluff that his unit was destroyed and charged behind Zhao's HQ. He forced Gaku Jou to surrender.


Ren Pa Army confiscated all enemy weapons and left Gaku Jou with a question.