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Qin Cities

Anken City[]

Anken City

Asui City[]

  • Chinese name: Yashui
Asui City.png
Asui City
  • Was a place where a counsel meeting went place for Battle at Dakan Plains.
  • Go Kei and his army where headed for Asui in order to take it over.
Duke Hyou Portrait.png
Lord: Duke Hyou

Baou City[]

  • Chinese name: Maying
Baou City.png
Baou City

The city was attacked by the Zhao during the Han Campaign.

Dan Shi portrait.PNG
Lord: Dan Shi

Bayou City[]

  • Chinese name: Mayang
Bayou City

It is a sister city of Baou and a keystone of the border region.

Furou Village[]

Furou Village.png
Furou Village

Gan Castle[]

  • Chinese name: Wan Castle
Gan Castle.png
Gan Castle

Noticeable Citizens[]

Koku Gou portrait.jpg
Lord: Koku Gou

Gouryou City[]

Gouryou City.png
Gouryou City

The city was attacked by the Wei during the Coalition Army War.

Hei Village[]

Hei Village.png
Hei Village

Hei Village is located in the eastern front line region of Kaisou. It was destroyed during the Coalition Invasion. After the war, the Hi Shin Unit was assigned to rebuild the village and offer security from enemy troops.

Jinshi City[]

Jinshi City

Jinshi City is located towards the middle of the Southern Pass.  On the 20th day of the Coalition Army Battle, Jinshi was besieged by Ri Boku's detachment army.

Jouto Village[]

Jyouto Village.png
Jouto Village (jap.); Chenghu Village (chin.)
Jou To Village.png
It's known as Jouto Village, it was mistaking translated in the past.


Western Qin, Shi Province

Noticeable Citizens[]

Village Chief (Jouto).jpeg
Praying old woman.PNG
Kei's Grandmother
Praying women.PNG
Kou's Mother
You Ri.jpeg
Bi Tou portrait.png
Bi Tou
Tou Bi portrait.PNG
Bi Hei portrait.png
Kei portrait.PNG
Shin colored portrait.png
Hyou Portrait.png
Kou (male) portrait.PNG



Kakuyou City[]

Kakuyou region.png
Kakuyou Region
Kakuyou city.PNG
Kakuyou City

The Kakuyou region is located on the Qin/Zhao border. It is a vital blockade that keeps the Zhao from invading Qin's eastern territories. During the Chiyoyou Campaign, the Ou Sen Army was positioned there.


Kanan City

Kanan was a city where Ryo Fui was banished during his retirement.

Kankou City[]

  • Chinese name: Hangao
Kankou's location
The city fort
If Kankou were to be attacked

Kankou was a Zhao city whose military significance has surged to the top in recent years due to the shifting borders. It is said that as soon as Ri Boku was made prime minister, he immediately turned his attention to strengthening the region around Kankou. The city was given to Qin as a bonus for agreeing to form the Qin-Zhao Alliance.


A huge fort in the center is said to be approaching completion. Were an enemy to siege the city, it would cost many lives, money, and time.


The city is on the Zhao border. And is between Qin and Wei.

Kanyou City[]

  • Chinese name: Xianyang
Royal Capital of Qin, Kanyou

Kasa City[]

Kasa city.PNG
Kasa City

Kasa is located on the outskirts of the mountains that surround Kanyou. In the middle of the south path that is guarded by Bu Pass. With a population of 3,000. Kasa was the first city to be attacked by Ri Boku's detachment force on their way towards Kanyou.

Kei City[]

Kei city portrait.PNG
Kei City

Kei city is located on the borders of Qin and Wei.  Shin met the leader of this city. And defended the city from attack from Ga Gyuu's army, as part of the defenders sent by Qin there.

Kei Village[]

Kei Village.png
Kei Village

Kinan City[]

Location kinan-by-night.PNG

Kinan was the depot for the supplies in the Western Zhao Invasion Arc.

Kokuhi Village[]

  • Chinese name: Hebei Village
Kokuhi Village.png
Kokuhi Village

A place where thieves and murderers from all over the kingdom gather, in other words, a village of outlaws. It was a terrible place and no normal person ever left it alive.  Ei Sei hid in an abandoned shack after his younger half brother tried to assassinate him. He was able to stay there peacefully because prior to his arrival Sho Bun Kun had rumors spread that an infected person was in that house. People chose to stay away from the house out of fear. During Sei Kyou's coup, an army led by Gi Kou destroyed the village and killed anyone they could find in hopes of flushing out Ei Sei and killing him.

Ka Ryo Ten worked there as an informant. She gained a lot of knowledge from exile nobles, and officers she found within the village. She had them teach her various skills such as cooking, history, reading, writing, etc. 

The village was wiped out by men loyal to Sei Kyou. 

Noticeable Citizens[]

Naifu City[]

Naifu City

Ou Ki's City[]

Ouki's City portrait.png
Ouki's City
Ouki's City walls.png
Ou Ki’s City exterior
Ouki's City.png
Ou Ki’s City interior

This city belonged to Ou Ki, the army was inherited by Tou.

Noticeable Citizens[]

Sai City[]

  • Chinese name: Zui
City of Sai.PNG
Sai City

Saki City[]

Saki City.png
Saki City

The city was attacked by the Wei during the Coalition Army War, during which all the citizens were killed to demonstrate Wei's anger over the loss of Sanyou.

Shoku and Rou Cities[]

Rou and shoku.png
Shoku and Rou Cities

Though they might have been small, the low ground Shoku and high ground city of Rou actually functioned as a formidable combination and served as defense outposts. Especially as the city of Rou was situated on the cliffs, allowing them to assist Shoku below.

The cities were attacked by the Ri Boku Army during the Coalition Army War.

Sui City[]

Sui City.png
Sui City

The base of Qin's northern defense line, attacked by the Yan Army during the start of the Coalition Army War.

Tairin City[]

Tairin city.png
Tairin City

A mid-sized Qin city, located northeast. The city was sacked by the Mai Kou Army.

Tonryuu City[]

  • Chinese name: Tunliu

Toukin City[]

Toukin City.png
Toukin City

Toukin is Qin's eastern front lines base.

You City[]

  • Chinese name: Yong
You City

Qin's former capital.

Unseen Cities[]

  • Bayou
  • Sou
  • Ran
  • Sou
  • Bidai
  • Hokudai
  • Kyuu
  • Tou
  • Han Pass
  • Kaisou City
  • Kaiya
  • Fu Village
  • Chiku
  • Kokugan
  • Tairin
  • Manto