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Man Goku Army
Man Goku Army entrance.png
Group Info
Name Man Goku Army
Location Kankoku Pass
State Zhao
Affiliation Zhao Military
Status Defunct
Group Personnel
General Man Goku
Side Infos
Specialty Revenge on Qin, by killing civilians

The Man Goku Army was the army led by general Man Goku of Zhao. They were also known as the Orphans of Chouhei.


During a battle between Zhao and Qin, 400,000 Zhao men who were buried alive by Haku Ki of Qin's Six Great Generals at Chouhei. The Man Goku Army consists of the survivors and descendants of those 400,000 men and, as expected, they hold a huge grudge against the state of Qin. The Mangoku Army is the incarnation of the curse of Chouhei. Deeply motivated by the urge for vengeance, they can continue fighting after being given wound that would make ordinary soldiers incapacitated. Mangoku uses the story as a way of rousing his men. During their activity, they have killed more than ten thousand civilians. 


Battle of Bayou Arc[]

During the Qin-Zhao invasion and the siege of Bayou, the Mangoku army decided to pillage the villages and slaughter all villagers around the city, even women and children just for their hate of what happened at Chouhei.

During the Battle of Bayou they encountered the Hi Shin Unit and the army commander Kan Ou one night when they attacked the encampment of the Qin army as they followed Hou Ken's lead and protected him. Thanks to the ambush of the Mangoku army, the Hi Shin Unit was scattered and unable to regroup during the night.

Coalition Invasion Arc[]

During the Battle of Kankoku Pass the Mangoku army by command of General Kei Sha of the Zhao army ambushed the Duke Hyou army from behind as they were charging through the battlefield, killing a lot of the Duke’s men.

Shin realizing this lead the Hi Shin Unit along with 10 000 soldiers of the Duke Hyou Army to counter-attack the Mangoku army and stop its momentum, and therefore slaying Mangoku and resulting to the army's defunction.


Man Goku.png
Man Goku
Slain by Shin


Enraged Chouhei Relatives, Stronger Than Ordinary Zhao Soldiers.

Mangoku army ambushing Duke Hyou army.