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Ran Bi Haku
Ran Bi Haku portrait.png
Chinese Luan Mei Po
Romaji Ran Bai Hakku
Biographical Information
Marital Status Unknown
Gender Male
State Wei
Location With the Go Hou Mei Army.
Professional Information
Classification Army Commander
Occupation Soldier
Affiliates Wei Military
Rei Ou Army (Defunct)
Go Hou Mei Army
Ran Bi Haku Army
Military Rank General
Equipment Glaive
Manga Debut Chapter 382

—One of Ran Bi Haku's many War cries

Ran Bi Haku is a General from the state of Wei and was a vassal to Great General Rei Ou. After his lord's death, he serves Great General Go Hou Mei. He is known under the moniker "The Berserker".


Ran Bi Haku wears a mask and a glaive as a weapon. He is quite large with an overwhelming physique. His armor is quite peculiar, wearing a spiked scarf around his neck and his characteristic mask.


A mysterious man, Ran Bi Haku doesn't speak or talk very much. Focusing only to kill as many foes as he can, disregarding any sense of danger and would have himself charge right through the thickest battle as he roars a loud and vicious war cries. 


A mysterious berserker who served as vessel and lieutenant to Rei Ou of Seven Wei Dragon since the era of King Sho, Six Great Generals, and the Three Great Heavens, Ran Bi Haku was Rei Ou's right hand as he served as the petite Great General's blade.


Fire Dragons of Wei Arc[]

During the defensive war against Qin in the Chiyoyou region, he was sent by Great General Rei Ou to attack the enemy commander in chief, Tou. They trade a blow before Tou decides to keep distance from the enemy now that a new situation has arise, that the Seven Fire Dragons who were thought to be dead, were actually imprisoned and has join the battle. Rei Ou would sent Ran Bi Haku accompanied by 1000 men to either disrupt or chipped down the Qin's army strength.

After three days, the Tou army's strength has been reduced and was at risked of being taken down. Before Rei Ou could ordered the devastating blow, he was away to assess the situation of the Wei HQ whom was taken by Qin detachment army. By that time, Rei Ou was slain by Shin. Go Hou Mei would ordered a full retreat of the whole Wei army. And eventually take command of Rei Ou's army.

Western Zhao Invasion Arc[]

Ran Bi Haku is seen with Go Hou Mei as they receive the news of Qin's campaign against Zhao.

War of the Three States Arc[]

With the arrival of Wei army (70,000 men) to join the battle as Qin allies, Ran Bi Haku and his army was sent to take down the Chu army that strayed far off from the center onto no man's land. Ran Bi Haku would meet up with Roku O Mi to take down Sen To Un, despite their best efforts however. Sen To Un toyed with them as if they play-mates.

In midst of the battlefield, Ba Kai was slain which cause the whole army of Wei to loses it's offensive capabilities, due to this, Go Hou Mei had to change strategy where they will act as supporting role for the Qin army, in which the Qin army will take the offensive role to bring down the CHU HQ.

Ran Bi Haku and his men, as ordered by Go Hou Mei, to disengaged from Sen To Un and assist Tou and Mou Bu who were in deadlock. Thanks to the assistance provided by Ran Bi Haku, some of Mou Bu Army managed to break through while Tou took the lead ahead to reach the enemy HQ.

Ran Bi Haku had intervened Kou Yoku twice, the first when Kou Yoku and Tou made a brief duel, and another when Kou Yoku attempted to stop Tou army from reaching the CHU HQ.


That man is a warrior of such caliber that even our Lord and Lady Kyou found him troublesome.

Tou, about Ran Bi Haku's combat prowess.

Strength 94
Leadership 70
Intelligence 45
Experience A

Strength 94
Leadership 70
Intelligence 45
Experience A
Mysterious berserker

According to Tou, Ran Bi Haku is a warrior of such caliber that even Ou Ki and Kyou find him troublesome. Due to his berserker nature, he is often given orders by high command where to strike as there is risk of him wandering aimlessly. 

Physical Abilities[]

Ran Bi Haku's immense strength and disregards of his life allows him to plow through the enemy line at such ferocity that even Tou's men find it hard to believe that, just 1000 men under him can do so much damage. Because of his strength, his army is considered the strongest force in Go Hou Mei Army. He even had a short duel with the Great General level Tou which ended up a stalemate. He also dueled Kou Yoku and Sen To Un with ease in the Battle of Gecchi Plains.


Ran Bi Haku have an unique way of leadership. Because he never communicate with his men normally, Ran Bi Haku relies on his lieutenant, Gyo'En to serve as his "voice".

Tactical Abilities[]

Due to his berserker nature, it is assumed that Ran Bi Haku have a limited tactical knowledge.


Ran Bi Haku and Tou's Exchange!.jpg
War of the Three States.png
Ran Bi Haku as one of headliners of the Battle at Gecchi Plains.
Ran Bi Haku Charges In!! against Roku O Mi and Sen To Un.jpg
Ran Bi Haku charging Roku O Mi and Sen To Un during their duel.
Ran Bi Haku Still Attacking Roku O Mi.jpg

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