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Chinese Ordo
Kanji オルド
Epithet King of 50 Mountain Tribes
Biographical Information
Marital Status Unknown
Age 50s
Gender Male
Hair White
State Yan
Location Yan
Professional Information
Classification Army Commander
Occupation Soldier
Affiliates Yan Military
Ordo Army
Coalition Army (Defunct)
Military Rank Great General
Political Position Mountain King
Equipment Sword
Manga Debut Chapter 268
The blood of the plains folk might run in my veins, but I was born and raised in the mountains.


Ordo is a Great General from the State of Yan. He was the commander of the Yan army during the Coalition Invasion.


Ordo is a very huge man with white hair and a short trimmed beard. He has tattoos on his cheeks and wears the armor of a general.


Ordo seems to have a humorous side to him as he laughs often and somewhat easy-going as he held no grudge towards Zhao at the death of Geki Shin, and laughed uncontrollably upon hearing that Duke Hyou attacked before Kan Mei. Despite this, the general has some insightful moments as he states the factors that drew them all towards Ri Boku.


He was born a plains folk but grew up in the mountains. He later united and became king of 50 different tribes.

Ordo was away on a campaign to the North when he heard of Geki Shin's death and clenched his teeth in anger, enough to draw blood. He later convinced his King to allow Yan to join the Coalition Army's invasion in Qin.


Coalition Invasion Arc[]

Ordo is first seen arriving second to the meeting of the Coalition commanders atop the Fuuman Plains. When Ri Boku arrived, Ordo comments on Geki Shin's death at the hands of Zhao but looks past this, in light of their recent endeavor to destroy the Qin state.

Just before the Battle of Kankoku Pass when the armies are gathered in front of Kankoku, he observes Ou Sen from afar, stating that he would make an interesting opponent and is informed by a scout of a weakness in the Qin General's position.

Yet he was beaten by Ou Sen in strategy and lost a big part of his elite mountain soldiers in an ambush. He then took a position in the Mountain fort, he captured from Ou Sen. After this he was unable, to push Ou Sen any further back or enter the passage. He was even scolded by Ka Rin of Chu because he did not keep Ou Sen occupied, and Ou Sen destroyed Ka Rin’s elite soldiers that did sneak through the mountains and attacked the gate from behind.

Western Zhao Invasion Arc[]

Ordo is attacking the eastern border of Zhao when the Zhao had all their forces gathered near the Region of Koku You to fight the Qin. He is wondering, how the legendary Ri Boku will react in this situation. He seized multiple cities and castles on his way until he turned his eyes towards Seika city. This causes the city lord Shi Ba Shou to set out with 5000 men, in order to fight him on the fields. Ri Boku states, that in this case, they do not need to worry anymore, about the eastern front. Since Shi Ba Shou was once summoned to be one of the Three Great Heavens, but he declined.

After Shi Ba Shou engages his army, Ordo receives a report stating that Chou Haku has laid siege on Ri City. He then receives another report stating that Ri City has fallen and You City is now under attack. After voicing his concerns that Ri Boku believed that Shi Ba Shou would be able to hold his 20,000 soldiers with only 5,000, Ordo decides to pull the Yan Army out of Zhao and reclaim the cities of Ri and You.

Zhao's Retaliation Arc[]

Ordo is seen in Kaikou castle near Zhao border. He sits over the map and is analyzing the situation in the northern region of Zhao. The officials in the room are worried about Qin's invasion, but he is excited. He explains that Ri Boku already moved to Gian and that he used information lockdown to hide his preparations.


Strength 93
Leadership 95
Intelligence 85
Experience A
In the north: ?

Strength 93
Leadership 95
Intelligence 85
Experience A
In the north: Reflecting

Strength 93
Leadership 95
Intelligence 85
Experience A
King of over 50 Mountain Tribes

Ordo possesses considerable talents as military commander and is able to command his men and mountain tribes in battle. He was the commander of the Yan army during the Coalition Invasion, indicating his military capabilities.

Physical Abilities[]

Ordo possesses considerable martial prowess. He shows exceptional fighting abilities with a sword when he easily decapitated Mou Ryuu with a single strike of his sword.


Ordo is a capable leader as he was able to unite multiple mountain tribes and became their king, despite being born a plains folk.

Tactical Abilities[]

Ordo possesses some considerable skills in military strategies and tactics. He can make his own battle analysis and predictions as shown when he deduced the reason behind Ren Pa's defeat at Sanyou. He was able to deduce the whereabout of Ri Boku as he was aware that Ri Boku already moved to Gian and that he used information lockdown to hide his preparations.

Terrain Manipulation: Grew up in the mountain at Yan, Ordo became a renowned mountain battle specialist. He is an expert in analyzing mountain terrain and can easily foretell the landscapes ahead of him which he cannot see in front of him. Because of that, Ordo was able to pinpoint of the central command location of Ou Sen's mountain fort and crushed it with surgical precisions.



Ordo outplayed.PNG
Ordo realizes he was outplayed by Ousen
Mouryuu killed by Ordo.PNG
Ordo decapitates Mou Ryuu

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