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Rei Ou
Chinese Ling Huang
Kanji 靈鳳
Romaji Rei Wu
Epithet Seven Fire Dragons
Biographical Information
Deceased (Slain)
Marital Status Single
Gender Male
State Wei
Location Chiyoyou, Wei (Death Place)
Professional Information
Classification Army Commander
Occupation Soldier
Affiliates Wei Military
Seven Fire Dragons
Rei Ou Army
Military Rank Great General
Manga Debut Chapter 379
Anime Debut Episode 109
The cold and ruthless strategist who was feared by even my teacher "Reiou".

Go Hou Mei, about Reiou

Rei Ou was a Great General from the State of Wei and a member of the Seven Fire Dragons.


Despite being a male, Rei Ou had a petite build and a very feminine appearance. He had a clean shaven face with long hair, that was tied in a ponytail.


Rei Ou was said to have a cruel and merciless personality to the point that even Go Kei feared him.


Rei Ou was a part of the Seven Fire Dragons of Wei, whose abilities are on par with those of the Zhao Three Great Heavens and the Six Great Generals of Qin.

At some point, Rei Ou along with Gai Mou sided with Earl Shi in his conflict against Tai Ro Ji, Ben Tou and Shou Sen, the other three Fire Dragons, with Tai Ro Ji being personally responsible for the death of Earl Shi's younger sister. This resulted in the deaths of the opposing Fire Dragons.

As a punishment, Rei Ou and the two other generals were incarcerated in an underground prison for 14 years.


Fire Dragons of Wei Arc[]

Go Hou Mei called Rei Ou along with Gai Mou and Shi Haku to assist him in the war vs Qin. Rei Ou led his army against that of general Tou, believing that he would lead the main forces of Qin and also being intrigued by the opposing general's leading abilities.

Chiyoyou Campaign[]

After the fall of the Wei HQ in the hands of Kyou Kai, Rei Ou met with the fleeing Go Hou Mei and discussed the means to counterattack. At that point, Shin arrived at the scene in an attempt to take the head of the enemy commander in chief. Go Hou Mei tricked Shin into thinking that Rei Ou was, in fact, the Wei Commander in Chief and, as a result, the fire dragon met his end by Shin's glaive.


Strength 38
Leadership 90
Intelligence 97
Experience S
Weakness: His student’s trap

Strength 38
Leadership 90
Intelligence 97
Experience S
Weakness: His student’s trap

As a member of the first generation of Seven Fire Dragons of Wei, Rei Ou was one of the most dominant figures who ravaged the plains of China together with Zhao's Three Great Heavens and Qin's Six Great Generals. It was even mentioned that his skill was acknowledged by Ou Ki and Kyou.

Physical Abilities[]

Rei Ou lacked a martial prowess or fighting abilities. Because of that, he was shouldered by the Berserker, Ran Bi Haku under his wing. He doesn't have a weapon and doesn't wear armor, which fits his strategic warfare and mindset.


Rei Ou was a capable leader and was able to command men effectively in battlefields. After being sacrificed by Go Hou Mei, his men including Shuu Kou were shocked and angry about his unexpected death.

Tactical Abilities[]

Master Strategist: Rei Ou was well versed in military strategist as he was the one who taught the military arts, Gou Hou Mei, one of talented military strategists. According to his student, his cold and ruthless skills at strategies were enough to make even Go Kei wary of him. During the Chiyoyou Campaign, Rei Ou's tactics combined with Ran Bi Haku's fighting skills were enough to even force Tou to retreat.

Rei Ou was an old-fashioned person as he doesn't think wars are about taking territory, but rather saw them as being about generals killing each other.[1] After Wei's HQ has fallen, he realized the weakness in enemy's plan and decided to consolidate all his forces to attack the exposed army of Tou and take his head, which would result in swaying the scales back to a Wei in a single strike. His plan, however, was stopped by Shin's surprise attack.


Rei Ou portrait.png
Shin kills Rei Ou in front of Go Hou Mei.jpg
Rei Ou's death.


  1. Chapter 381 page 8-9


  • Like most of the Fire Dragons it's unlikely Rei Ou is based on any real life military commander.

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