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Na Ki Clan
Na Ki Clan.png
Group Info
Name Na Ki Clan
Named by Na Ki
Rank 1000 Man Unit
Troops 500 cavalry

500 infantry

Location With the Hi Shin Army
State Qin
Part of Hi Shin Army (Current)

Kan Ki Army (Departed)

Affiliation Qin Military
Status Active
Group Personnel
Reporting to Shin

Kan Ki (Former Leader)

General Ri Shin
Leader Na Ki
Lieutenant(s) Ro Bin
Commander(s) Na Ki
Side Infos
Specialty Stealth tactics


The Na Ki Clan, or Na Ki Unit is a clan of former bandit warriors from Qin who are led by Na Ki.


They were bandits from in past and somewhere along the line joined Kan Ki. After the Kan Ki Army joined the Qin Military, Na Ki was given command of 1,000 soldiers.


Koku You Campaign Arc[]

Five members including Na Ki was tasked to be a part of the Hi Shin Unit during the Battle of Koku You Hill, by General Kan Ki as a way for the two armies to know each other better.

Later on the Naki Clan prevented Kei Sha from escaping which allowed Shin and the Hi Shin Unit the time to catch up and kill him.

After Shin and Kan Ki had a falling out the Naki Clan saved Bi Hei's life from Gan Jin a member of the Rai Do Clan.

Naki, impressed by Shin and the Hi Shin Unit way of doing things, asked to be transferred to the Hi Shin Unit. When Rai Do object the Naki Clan fought their way to the Hi Shin Unit.

Western Zhao Invasion Arc[]

During the Battle at Shukai Plains the Na Ki Clan ambushed the Ryuu Shun Unit surrounded them and nearly wiped them out.



Reporting to[]



Ro Bin 2.png
Ro Bin


The Na Ki Clan specialty is being sneaky. However they can hold their own in a frontal assault as well.


Na Ki flanks Kei Sha.png
Na Ki Clan flanks Kei Sha
Na Ki Clan.png
Na Ki Clan join Hi Shin Unit