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Mou Ki
Chinese Meng Yi
Kanji 蒙毅
Romaji Mou Ki
Biographical Information
Marital Status Single
Age Late Teens to Early 20s
Gender Male
Eyes Grey
Hair Black
Skin Light Brown
Relatives Mou Gou (Grandfather)
Mou Bu (Father)
Mou Aki (Aunt)
Mou Ten (Older Brother)
State Qin
Location Kanyou
Professional Information
Classification Strategist
Occupation Strategist


Affiliates Qin Military
Mou Family
Shou Hei Kun Army
Strategist Academy
Equipment Sword
Japanese VA Mizusawa Fumie
Manga Debut Chapter 96
Anime Debut Episode 25

Mou Ki is a Strategist in the Shou Hei Kun army and one of the best strategists of Qin. He is a former student of the Strategist Academy and is considered the best student of his generation along with Ka Ryo Ten. Mou Ki is the younger brother of Mou Ten, son of Great General Mou Bu and grandson of Great General Mou Gou.


Mou ki is a young man with a slight stature. He has brown eyes and a ponytail. He dons blue and white clothing which covers most of his body. He wears a blue hat with a bobble on top of it.


Mou Ki is a calm and level headed individual which is necessary for a strategist. He approaches every scenario in a calm and calculated manner.


Being a son of a military family, he started training under Shou Hei Kun early in his life to become a strategist.


Assassination Plot Arc[]

Mou Ki is first seen after the assassination attempt, assisting Sai Taku.

Training Arc[]

Mou Ki is first fully introduced when Ka Ryo Ten first entered Shou Hei Kun's Strategist Academy, He initially shows skepticism about Ka Ryo Ten's arrival at the academy and he agrees with Sai Taku that the Shiyuu has sent the wrong person.

He later has a discussion with Ka Ryo Ten about her motivation for joining the academy and he reveals that both himself and Shou Hei Kun know of her friendship with Ei Sei. Mou Ki tests Ka Ryo Ten to see if she has been sent to spy on the Ryo Fui Faction. He quickly realizes that she arrived at the academy while knowing nothing about it. Mou Ki shows some perception when he realizes that Ka Ryo Ten is a girl.

He was going to tag along on the Han Campaign for real battlefield experience but his Grandfather prevented him from saying the battlefield is no place for a child.

Battle of Bayou Arc[]

Mou Ki and Ka Ryo Ten, as well as several attendants,  appear at an old fortification overlooking the battle. They are using this as an exercise on understanding how a real battle works, as opposed to the tabletop battles, which they have been training on. Mou Ki is stunned when he witnesses his father overcoming strategy with pure strength.

He is suspicious when Ri Boku and Kaine arrive at their spot, though he doesn't know who they are at the time. He ignores his suspicions and allows Ri Boku and Kaine to join them at the fort.

As the battle progresses, they change locations to gain a better viewpoint. As the battle reaches its conclusion, Ri Boku reveals that he is one of the Three Great Heavens of Zhao to Mou ki's disbelief. Ri Boku captures Mou Ki, Ka Ryo Ten, and the attendants, however, he releases them after the battle is finished as he is not one to kill defenseless people.

Sanyou Aftermath Arc[]

Mou Ki has a business in the city of Bishi where he encounters his brother, Mou Ten. Mou Ten is both surprised and dismayed at Mou Ki's present location because he had sent a letter to request Mou Ki to become the strategist of the Hi Shin Unit. Mou Ki sent a letter to Mou Ten about this but Mou Ten thought it was a standard report and he didn't bother reading it. He reveals that he sent a replacement in his stead.

Coalition Invasion Arc[]

Mou Ki's first experience of war was the Battle of Sai. He, along with Kai Oku and 100 vassals was sent by Shou Hei Kun to shore up the defenses at Sai. Shin comments that they are a 'strange bunch'. He notes Ei Sei and Shin's close relationship. He is stunned when he witnesses Shin's raw martial prowess.

Mou Ki spent the duration of the battle in the headquarters. He was key in deciding the various stratagems used throughout the battle.

State of Ai Arc[]

He later appears alongside Shou Hei Kun and his army to help quell the uprising at Kanyou.

Western Zhao Invasion Arc[]

He was one of the four heads in the tactical HQ for the Gyou campaign. He debriefed all commanders on the palace grounds and was rebuffed by Ou Hon.

In the aftermath, he called Ka Ryo Ten for a talk, offering his thanks in behalf of Mou Ten for Ri Shin killing Hou Ken, who killed Ko Zen, their loyal servant. Then he showed her an updated map of Qin's new territories.

War of the Three States Arc[]

Mou Ki joined his father's army and became his strategist to capture the city of Juu Ko as an offering to Wei.


Strength 80
Leadership 83
Intelligence 91
Experience B

Strength 80
Leadership 82
Intelligence 90
Experience C
Unpopular hat

Strength 80
Leadership 80
Intelligence 90
Experience E

Mou Ki is the top student at the best Strategist academy in Qin, with only Ka Ryo Ten able to match him (in table top simulations at least). He is often seen in the close company of powerful figures such as Sai Taku and his teacher, Shou Hei Kun hinting as his capabilities.

Physical Abilities[]

Mou Ki is shown to be a skilled warrior by his stats alone. While he has not been seen fighting in battle, he was seen with a sword strapped to his hip at the Battle of Sai.

Tactical Abilities[]

Mou Ki is shown be very deductive as he was able to figure out Ka Ryo Ten's gender, affiliation, weapon, and lack of ulterior motives in a matter of minutes. He was able to quickly figure out the advantages of the wind for both sides' archers during the first day of the battle of Sai. This fact was impressive as only Ri Boku was able to figure out the advantage (albeit earlier than he did). Mou Ki later became one of the strategists that devise a tactical plan for the Gyou invasion, after he shown prodigious growths in few years after the Koku You Campaign.



Mou Ki portrait.png
Mou Ki and Ka Ryo Ten 2.png
Mou Ki being suspicious of Ten's motives.
Mou Ki arrives at Sai 2.png
Mou Ki arrives at Sai, along with Kai Oku and 100 vassals
Battle at Gecchi Plains Deployment Map.PNG
Mou ki's position during the Battle at Gecchi Plains.


Mou Ki Character Design anime S1.PNG
Mou Ki's character design anime S1
Mou Ki Character Design anime S2.PNG
Mou Ki's character design anime S2
Young Mou Ten Catches A Crab anime S2.PNG
A young Mou Ki with his brother catching crabs
Mou Ki anime portrait.PNG

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