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Ou Sen
Chinese Wang Jian
Kanji 王翦
Romaji Ou Sen
Biographical Information
Marital Status Widowed
Gender Male
Eyes Red
Hair Black
Skin Pale Brown complexion
Relatives Shu Kei † (Wife)

Ou Hon (Son)
Sai Ka (Daughter-in-law)
Unnamed grandchild
Ou Ki† (cousin)

State Qin
Location With the Ou Sen Army, Zhao
Professional Information
Classification Supreme Commander
Army Commander
Occupation Soldier
Affiliates Qin Military
Ou Sen Army
Ou Family
Mou Gou Army (Defunct)
Military Rank Great General
Equipment Glaive


Japanese VA Horiuchi Kenyuu
Manga Debut Chapter 201
Anime Debut Episode 55
As the head of the same family as the famous Ou Ki but of the main family. It is rumored that he is equally as talented as Ou ki himself. However due to his dangerous ambition he never received King Sho's favour. It is said that he desires to become a king himself.

Shou Bun Kun on Ou Sen's ambition

Ou Sen is a member of the Six Great Generals of Qin and the leader of Ou Sen Army. He is also the current head of the Ou Family. In the past, he served as a deputy general in Mou Gou Army but became an independent commander after Mou Gou passed away. He was married to Shu Kei but she died after giving birth to their son, Ou Hon.


Ou Sen appears is a tall man with a warriors build, long black hair and a long goatee. His helmet is unique with its lifelike face on both the back and the visor. A dragon's claw holds the top of the helm and speaks to the wealth the family has as such armor would be costly to make. The armor is black and his cape is white.


Ou Sen is rumored to have a secret desire to become a king. He is described by Ren Pa as someone who cares more for his own life than those of his subordinates or the battle, having no qualm with using troops to his own ends and has personally stated that he only fights battle he believes he can win. Like the late Haku Ki of the Six Great Generals, Ou Sen has shown himself to be an incredibly cautious military commander as he has gone to great lengths to set up any advantage or force opponents into an unfavorable situation. He seems to be quite stoic and has not been shown displaying much emotion besides some concern when Ren Pa outplayed him on the battlefield. One curious trait which Ou Sen has exhibited is that his ambition often leads him to attempt to take enemy generals alive, seeking to make them his own subordinates. Due to being a Strategist, he was unfazed by little blunders, even continuing as planned.

He also is shown to have little to almost non-existent parental feelings for his son, Ou Hon while many think he actively seems to detest him due to distancing him from his army and the unsavory rumors on his late wife.


As the head of the same family as Ou Ki, but of the main family, it is rumored he is equally as talented as Ou Ki himself. However, due to his dangerous ambition, he never received King Sho's favor. Mou Ten calls him the "most dangerous" person in Qin because of his aspiration to become a king.


Sanyou Campaign Arc[]

Ou Sen is first seen as his army conquers the Wei city of Sanbi with only his first wave of troops. Before the Battle of Sanyou started, Ou Sen bested Ren Pa by arriving first on the Rui Plains and taking the high ground of Mount Man for himself. From a hill, he observed his son strike with the vanguard unit before leaving with his troops. He was subsequently pitted against the Wei left army led by general Kyou En of Renpa's Four Heavenly Kings.

As his army fought that of Kyou En's, he pulled back his main army to the rear, then arrives to reinforce commander Heki, by giving him command of 5,000 Qin troops and tasks him with engaging general Kyou En. As he leaves, one of his lieutenants asks if that was a wise decision, to which Ou Sen states that Heki will make excellent bait. He arrives with his main army at the Wei Di to catch Kyou En off-guard, killing the Wei troops stationed on the cliffs and re-capturing the position. Mentioning that defeated commanders can only expect death, he offers to spare both Kyou En and his personal troops if he swears his loyalty to him. He adds that the Wei general will become one of his close retainers and given lands, stating that his "kingdom" needs men skilled at warfare. When Kyou En rejects the offer by shooting at him, Ou Sen orders him taken alive and states that he manipulated the battles to make it seem as though the Wei were winning. He is shocked when his troops are caught off-guard by the appearance of great general Ren Pa and orders the officers to reform his troops, telling them to send word to Heki as well. He retreats with his army out of the gorge, stating that he only fights battles where victory is certain. As Ren Pa and Kyou En chase after his army, they enter a forest in which they discover a soil fortress that Ou Sen built, reminding them of Haku Ki who used to do the same.

At the end of the Battle of Sanyou, when Ren Pa decides the Wei army should retreat, he says one of the reasons for their loss was the untouched army of Ou Sen who was waiting for the right time to strike.

Coalition Invasion Arc[]

Ou Sen had the role of the shield in the war against the Coalition Army, as he was assigned the responsible for guarding the mountains that lead to the capital city of Qin, Kanyou.

In the Battle of Kankoku Pass, he was matched up against the Yan Army led by Great General Ordo, consisting of many mountain tribes who excelled in territorial combat and could easily get to Kanyou if they were to defeat Ou Sen, which made his role exceedingly important.

The first day passed with little to no battle between the two armies, as the Yan army did not attack the Qin army that was stationed on the mountain.

On the second day, the Yan army began attacking. Ordo's troops slowly moved into the giant fortress, as they specialized in mountain combat. As they were beginning to unleash stronger attacks, an envoy from the Coalition Army HQ arrives and informs them that they need to preserve their strength and utilize attrition warfare. Due to this, the Ordo army backs out of the mountains.

At the beginning of the 15th day, when a messenger informs the officials in the court of the situation on the battlefields, he says that Qin's messengers have completely lost contact with Ou Sen and his army. Shou Bun Kun says that it is possible Ou Sen has simply run away, as his ambition is to become king and has no interest in losing his life protecting Qin.

The true reason for Ou Sen's retreat was due to Ordo's troops striking the center of the Ou Sen army, which was responsible for sending reinforcements to the other forts. After they lose their center fort, the Ou Sen army retreats northwest. Making use of this, Ordo and his army begin pushing into the mountains and reach the mountain that leads them behind the walls of Kankoku Pass. The reason Ordo was able to navigate so well in the mountains was that he was a king of 50 mountain tribes, and had superb mountain reading skills

As he and his army reach the cliff, they begin climbing, however not knowing that Ou Sen and his army are right behind them. Ou Sen's army releases a barrage of arrows that take Ordo's army by surprise. Ordo rethinks how it's possible for Ou Sen to catch him off guard, and realizes that his army never moved northwest, but waited to ambush them.

Ou Sen tells one of his lieutenants, Mou Chi to rapidly fire arrows not worrying about ammunition because they have a good chance of wiping out a big part of Ordo's army, At the same time, he sends Mou Ryuu to capture Ordo and bring him alive. Mou Ryuu and his unit quickly set out and reach Ordo, but he is instantly killed by the Yan Great General. Qin reinforcements come and manage to hit Ordo with some arrows and they force him to retreat and escape Ou Sen, but his 8000 mountain tribe soldiers that were the elite core of his army are slaughtered. With that Ou Sen retreats and disappers back into the mountains.

Conspiracy in the Court Arc[]

After the end of Coalition War Ou Sen is ordered to attack the gigantic Wei stronghold of Keito. He easily conquers the city and absorbed captured Wei soldiers into his army as they swear their alligerance to him.

Fire Dragons of Wei Arc[]

He was stationed in Kakuyou region of Qin. He just waited for orders to assist Tou Army, but it never happened.

Western Zhao Invasion Arc[]

He was placed as the supreme commander of the western Zhao attack army. With generals Kan Ki and Yo Tan Wa as commanders of the 1st and the 2nd army. On the march to Kinan, he orders his men to stop, because, he realized, that it is soon going to rain. with this, he saved their energy for their march against time in order to attack Gyou, before the Zhao could rally their defenses.

At the commander meeting in Kinan, he informs the officers that they will be set out in this night and if one squad should fall behind, the officers responsible for this squad would be executed.

At Retsubi, after Yo Tan Wa and Shin captured Retsubi, he smelled something wrong at the timing of the capture of the city and disappeared mysteriously.

It was revealed that Ou Sen realized that Retsubi was, in fact, a trap devised by Ri Boku. The city was intentionally designed to be weak and easy to take. Because of the necessity to use Retsubi as a steady supply line for their siege of Gyou, this essentially ruined Shou Hei Kun's strategy. Knowing that Ou Sen left Retsubi with a small group of bodyguards to scout Gyou. After taking a look at the city, he realized that it was perfectly fortified. With no other options, Ou Sen immediately started devising a new strategy on the spot while his bodyguard protected him from Zhao Patrols. He eventually returned to Retsubi to gather all of the troops to push further into Zhao, declaring that the war will become a battle of wits between himself and Ri Boku.

His strategy is composed of four stages: first, completely abandon Retsubi and charge upon other cities. Secondly, use Yo Tan Wa Army as a shield to Kou Son Ryuu and his army, then use other forces, like Hi Shin Unit, Gaku Ka Unit, Gyoku Hou Unit, Kan Ki Army, and other forces to siege cities and evict the villagers and force them to Gyou. Finally, when all his plans are accomplished, he will siege Gyou when the time's right. Ri Boku was struck with horror horrified when he learned that refugees are flooding Gyou and he cursed Ou Sen under his breath.

When Ousen got to Gyou, he started to explain the full scope of his plan by stating that there are only two Zhao armies capable of liberating Gyou, which are Atsuyo and Ryouyou armies. Ou Sen later stated that the army that Yo Tan Wa was facing was the Ryouyou army. Then he split his army further to face the Atsuyo Army while starving Gyou and sending the Heki Army of 8000 men plus 2000 men from Kan Ki Army reserves help to Yo Tan Wa. Also, Ou Sen left the Kan Ki Army of 60000 men to starve Gyou; surrounding it from getting any help and the Ou Sen Army of 70000 men in addition to 8000 of the Hi Shin Unit, 5000 of the Gyoku Hou Unit, and 5000 of the Gaku Ka Unit.

During the Battle at Shukai Plains, he positions Mou Ten and the 5000 Gaku Ka Unit on the left while putting Ma Kou and the Hi Shin Unit in the center and A Kou and the Gyoku Hou Unit on the right. Later during the battle, he tasked Shin with 800 men to kill Ki Sui.

Later, he sent Shin and the Hi Shin Unit, nothing more. Days later, he simply ignores requests of reinforcements and pleas from the right to replace A Kou with his own son.

He commanded his men to move forward after the 13th day. Then he was calm despite reports of Ri Shin being promoted to Commander of the right-wing without his permission.

On the 15th day, without waiting for the left to push through, he moved his units, engaging Ri Boku Army's center. He never used any tactics against Ri Boku, but tasked his soldiers to push through.

Zhao Crisis Arc[]

With his promotion to the rank of Great General for his conquest of Gyou and victory against the Zhao forces led by Ri Boku after the Battle at Shukai Plains, Ou Sen remains in command of the Qin forces as they continue the invasion of Zhao. Spreading out his army’s forces as he prepares them punch through Zhao Great General Ko Chou ’s defensive lines, he summons generals- A Kou, Sou’Ou, Den Ri Mi, Ou Hon, Mou Ten and the casually late Ri Shin to his HQ for a strategy meeting. But just before he could explain his upcoming strategy, they receive an urgent priority report from a messenger that receive information from their spies within the capital of Kantan. Ou Sen orders the messenger to speak, and he tells them the news of the Zhao King’s sudden passing. With the added the news of the late king’s Prince Ka potentially in line of the Zhao throne, Ou Sen states that Zhao itself will be reborn anew. While in discussion the armies of Kantan begin marching towards their position. Seeing this Ou Sen proclaims that they’ll need to start again and orders the commanders back to their posts as they fall back to the second defensive line.

Battle of Eikyuu Arc[]

At the start of new year Ou Sen is promoted to the third member of reborn Six Great Generals as the Qin king, Ei Sei bring back the system. He then returned to the Zhao frontlines together with Kan Ki and Yo Tan Wa. During the war Gaku Ka Army is posted with Ou Sen Army. When Gyoku Hou is send by Kan Ki to a suicide mission Mou Ten goes to Ou Sen's HQ and begs the great general to save his son, but Ou Sen refuses, claiming that he had a deal with Kan Ki to leave Gyoku Hou to him. While observing the battle between Kan Ki and Ko Chou, Ou Sen is to deduce Kan Ki's strategy as he calls the former bandit mad for risking a strategy not even he would do. He then go on to tell the story of Sun Bin and the Battle of Baryou to his deputies.

Zhao's Retaliation Arc[]

Ou Sen chooses to handle alone the siege of Atsuyo but because of the losses more important than expected, he is forced to stay there after having conquered it in order to restore his army.

Armies of Kan Ki, Shin, Mou Ten and Heki continue their advance towards the north without him.


Strength 93
Leadership 95
Intelligence 99
Experience A
Dark ambition: 100

Strength 93
Leadership 94
Intelligence 97
Experience A
Dark ambition: 100

Strength 93
Leadership 93
Intelligence 97
Experience B
Ambition Secretly 100

Strength unknown
Leadership unknown
Intelligence unknown
Ambition Secretly 100

Ou Sen has been stated to give off an immense pressure with his skills considered to be on the level of the Six Great Generals of Qin and later becoming a member of the new Qin Six.[1][2] His talent was such vast that it was even compared to the likes of Ou Ki and Haku Ki.[3][4] During the Sanyou Campaign, he effectively conquered 8 cities over a span of 2 months, besting both Mou Gou's conquest of 3 cities and Kan Ki's of 5 cities by using a lightning-fast series of offensives.[5]

Physical Abilities[]

While Ou Sen hasn't been seen fighting actively in the series so far and due to his cautious nature, his high strength value indicates him being a capable combatant with a proficiency in glaive. This is later seen when he easily slew soldiers from Ba Nan Ji Army with his glaive.


Ou Sen shows a strong leadership despite Heki, Ren Pa, and Ou Hon's opinions of him viewing his men as replaceable pieces. His army commanders all demonstrate a high level of loyalty to him. Furthermore, during the conquest of Gyou, the troops that infiltrated the city to destroy the food supplies were aware of their mission being suicidal and were prepared to do this is Ou Sen's name, demonstrating his ability to earn the loyalty of capable individuals.

Tactical Abilities[]

His talent was so great that it was even acknowledged by Ko Shou who stated that when it comes to Ou Sen's strategical acuity alone, he could be considered equal to the Six Great Generals even many years before the beginning of the series. He seems to have a great level of insight and ability to predict his opponent's moves. Appearing defensive and cautious, he typically utilizes traps to take down his enemies in the form of a sudden surgical strike. Due to Ou Sen's cautious nature, his tactics shared many similarities to Great General Haku Ki's warfare.

Ou Sen also possesses a staggering insight for battle and the tactics utilized by his opponents, often turning their strength against them. Kyou En's offense was blocked by allowing him to advance to the Wei Dei after this failed due to Ren Pa's intervention the strategic positioning of his core army in the fort created a safeguard and certain countermeasure to Ren Pa being able to regroup his forces after assaulting Mou Gou's base camp. Ou Sen also allowed his forts to be taken at the battle of Kanyou in turn surprise attacking Ordo and wiping out the core elite of his army. Knowing Ordo would not counterattack Ou Sen was also able to successfully counter Ka Rin's elite forces striking at the back of Kankoku Pass.

During Gyou Campaign he created a "Locust" plan that used Zhao's own citizens against them and overpopulated the city during the siege. In addition, he sneaked his own spies into the Gyou walls that burned the supplies warehouses to make the civilians revolt against the defenders and open the gates from the inside. The use of this strategy surprised even Ri Boku.

Origin Tactics: Ou Sen has demonstrated the ability to find the "origin" of the workings of armies on the battlefield. When faced against Earl Rai's "Origin Tactics" he was able to comprehend them after some probing and successfully stalemate it with a direct advance. Once the battlefield became chaotic and unpredictable he then directed his units in such matters to form a Great Red Crane Formation and gain an advantage over Zhao.

Ou Sen's fort

Terrain Manipulation: Ou Sen has demonstrated impressive terrain manipulation since he was able to direct Heki to use a Wei Di against Kyou En and had captured the important high terrain prior to the battle. Perhaps a more impressive example is against the Yan army where he was able to use the mountains to such an extent that the opposing mountain tribesmen were amazed that he was a plain dweller and yet he was able to manipulate Ordo, a renowned mountain battle specialist, into a deadly trap. In both the Wei Campaign and Battle of Kankoku Pass, he also demonstrated a rare talent for building strong natural fortresses with a penchant for using the high ground. Ren Pa commented that Ou Sen's fort does not possess even a single opening, which makes it extremely hard to conquer.


Back cover.png
Ou Sen on volume 21 back cover.
Ou Sen 's horse.jpg
Ou Sen's warhorse
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Ou Sen's profile
Natural fort.png
Ou Sen's natural fortress
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Ou Sen is announced as the Supreme Commander for the invasion of Zhao.
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Ou Sen planning his attack on Gyou
Ou Sen on the cover of Vol.59.
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Ou Sen personally killing Ba Nan Ji's soldiers.

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Ou Sen in Anime season 2
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Ou Sen's warhorse
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Ou Sen stares at Ren Pa
Ou Sen And Kyou En Confront anime S2.PNG
Ou Sen confronts Kyou En
Ou Sen's Natural Fortress anime portrait.PNG
Ou Sen's natural fortress



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