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Man Goku
Chinese Wan Ji
Kanji 万極
Romaji Man Gokku
Epithet General of Assault
Biographical Information
Deceased (Slain)
Marital Status Single
Age 30s
Gender Male
Eyes Bloodshot Red
Hair White
Skin Pale
Distinction Bloodshot eyes, white hair, black teeth.
Relatives Man Gan

Man Gou (Older Brother)

State Zhao
Residence Chouhei (Formerly)
Location Kankoku Pass (Death Place)
Birth Place Chouhei
Professional Information
Classification Army Commander
Occupation Soldier
Affiliates Zhao Military
Man Goku Army (Defunct)
Coalition Army (Defunct)
Military Rank General
Equipment Jagged Sword
Japanese VA Tadashi Mutou
Manga Debut Chapter 109
Anime Debut Episode 26
Game Debut Kingdom: Ikkitousen No Tsurugi!

Man Goku was a Zhao General and was the leader of the Man Goku Army. He was considered the natural enemy of Qin and was the one person the city of Kanyou had to keep away not matter the cost.


Man Goku was a tall man with thin white hair, intense red eyes, and a haggard appearance. He had a pencil-thin mustache as well as terrible black colored teeth. Beneath his armor, he had a deceptively muscular build that belied his lean frame.


Man Goku bore a fanatical hatred for the state of Qin, pitilessly slaughtering and otherwise committing numerous atrocities against its citizens. He was notably silent during Zhao strategy meetings, contributing little to nothing on the actual planning of the campaign. Man Goku also greatly respected Hou Ken as he referred to him with the honorific "sama". 


Man Goku was a survivor of Chouhei, where he lost his father, Captain Man Gan, who was a commander of an unidentified amount of men and his older brother. He was responsible for destroying all the villages surrounding the City of Bayou before the battle of Bayou, but that was no isolated incident. He repeated the same brutality time and time again in his numerous incursions into Qin lands. Man Goku was later appointed as Vice General by Hou Ken when he was made commander-in-chief over the Zhao forces.


Battle of Bayou Arc[]

He is first seen sitting naked on a pile of dead women in a Qin village. Man Goku oversaw the massacre of the villages surrounding Baou by Zhao troops and was the only Vice General to oversee this destruction. Stating that what Zhao is exacting is simply providence and that it is only the beginning, he heads back to the conquered city of Baou. During the siege of Bayou, he sends forth men to attack and stays within range of Qin arrows on his horse, armed yet half naked.

Upon arriving at the with Hou Ken and the other generals to the Battle of Bayou, he is assigned 20,000 troops and is placed on the left wing of the entire army. His men follow up after Shou Mou and push deep into the Qin right army but are halted by the retreat signal from their camp. When the armies split up in the deep forest area, Man Goku leads a surprise attack on Kan Ou's camp at night and takes his personal unit of 500 men to assist Hou Ken. He arrives a few minutes before Kan Ou's troops at Hou Ken's location and proceeds to attack them when they threaten the Zhao commander-in-chief. In the melee, he confronts Kan Ou and the two warriors go for a dual exchange, cutting the other across the chest. Smiling after being cut, Man Goku parries some of Kan Ou's attacks before watching in shock as Shin lands a blow on Hou Ken's side in the battle. After Hou Ken knocks down both Shin and Kyou Kai, Man Goku delivers a wound to Kan Ou and notices the Hi Shin Unit retreating, noting them as the ones who killed General Fuu Ki. His men finish of the remaining Qin in the camp while Hou Ken, having lost interest, leaves the battlefield.

He begins chasing the Hi Shin Unit through the forests with his men and runs into them, his troops dealing damage to Shin's men. As the Qin unit retreats deeper into the forest, he does not chase after them after noticing that Shin is missing and looks up to the hills as a logical route for the spilt Hi Shin unit. His men manage to pick up the path of Bi Hei and Bi Tou, noticing a trail of blood leading up to the hills but fails to capture them. He engaged Roku O Mi's army and lost many men in the ensuing battle and upon hearing the retreat signal, was reluctant to leave the battle field.

Sanyou Aftermath Arc[]

He was ordered by Ri Boku to appear in the war against Geki Shin and Yan.

Coalition Invasion Arc[]

During the Battle of Kankoku Pass General Kei Sha order Man Goku and his army to strike at the Duke Hyou Army’s rear. When Duke Hyou charged the Kou Son Ryuu troops. While Man Goku was attacking the Duke Hyou Army’s rear he runs into Shin and the Hi Shin Unit who halts his assault by rallying the Qin troops in the rear. Clashing with Shin, he explained his own hellish experience at Chouhei. And asserted that the prospect of peace by unifying China was foolish as survivors of atrocities would always rise and continue a cycle of vengeance. Shin counters by saying that he himself lost loved ones but didn't become vengeful like Man Goku as he had others who supported him; Man Goku was merely unfortunate to have no one else help him recover from despair. He was ultimately slain by Shin who promised to never let such a tragedy occur again. Man Goku upon hearing this simply noted he would watch Shin to see if he would keep his word and with this General Man Goku finally died.  


Strength 88
Leadership 80
Intelligence 70
Experience B
Tragicness: 100 Chouhei

Strength 88
Leadership 80
Intelligence 70
Experience B
Tragicness: 100 Chouhei

Strength 88
Leadership 80
Intelligence 70
Experience C
Tragicness: 100 Chouhei

Strength 88
Leadership 80
Intelligence 70
Tragicness: 100 Chouhei

Man Goku was a decent general and his specialty was assault.

Physical Abilities[]

Man Goku was proficient with a sword and is seen using his skill to fight evenly with the Qin commander Kan Ou, who is considered a tough opponent. He wielded a sword with a jagged edge and can parry pole weapons such as Kan Ou's glaive. It has been said that he has a big reach and very long arms. He was able to engage Shin, another talented swordsman, before being cut down by him.


Man Goku led his armies based on vengeance. His men lost loved ones in Chouhei and they followed him to commit many atrocities to Qin citizens as retributions.



Man Goku sitting on a pile of corpses.png
Man Goku sits on a pile of female corpses
Kan Ou injured by Man Goku.jpg
Man Goku stabs Kan Ou
Shin slays Mangoku.png
Man Goku cut down by Shin
Man Goku Colored.png
Man Goku Colored manga cover


Man Goku Design anime S1.PNG
Man Goku's character design anime S1


  • According to Ka Ryo Ten, his acts of villainy have put him on Qin's military list of most Dangerous Personnel.
  • Due to him having multiple separate appearances of himself naked while sitting on or carrying the corpses of women, it's hinted that he was in fact a necrophile.

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