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Mou Family
Mou family portrait.PNG
Group Info
Name Mou Family
Location State of Qin
State Qin
Qi (formerly)
Affiliation Ryo Fui Faction (former)
Status Active
Group Personnel
Leader Mou Bu
Side Infos

The Mou Family is a wealthy family that has its roots in the state of Qin but originated from the far south of the former superstate of Qi. A number of its members have gone on to achieve great success in their military careers within the state.


Due to him repeatedly losing to his Zhao rival Ren Pa and having reached a dead-end in his career, Mou Gou, the then head of the family left their homelands of Qi and took his family to wander among the other states. Eventually, they moved to the state of Qin and his military career finally started to flourished to the point he became a Great General of the state.

Family Members[]

Mou gou portrait.png
Mou Gou
Great General
Leader of Mou Gou Army
Death: died at home in old age
Mou Aki.jpg
Mou Aki
Big Sister of Mou Bu
manages the residance of the Mou family
Mou Bu main page portrait.PNG
Mou Ten portrait.PNG
Mou Ki portrait.png

Possible Relatives[]

Mou Ryuu portrait.PNG
Mou Ryuu
Commander in the Ou Sen Army
Death: slain by Ordo


Both the previous head, Mou Gou and the current head, Mou Bu possess powerful, inhuman strength, a keen eye of seeing the strength within others, and steadfast leadership skills. During the Battle of Bayou, despite his name not being fully known across China, Mou Bu demonstrated to the other states his impressive and deadly potential as he took the lives of over 10,000 Zhao soldiers with both his brutal strength and passionate leadership skills. And after has only become more powerful since the death of Great General Ou Ki, as he showed masterful usage of advance tactics and defeated the famous Giant of Chu, Kan Mei in one-on-one duel during the Coalition's Invasion of Qin, which earned him the title of Great General and a possible spot in the new generation of the Six Great Generals. it is also shown that each generation only grows more skillful than its predecessor which is shown in the younger members of the family, Mou Ten and his little brother Mou Ki. 

Both brothers possess a great amount of tactical knowledge as they have both studied at the Strategicial School of their father's close friend and the chief of military affairs for the state of Qin, Shou Hei Kun since they're both very young. Mou Ten, the oldest is said to possess a great amount of talent even among his own elite family as he is a genius master swordsman and uses strategical warfare with sharp and deadly cunning as he leads an independent military marauding force, Gaku Ka Unit and Mou Ki, the youngest.

Mou Aki is taking care of the family residence when the men are at a campaign.


  • The last remaining veteran of King Sho's old generation of Great Generals, Mou Gou died in peace.
  • Like his father, Mou Bu holds the rank of a Great General
  • Mou Ki is a strategist in the royal tactical headquarters of Qin at the young age