Warring States
Location Info
Name Qi
Capital Rinshi
Location(s) China
The State of Qi is located on the eastern border of China. Their capital city is Rinshi.


Qi encompasses a large landmass that borders Zhao, Chu, and Yan. Rinshi is the royal capital of the state.


It was considered a superstate 40 years prior to the storyline but was crushed and reduced to a small portion of it by a coalition army led by the 'Military God' Gaku Ki. They lost everything except for the two cities of Sokuboku and Kyo.

This coalition army may have been formed in response to their invasion into Yan territory, which ended in failure as they were defeated by Gaku Ki and Geki Shin.  


In 241 BC, the king of Qi was approached by Sai Taku of Qin and withdrew his troops from the coalition army invading Qin. After the coalition army was defeated at Kankoku Pass, it invaded Qi. The cities of Hei and Sou fell almost instantly to the onslaught. The coalition army made it as far as the city of Jouan before it was driven off.


Qi is reowned throughout the Six Statess for its extremely delicious food produce of the finest quality which are considered rare in other states, this include meat, poultry and seafood as well as unorthodox creatures like snakes.


The state is a monarchy and is ruled by King Ou Ken. He is an old friend of Sai Taku, Qin's official of diplomacy.

Royal Family: Edit

O Ken portrait
Ou Ken
8th King of Qi

Chancellors & Prime Ministers: Edit

Kou Shou
Kou Shou

Officials: Edit


During the time as a superstate, the Qi military was considered very powerful as it almost bought Yan to the brink of destruction. The Qi military is organized from top to bottom by; Great Generals, Generals, 1000-man commanders, 300-man commanders, 100-man commanders and finally Go's (five-man units).



Qi 40 years ago
Qi's former empire
Coalition Army VS Qi
A coalition army invades Qi, drastically reducing their territory
Rinshi portrait
Rinshi, the royal capital of Qi
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