Kingdom (キングダム Kingudamu) is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Hara,Yasuhisa (原 泰久), published by Shueisha and serialized in Weekly Young Jump.

The story takes place during the Warring States Period of ancient China (476-221 BCE) centering on the journey of an unknown boy and young king as they try to change the kingdom's course of history where it will lead to their destiny being marked by violence and pain.

Note: in the manga, the names of the characters are currently translated from their Japanase names, not their Chinese names. Therefore the Japanese names will be used for pagenames and information on the pages. Chinese names should be added to the info boxes on pages.

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Searching for Recruits

Shin colored portrait

Attention soldier,

Unfortunately, due to our fierce battles and long campaigns, many of our soldiers have deserted. So please join the fight to unify all of China, we need new recruits eager to leave their mark in history to write down our exploits of the battlefields (editors). Also, these tales are for future generations hear the tales of the "Greatest General in all of history!"

Are you a new recruit eager to leave your mark in history?

Did you find a story incomplete?

Do you want to be a greatest general under the heavens? (Hah, you can't because I will.)

Then you can edit pages and start ranking up while gaining achievements.

If you don't know the art of the battlefield, the Great Generals left us some rules and guidelines to follow against our greatest enemy-bad grammar.

Also your commanders will be there to show you the way. You can always find one of our fierce commanders either by sending a messenger or post it to a message wall.

See you on the battlefield soldier.

~Shin of the Hi Shin Unit. (Written by Ten).


Chapter 508: "Sword of the Mountain Tribes"

Ba Jio and his men are at the top of Retsubi's wall. How will the outnumbered mountain people perform against the Zhao defenders...

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Did You Know That

Kyou Kai is the founder of Gouriki

Fact – 3

Shin inherited both Ou Ki's Glaive and Duke Hyou Shield

Fact – 2

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