Biographical Information
Marital Status Single
Age 40s
Gender Male
Hair light brown
Skin Light
Distinction Two tattoos across his left and right eyes.
State Chu
Residence Juuko (formerly)
Location With the Man U Army
Birth Place Beki
Professional Information
Classification General
Occupation Soldier
Affiliates Chu Military
Man U Army
Military Rank Great General
Equipment Glaive
Manga Debut Chapter 650

Man'U is the lord of Juuko City and General of Chu. [1]

Appearance[edit | edit source]

He has big figure as large as Mou Bu or larger. Man'U has a tattoo that reach across his eyes. He has long light hair tied in the back and a goatee beard. In battle, he carries a glaive and wears an chestplate.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Man'U was a hero of Beki, his birthplace and home. He cherished his people and country and will fight to defend it whatever the cost. After the betrayal, he was left broken. Having lost everything, he was a broken man whose will shatter, and simply pass his time by engaging any invading army, often competing with Sen To Un to see who gets to the enemy Headquarters first.

Like all fellow generals in Juuko's army, he is not loyal to Chu, a warmonger. He gets excited over the hearing of approaching battlefield or famous great general, such as the news of the arrival of Mou Bu.

He has a lack of common sense when it comes to clothing, playing a game of mahjong in full naked body except wearing boots and cape which he believes he is not naked at all. 

A cheerful and easy going man, he is however, eager to put himself on the frontline of the battlefield. He would argue with his subordinates for taking things too seriously on the battlefield. 

When Mou Bu appears on the battlefield, Man U started taking interest on him as all Juuko Generals once hold something before losing everything or find it meaningless, hence the feel of 'Nothingness', a similar situation to Earl Shi in which they have nothing to lose.

As he dueled with Mou Bu, his behavior started to changed, wishing to rid of Mou Bu's burden, or wish to talk with him. Man U showed a rare expression of sinister smile after the capture of Chu HQ, a rare occurrence even for his subordinates who, is concern of his sudden change.

History[edit | edit source]

Once a Great General who served under Beki, a minor city nation that were absorbed by the aggressive expansion of Chu. 12 years before Qin-Wei alliance, Man'U was a hero figure to his country that fought and repelled Chu's army invasion time and time again along with their rivalry Neighbor, Reki, where Sen To Un resides. A dispute came at the royal court where the King, realizing the exhaustion that the nation of Beki were exhausted, intent to surrender to Chu as they believe its the only choice to preserve Beki. Man'U argued that by doing so, everyone except the higher few, would lose everything they hold dear and feared of being enslaved. Man'U's aide suggest an alliance with their neighboring nation 'Reki' who has common foe in Chu, but was refuted back as Reki were their hated nation for many years. Man'U suggest to put off the surrender then went out to fend off another Chu's army, one day, as he was returning to Beki from the battlefield. Man'U and his army witness the Beki's surrender to Chu.

With Beki surrender and Man'U's army left stranded, they were force to wandered across the land, battling any Chu army that come across them for days to weeks. He finally surrendered after realizing the latest Chu army he had fought with were of his own people. Realizing that not only Beki surrendered, but also betrayed him, it promptly broke his will. Like the rest of soon-to-be Juuko army generals, they too experienced this. Man U, fared worst than the rest of his fellow generals.

Due to outstanding performance and survived numerous time. He was given Juuko city by Shun Shin Kun and became Supreme Commander of Juuko's army. Making Juuko city as the heart base. From then on, they would waged war on any enemies that come across them.

Story[edit | edit source]

War of the Three States Arc[edit | edit source]

A messenger came to notify Man'U and his fellow generals who were playing Gambling. Excited to hear that Mou Bu led an army of 30,000 men that were aiming at Juuko. He sally out the Juuko Army to faced Mou'Bu at the plain field to which they encounter Qin and Wei reinforcements. Tou and Rokuomi army, as well as Wei led by Go Hou Mei. 

Since the beginning of the battle, Man'U has taken interests towards Mou'Bu for having 'Carries Burden on Shoulder' to which he implies that all Generals of Juuko Army were like that before losing everything or realized how meaningless. 

When Wei armies decided to become the main Support while Tou and Mou Bu army took up the main 'offensive Role'. Man'U managed to gain Mou'Bu 's attention after hindering down Mou'Bu army movements. 

They had a duel of which Man'U Overwhelm Mou Bu one sidedly, Man'U confessed he is weaker than Kan Mei which confuses Mou Bu's men (50 cavs to accompany Mou Bu). He stated that Mou Bu won against Kan Mei from the burden that he carries which Man'U implies that it is holding Mou Bu full potential back, Man U would be delighted to take off the Burden on Mou'Bu so that he can take him on Full strength. In response to this, Mou'Bu fought more fiercely which caught Man'U in surprise. 

As the duel rage on, the Chu HQ has been captured by Tou army. Resulting the Juuko army and CHU reinforcements to withdraw. With this, their duel was halted, Man U stated that he has other matters to attend to and wish Mou Bu to hold that burden of his till then. He ordered his Juuko army to make full retreat. Thus ending the battle.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

As a former Great General, Man'U is an exceptional general where he shows incredible strength on the battlefield. Using one hand to make a full-clean swing of his mighty glaive, he slayed dozens of calvary that went after him with ease.  Under his leadership, he led an army that could hold out against Mou Bu's army charge and turn it into a stalemate on a frontal assault. Something which not many can do.

Wielding his mighty glaive, he easily slice through dozens of men in one swing using only one arm. He even knocked Mou Bu down off of his horse in one swing of his glaive and could duel him to a standstill.

Man'U leads the whole of Juuko Army as Supreme Commander and Lord of Juuko. In Man'U army, they were strong enough to even slowed Mou Bu army charge momentum. Furthermore, many of his men were veterans that has fought Chu before being absorbed to become the Juuko Army.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Man'U on volume 61 back cover
War of the Three States.png
Man'U as one of headliners of the Battle at Gecchi Plains.
Battle at Gecci Plains
Man'U dueling Mou Bu
Man'U overwhelms Mou Bu

References[edit | edit source]

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