Ran Bi haku Army
Group Info
Name Ran Bi haku Army
Location Wei
State Wei
Affiliation Wei Military
Status Active
Group Personnel
General Ran Bi Haku
Side Infos
Specialty destroy oponents lines

The Ran Bi Haku Army is the army led by general Ran Bi Haku of Wei. Formerly it was a division of Rei Ou Army and currently in Go Hou Mei Army.

Story[edit | edit source]

Fire Dragons of Wei Arc[edit | edit source]

During the Chiyoyou Campaign the army was facing against Tou Army under the command of Fire Dragon Rei Ou.

War of the Three States Arc[edit | edit source]

The Ran Bi Haku Army was assigned with the Roku O Mi to fight with the Sen To Un Army, latter they were replaced and moved to the Qin-Chu side.

Personnel[edit | edit source]

Leader[edit | edit source]

Ran Bi Haku portrait.png
Ran Bi Haku
Transfered from Rei Ou Army

Generals[edit | edit source]

Gyo En
Deputy General
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