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Region of Koku You
Koku You Campaign Arc portrait.png
Location Info
Name Region of Koku You
Owner(s) Kan Ki Army

Gaku Ka Unit

State(s) Qin
Location(s) one central Hill;
four small hills

The region of Koku You (Chinese: Anyang Region) is a natural fort based on the original Qin-Zhao boarder.


The region of Koku You is located on the original Qin-Zhao border. One of the closer Zhao cities is the city of Rigan.

Koku You consists mainly of five hills which are covered by forest. In the surrounding area of the hills were several little villages, that were mainly untouched during the warfare between Zhao and Qin. This was because the area was so big, that the armies could easily avoid those villages. This changed, when general Kan Ki of Qin ordered his men to directly search and raid those villages.


Fire Dragons of Wei Arc[]

The Ou Sen Army was stationed quite a long time in this area, but didn't really make any efforts in order to attack the Zhao. They were more securing the area to prevent a Zhao attack.

Koku You Campaign Arc[]

The Kan Ki Army carried out a big campaign with 50,000 men against Koku You, while being assisted by the 8,000 men strong Hi Shin Unit. They fought against the 40,000 soldiers of the Kei Sha Army and the 30,000 men of the Ki Sui Army of Rigan. In this fight, the commander in chief of the Zhao armies, general Kei Sha, was slain by Shin of the Hi Shin Unit. General Ki Sui, took over the command, but abandoned the region, after Kan Ki massacred and tortured the civilians of Koku You and threatened to do the same to the city of Rigan.

Bureaucrats Job Arc[]

The Gaku Ka Unit who was securing this sector had multiple little clashes with Zhao patrols from the forts, that had been built around Koku You to defend against the Qin.

Western Zhao Invasion Arc[]

The Zhao Military was tricked by Shou Hei Kun, into thinking, that the Qin would attack again through Koku You. But this was only a feint.

Strategical Importance[]

The Koku You region was supposed to be the key for the Qin armies, to invade Zhao. But Ri Boku of the Three Great Heavens realized this and put all his effort into strenghtening their defense against Qin, and close this breach.