Qin Sites

Bijin Bridge[edit | edit source]

Bijin Bridge.png

A bridge located in the Risei region.

Mount Baren[edit | edit source]

Mount Baren.png

Mount Kei[edit | edit source]

Mount Kei.png

Mount Kei is located in the Risei region.

Mount Man[edit | edit source]

Mount Man.png

The most strategically advantageous location on Rui Plains.

Red Pine Lake[edit | edit source]

Red Pine Lake.png

Red Pine Lake was used as the rendezvous point during Sei's escape from Zhao.

Rui Plains[edit | edit source]

Rui plains.png

Rui Plains though called a plain, in truth it is a complex terrain with elements of hills, forests, and wetlands. The field was favored by generals of old. Ren Pa chose the site for the decisive battle of the Sanyou Campaign.

Unseen sites[edit | edit source]

  • Setsu Basin
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