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Ma Kou Army
Ma Kou Charge.png
Group Info
Name Ma Kou Army
Location Shukai Plains
State Qin
Part of Ou Sen Army
Affiliation Qin Military
Status Defunct
Group Personnel
Reporting to Ou Sen
Leader Ma Kou
Mou Ten
Side Infos
Specialty Wave Attack Formation

The Ma Kou Army also known as the Second Division is the army led by General Ma Kou of the State of Qin and one of the Forces under General Ou Sen.


Western Zhao Invasion Arc[]

The Ma Kou Army made its first appearance by doing multiple wave attacks on the Ki Sui Army during the Battle at Shukai Plains. After Ma Kou sent all his elites to kill Ki Sui he was then killed by Ri Boku. After Ma Kou’s death, the Makou Army quickly lost morale and started losing on all fronts to the Zhao Army. It wasn’t until Mou Ten took command of the army and lied about Makou still being alive did they start fighting back.

Later that evening two of the Ma Kou Army Commanders Chou You and Kou Joun thanked Mouten for what he did. After that, a message from General Ou Sen congratulates Mou Ten for his work in saving the Makou Army and gave him temporary command of the remnants for the rest of the campaign.




Ma Kou
Slain by Ri Boku
Mou Ten's new look!!.png
Mou Ten
After Ma Kou’s Death he gained temporary control over them




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Ba Shun †
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Ko Sa †



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Tousui Unit
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Yuu Unit
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Heigan Unit
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Min Unit
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Kokuri Unit

Situational Members[]



The Ma Kou Army is a army that been tirelessly trained and trained again to build up each individual soldier’s strength. According to Ma Kou the Ma Kou Army boast the greatest offensive power in all of General Ou Sen’s Retinue.