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Kyoubou Great Cavalry Corps
Kyoubou great cavalry corps.PNG
Group Info
Name Kyoubou Great Cavalry Corps
Rank 5000-man Unit
Location Kankoku Pass
State Chu
Part of Kan Mei Army
Affiliation Chu Military
Status Defunct
Group Personnel
Reporting to Kan Mei
Leader Kyou Bou
Side Infos


They are all as large as Mou Bu.


Coalition Invasion Arc[]

During the Battle of Kankoku Pass/Day 15, they were sent by Kan Mei to attack Mou Bu and his 5000 men. But a great number of them were defeated.


They are considered one of the strongest units in the Kan Mei Army.


Kyoubou great cavalry corps.PNG
The Kyoubou Unit riding against Moubu's army
Moubu kills giants.PNG
The Kyoubou unit destroyed by Moubu