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Kyou Shiki
Kyou Shiki portrait.PNG
Chinese Qiang Guizi
Kanji 京式
Biographical Information
Deceased (Slain)
Marital Status Single
Age Late Teens
Gender Female
Eyes Brown
Hair Black
Skin Light
Relatives Kyou Rei (twin sister)

Kyou Shou (adoptive older sister, deceased)
Kyou Kai (adoptive older sister)

Professional Information
Classification Assassin
Shiyuu Candidate
Occupation Swordswoman
Affiliates Clan Shiyuu
Kyou Tribe
Equipment Sword
Manga Debut Volume 15 Omake (Chapter 162)
The one who wasn't ready...was me. I knew...I could...Never hurt you, Rei. That's why...I'm so sorry...But I'm happy you survived. I'm...maybe I'm just selfish, but...Rei...Outside...For my sake, too...LIVE AS STRONGLY AS YOU CAN!

— Kyou Shiki's last words to her sister, Kyou Rei

Kyou Shiki was one of the next generation of Shiyuu candidates from the Kyou Tribe and the twin sister of Kyou Rei.


Kyou Shiki was a small girl with black hair tied into a ponytail and single pointed hair bangs. She wore the standard Shiyuu robes of the Kyou Tribe and was sometimes the white headband with two markings.


She seemed to be more level-headed and calm then her sister. She also cared deeply about Kyou Rei.


Kyou Shiki and Kyou Rei were raised as sisters in Kyou village and trained by the Elder in assassination techniques.

She is briefly seen in her early days when together with Kyou Rei, and Kyou Shou they were nagging Kyou Kai for only hunting one frog despite being her turn to find food for everyone.[1] Later Shiki asks Kai to help teaching Rei various techniques. Kai says to call over Rei, but Shiki says it's better if she teaches her first, so that she can teach Rei, since Rei hates being taught by people other then her and the old lady. Kyou Kai then lays of the grass and watches the sisters spar against each other.[2]

At some point after Battle at Dakan Plains Kyou Kai returns to her village and is ambushed by Kyou Rei (who took Kyou Shou's blade - Hakuhau) and Kyou Shiki. However, they are both easily defeated.[3]

Some time later she is seen training with her sister under the watchful eye of Kyou Elder and both sisters are able to put their blades on each others neck. Kyou Shiki says that if they didn't hold back one of them would end up dead. Kyou Rei says that would be Shiki. Rei then propose to make a dinner and goes out to hunt a rabbit. Meanwhile Shiki and Elder talk about Yuu Ren's death and the next ritual. Shiki says that she's ready, but it's not the case for Rei.[4]

Before the ritual starts the sisters promise to each other that they will try their best to kill each other. Other candidates fall one after the other to their blades until there's only two of them left. However, when they are about to strike each other, Shiki stops her blade and gets stabbed by Rei in the chest. Then it's revealed that Shiki planed this from the start, because she didn't want to hurt Rei. In her dying words she tells Rei to live her life as strongly as she can.


Kyou Kai's Revenge Arc[]

She was seen along with her sister, to be the next contenders for the Shiyuu position, should Yuu Ren die.[5]

Shiyuu Conflict Arc[]

5 years later after Yuu Ren's death...


Kyou Shiki was noted to be an amazing prodigy among her clan as her skills eclipsed even her sister and any other candidate. During the ritual she survived until the very end was killed only due to her love for Rei. It was also noted that her mastery of the Mist Technique was such advanced that she very possibly could kill even Kyou Kai.


Kyou Shiki portrait.PNG
Kyou Rei and Kyou Shiki sparring.
Chap 669 Shiki.png
Kyou Shiki and Kyou Rei on the cover of Volume 61.


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