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Ma Ron
Epithet The Gentleman
Gentleman Advisor
Biographical Information
Marital Status Single
Age unknown
Gender Male
Eyes Black
Hair Brown
Skin Brown
Distinction Tattoo on his right cheek.
State Qin
Location With the Kan Ki Army
Birth Place Qin
Professional Information
Classification Unit Commander
Occupation Soldier
Affiliates Ma Ron Clan
Kan Ki Army
Qin Military
Military Rank 5000-Man Commander
Equipment Sword
Manga Debut Chapter 212
Anime Debut Episode 59

Ma Ron is an advisor and a 5000-Man Commander of the Kan Ki Army from the State of Qin as well as the leader of Ma Ron Clan. He is known under the nickname "The Gentleman".


He wears armor and has a warriors build. He has a small goatee, long dark hair, and tattoos on his face. Later he grows thin mustache.


Even though he seems to be one of Kan Ki's closest vassals, he is often surprised and confused by his general's decisions. He seems to have a gentle manner of speech, unlike other members of Kan Ki Army, although sarcastic on his remarks.

He also has a hobby of cooking and give remarks about the food/drinks such as when he cooked horse meat during the siege of Gyou and when he give compliments to Ka Ryo Ten for delicious Tea.


Ma Ron is a member of Kan Ki’s personal army and has therefore most likely been with his leader since his days as a mountain bandit.


Sanyou Campaign Arc[]

He is with Kan Ki during the Sanyou Campaign under Great General Mou Gou.

Coalition Invasion Arc[]

At the Battle of Kankoku Pass he is positioned alongside Kan Ki at the right hand tower. He seems rather surprised by his boss making Ogiko a 1000-Man Commander just because he finds it funny. Later he seems to be shocked when Koku Ou tells him they "acquired" oil from Kanyou's warehouses.

Koku You Campaign Arc[]

During the Battle of Koku You Hill he is in charge of the battlefield on the left side of the main hill. When he receives the order to retreat from Kan Ki, he follows the order without hesitation, but in the commander meeting in the evening he tells Kan Ki, that he better a good reason for them to retreat.

Western Zhao Invasion Arc[]

He served as Kan Ki's adjutant. He believes that the campaign will fail and often argues with Rai Do who thinks otherwise. He also serves as cook.

Battle of Eikyuu Arc[]

During the battle Ma Ron serves as the main strategist. He visits Gyouku Hou Army and orders them to attack Eikyuu. On the 10th day when multiple clans desert the battlefield he considers deserting himself, but is stopped by Kan Ki's sudden visit in the HQ. Kan Ki shares with his him plan, which convinces him to stay, but he is still vary and ready to escape in case something went wrong. Later he is in charge of spreading false information to Zhao soldiers in oder to make them surrender which turns out to be great success. After that together with other important commanders he rushes to speak to Kan Ki. He discovers Rai Do's mutilated body in a box and is shocked about the revelation.


Strength 79
Leadership 86
Intelligence 90
Experience B
Self-proclaimed gentleman

Strength 80
Leadership 85
Intelligence 89
Experience B
Kan Ki Army's gentleman

As one of the closest vassals and an advisor of Kan Ki, Ma Ron proves to be a talented commander. During the Battle of Koku You Hill, he was able to clash equally with Kei Sha's deputy, Kin Mou.


Ma Ron is a leader to his own clan, holding a strong leadership.

Tactical Abilities[]

As Kan Ki's advisor Ma Ron has a good tactical knowledge. During the Battle of Eikyuu he served as the main strategist of the overall battlefield during Kan Ki's absence.

Manipulation of Information: Ma Ron is also proficient in the art of misinformation and deception and he trained special courier units specifically for this task. After Ko Chou's death he spread the false rumors to dissolve the morale of Zhao armies and made them surrender in large numbers.



Ma Ron.png
Ma Ron's original appearance without mustache
Ma Ron during the Battle of Eikyuu


Koku Ou And Ma Ron Disguise As A Wei Soldier anime S2.PNG
Ma Ron with Koku Ou disguise as Wei soldiers


  • Due to his lack of moustache in his first two appearances, it can be assumed he grew one between the coalition invasion and Kokuyou Hills.

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