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Kyuu Gen
Chinese Gong Yuan
Kanji 宮元
Real Name Kyuu Gen
Biographical Information
Deceased (Slain)
Marital Status Unknown
Age 40s
Gender Male
Eyes Grey
Hair Brown
Skin Pale
Distinction Pale Eye Pupils
State Wei
Location Dakan Plains (Death Place)
Professional Information
Classification Army Commander
Occupation Soldier
Affiliates Wei Military
Go Kei Army
Kyuu Gen Army
Military Rank General
Equipment Spear
Japanese VA Masayuki Omoro
Manga Debut Chapter 54
Anime Debut Episode 18

Kyuu Gen was a General from the State of Wei under Great General Go Kei's command during the battle between Qin and Wei forces on the Dakan Plains in the Western part of Wei.


He had a warrior's build and a mustache. The plume on his helmet seemed to distinguish him as a general as his other counterpart wore the same helmet.


Kyuu Gen was a stern, focused man who hated sentimental tripe like those who make the sacrifice of comrades seem noble. His short-sighted nature caused his downfall in the battle.


Keiyou Campaign Arc[]

During the Battle at Dakan Plains between Qin and Wei, he was placed in command of about 50,000 Wei soldiers from Keiyou and directed them from one of the three hills where his camp was located. Facing off against the 1st, 2nd and 4th Qin army, he displays strategies to be expected of a General. He comments on the Qin army's hastiness to take the hill and sends the 2nd battalion to disrupt the flow of the battle below.

When the Qin infantry gained the advantage, pushing back his troops, Kyuu Gen holds the 3rd battalion in reserve and sends out Wei war chariots which devastate the Qin infantry. Failing to account for the chariot's inability to finish the Qin soldiers off, Kyuugen sends his remaining soldiers down to take Duke Hyou's head, leaving a guard unit of 2,000 men on the hill to guard his position. His chariot units are evenly matched with the Qin cavalry as he compares Great General Go Kei to Duke Hyou in terms of strategy, predicting the destruction of the Qin army. His failure to account for the movement of Qin cavalry units, specifically Baku Koshin's own, led to his death on the hill and its capture by the 4th Qin army. He was able to deal with the mortal wound that ended Baku Koshin's life with a sword thrust into his chest. In turn, he was killed by Koshin stabbing him in the neck with his sword.


Strength 83
Leadership 81
Intelligence 88
Experience C
Surprisingly well balanced

Strength 83
Leadership 81
Intelligence 88
Experience C
Surprisingly well balanced

Strength 83
Leadership 81
Intelligence 88
Surprisingly well balanced

Kyuu Gen proved to be a capable military commander in Go Kei Army. He was able to devastate multiple armies under Duke Hyou during the Battle at Dakan Plains.

Physical Abilities[]

Kyuu Gen was a decent warrior and is shown wielding a sword spear in battle.


As a general, Kyuu Gen was capable to lead his army in the battlefield.

Tactical Abilities[]

After serving at Go Kei's side for many years, Kyuu Gen developed a good eye for tactics. His army was capable of performing Rock Formation and he used terrains to gain an advantage, allowing him to devastating multiple armies.



Kyuu Gen Stabs Baku Koshin.PNG
Kyuu Gen stabs Baku Koshin
Baku Koshin Decapitates Kyuu Gen.PNG
Kyuu Gen decapitated by Baku Koshin


Kyuu Gen anime S1.PNG
Kyuu Gen
Baku Koshin Confronts Kyuu Gen anime S1.PNG
Kyuu Gen confronted by Baku Koshin
Kyuu Gen Spears Baku Koshin anime S1.PNG
Kyuu Gen spears Baku Koshin
Baku Koshin Stabs Kyuu Gen anime S1.PNG
Kyuu Gen stabbed by Baku Koshin


To Baku Koshin: "Your miracles are nothing but lucky incidents that happen to befall the powerless".

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