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Ogiko portrait.PNG
Chinese Wu Yi Hu
Epithet Worst Archer in the Kan Ki Army
Biographical Information
Marital Status Single
Gender Male
State Qin
Location With the Kan Ki Army
Professional Information
Classification Unit Commander
Occupation Soldier
Affiliates Ogiko Unit
Kan Ki Army
Qin Military
Equipment Bow
Manga Debut Chapter 276
Anime Debut Episode 81

Ogiko is a 1000-Man Commander and personal messenger that serves under Great General, Kan Ki.


Ogiko has a warrior build, a necklace and a scorpion-like tattoo on his left arm. He is mostly bald, having only three parts of hair on his head, two from the sides and one on the top. He has a small goatee and loose, few teeth. He has a piercing on his nose. He also has a smiley face tattoo on his chest.


At a glance Ogiko seems very stupid and childish, and is rarely seen serious. He has a tendency to sneeze when excited, for example when he hit a Wei soldier for the first time of his life. Though he may be dense, he does know how to interpret orders and the meanings behind them, and has an absolute and undying sense of loyalty to his general Kan Ki, who in turn has complete trust in him.


Before the introduction of the Kan Ki army, he was recruited to join them.


Coalition Invasion Arc[]

Ogiko is a member of the Kan Ki Army who is always bullied by everyone as being the number one worst archer. He first appears showing Kan Ki 'his skills' - shooting an arrow and hitting an enemy while he was defending Kankoku Pass. He was made a 1000-Man Commander by Kan Ki because it was funny.

State of Ai Arc[]

Ogiko led the charging attack against the retreacting Ai Army.

Koku You Campaign Arc[]

Ogiko appears to be very close to general Kan Ki. In Chapter 461, Kan Ki calls out Ogiko to personally give him a shoulder massage while he looks over the battlefield and laughs.

Western Zhao Invasion Arc[]

His unit was tasked to besiege Gyou.

Battle of Eikyuu Arc[]

Ogiko was entrusted with the task of informing Rai Do of Kan Ki's secret plan to the entire Battle of Eikyuu. Rai Do was amazed at Kan Ki's plan, but was puzzled at how his Boss would entrust such an important message to a buffoon like Ogiko. He was then able to notice the wounds that the messenger had sustained before getting to him, which instilled a great sense of respect towards Ogiko, whom Rai Do had always considered as a mere fool kept around for the entertainment of his Boss.


Strength 84
Leadership 50
Intelligence 5
Experience B
Cute degree: 99

Strength 84
Leadership 50
Intelligence 5
Experience B
Cute degree: 99

Ogiko is seen using a saber in melee combat. He is bullied as the worst archer in the whole Kan Ki army and appears to be a terrible archer.


Ogiko the Archer.png
Ogiko finally manages to hit an arrow at the enemy, during the Battle of Kankoku Pass.
Ogiko's task.png
Ogiko fulfilling his task to inform Rai Do of their Boss's grand scheme at the Battle of Eikyuu.


  • Ogiko is the worst archer in the Kan Ki Army.
  • Ogiko serves as Kan Ki's personal masseur.

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