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Ma Kou
Chinese Ma Kuang
Kanji 馬口
Biographical Information
Deceased (Slain)
Gender Male
Hair Black
State Qin
Location Shukai Plains (Death Place)
Professional Information
Classification Commander
Occupation Soldier
Affiliates Ou Sen Army
Ma Kou Army (Defunct)
Qin Military
Military Rank General
Equipment Glaive
Manga Debut Chapter 380
Stand and Fight.

—The signature motto of Ma Kou.

Ma Kou was a General from the Ou Sen Army. He served as the commander of the 2nd Division.


Ma Kou was a tall and muscular man. He wears a general's armor and has small eyes. He has a short goatee. His helmet is in the style of the Ou Sen army.


Ma Kou describes himself as boasting the most powerful offense in the Ou Sen army. However, Shou Taku says that, while he is known as a strong offensive commander, he likes to use tricks and tactics. He has the patience to wait for the Gaku Ka Unit to distract the Ki Sui Army and charge right into it.


It was assumed that Ma Kou worked his way up to the rank of General and served as a trusted vassal of Ou Sen for many years.


Fire Dragons of Wei Arc[]

Ma Kou made his first appearance when he wonders why Ou Sen's prediction of the Tou Army asking for reinforcements didn’t come true.

Western Zhao Invasion Arc[]

Ma Kou made his official appearance when the army arrived at Retsubi. He was eager to capture the gateway of Zhao's inner cities, but Ou Sen decided on the Hi Shin Unit and Yo Tan Wa Army to take down the city instead.

During the Battle at Shukai Plains, Ma Kou is in charge of the left flank of Qin, but he places his army with the central army. When the Ki Sui Army is ordered to wipe out the decoy of 5000 men of the Gaku Ka Unit, Ma Kou ambushes them, with several wave attacks, giving a big hit to Zhao.
With Ba Tei, who is counterattacking Ma Kou's division, Ki Sui is starting to fight back. But the Ma Kou division is still pressuring the Ki Sui Army, giving time for the Gaku Ka unit to regroup and attack from a different angle. When the Hi Shin and the Gaku Ka units attack the Ki Sui HQ in order to destroy the right flank of Zhao, Ma Kou sends in the rest of his elite troops. But with this, he gives an opening to Ri Boku who ambushes him and his HQ. Ma Kou's neck is then pierced by Ri Boku's sword while his glaive is held by one of his commanders. While mortally wounded, Ma Kou tries to slash at Ri Boku before the latter severs Ma Kou's sword arm and his head with a single blow.


Strength 86
Leadership 90
Intelligence 88
Experience B
Surprising popularity

As the 2nd commander in Ou Sen Army and his left-hand man, Ma Kou possessed great talents and experience as a capable military commander.

Physical Abilities[]

Ma Kou possessed considerable skills as a warrior and showed proficiency with a glaive and a sword since he was leading the charge and killed many Zhao soldiers.


Ma Kou showed great leadership as his men quickly lost morale after hearing about his death and started losing on all fronts. His signature motto always motivated his men to fight on an unprecedented level. Under his leadership, his army was stated to boast the greatest offensive power in Ou Sen's army.

Tactical Abilities[]

Aside from direct charges, Ma Kou was noted to use tricks and feints in his warfare. His army is capable of using Wave Attack Formation as seen when he launched a surprise attack on Ki Sui Army.


Ma Kou Charge.png
Ma Kou's Power
Ma Kou 2.png
Ma Kou impales a Zhao soldier
Ri Boku Confronts Ma Kou.png
Ma Kou confronted by Ri Boku
Ma Kou struck by Ri Boku.PNG
Ma Kou wounded
Ma Kou attacks.png
Ma Kou attacks Ri Boku
Ma Kou Dies.png
Ma Kou slain by Ri Boku
Ma Kou.png
Ma Kou portrait
A Kou and Ma Kou.png
A Kou and Ma Kou Colored


  • Despite some believing so, Ma Kou and A Kou are not brothers. That is because their first names are the same (Kou), rather than their surnames (Ma and A). Kingdom uses surnames first (for eg. Mou Ten and Mou Bu).

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