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Kyou Rei
Kyourei profile.png
Chinese Qiāng lǐ
Kanji 羌礼
Epithet Shiyuu
Biographical Information
Marital Status Single
Age Late Teens to Early 20s
Gender Female
Eyes Castleton Green
Hair Brown
Skin White
Distinction Cat like eyes
Relatives Kyou Shiki (twin sister, deceased)

Kyou Shou (adoptive older sister, deceased)
Kyou Kai (adoptive older sister)

State Qin
Residence Mobile
Location With the Hi Shin Army, Zhao
Birth Place Possibly Qin
Professional Information
Classification Soldier
Martial Artist
Occupation Infantry Soldier
Affiliates Hi Shin Army
Kyou Kai Unit
Clan Shiyuu
Kyou Tribe
Equipment Haku Hau
Manga Debut Volume 15 Omake

Kyou Rei is a soldier in the Hi Shin Army and serves as the de facto right-hand of Kyou Kai in the Kyou Kai Unit. She is the current holder of the Shiyuu title and a former member of Clan Shiyuu's Kyou Tribe


Kyou Rei is a small and short young woman in her mid to late teens with black hair tied into a ponytail with a ribbon and cat-like eyes. For clothing she wears the Kyou tribe's style of the standard Shiyuu robes and a white headband with two markings.


After surviving the ritual, Kyou Rei has a dark and twisted personality. She greatly enjoys killing her enemies and sees the war as a fun game. Kyou Rei also has a lot of arrogance as she ignores orders and looks down upon commanders of the Hi Shin Army.

After Kyou Kai manages to remind her what she was Shiki's last wish and gives her back the will to live. Rei regained her cheerful personality from before the ritual and she stop disobeying orders.


Shiki and Rei were raised as sisters in Kyou village and trained by the Elder in assassination techniques.

Rei is briefly seen in her early days when together with Kyou Shiki, and Kyou Shou they were nagging Kyou Kai for only hunting and finding one frog despite it being her turn to find food for everyone. She gets angry as she points out that Kyou Kai is the one who always eats the most and Kyou Kai in response bops her in the head.[1]

At some point after Battle at Dakan Plains, Kyou Kai returned to her village to gather more information on Yuu Ren's whereabouts and is ambushed by Kyou Rei (who took Kyou Shou's blade - Haku Hau) and Kyou Shiki. However, they are both easily defeated.[2]

Some time later she is seen training with her sister under the watchful eye of Kyou Elder and both sisters are able to put their blades on each others neck. Kyou Shiki says that if they didn't hold back one of them would end up dead. Kyou Rei says that would be Shiki. Rei then propose to make a dinner and goes out to hunt a rabbit. Meanwhile Shiki and Elder talk about Yuu Ren's death and the next ritual.[3]

Before the ritual starts the sisters promise to each other that they will try their best to kill each other. Other candidates fall one after the other to their blades until there's only two of them left. However, when they are about to strike each other, Shiki stops her blade and gets stabbed by Rei in the chest. Then it's revealed that Shiki planed this from the start, because she didn't want to hurt Rei. In her dying words she tells Rei to live her life as strongly as she can. With every other candidate being dead, Rei becomes the next Shiyuu.


Kyou Kai's Revenge Arc[]

She was seen along with her sister, to be the next contenders for the Shiyuu position, should Yuu Ren die.[4]

Shiyuu Conflict Arc[]

She went to the Hi Shin Army's HQ, after cutting swathes of massacred Zhao soldiers all the way to the army's position. She saved Kou and Bi Hei's unit from certain death, then told them to guide her towards Kyou Kai. After meeting her and grinned at the notion of her twin sister, she decided to join the Hi Shin Army voluntarily, but earned the ire of the soldiers due to her attitude, disobeying orders, and later on, her actions. In their offensive, she sprung the ambush, attacking and killing Zhao soldiers after channeling her bloodlust.

Her insubordination and reckless attitude further enrages the infantry, even her killing of Zhao prisoners was condemned. The group then tried to eliminate her, but Kyou Kai jumps in front of her before the fight began.

She demanded a duel with Kai, which the latter accepted and they fight three days later after Kyou Kai recovered. Kai says that they should finish this before more people arrive, but before asks her how Shiki died. It makes Rei angry and she attacks her senior first. Kyou Kai however dodges all her attacks without even drawing a sword and punches her to the ground. Ten is surprised that Kyou Kai can overwhelm Rei so easily, but Kai responses that Rei is not serious yet either. No that Kyou Kai recovered she can get serious for a while and they can both fight "in the abyss". Kyou Kai and Kyou Rei continue their fight as they both start using their respective Priestess Dances. In a move that Kyou Kai barely dodges, Rei claims that Kai would’ve died had Shiki performed that move. But she then angrily remarks yet Kai is alive while Shiki remains dead. While Kai acknowledges Shiki's skill, she retorts that she has not fought with all her power. Rei dismisses her by exclaiming she never underwent the Ritual. In the midst of the emotional duel, Kyou Kai begins to ask her little sister about the circumstances of the former's twin's death, which she answered that Kyou Shiki was stronger then her. It is reveled that Shiki sacrificed herself, because she was unable to kill her sister. Remembering that her sister apologized up to her dying breath, breaking Rei's berserk state, and left her sobbing and promising to her dead sister that she will live to the fullest.

After the fight Rei apologizes to the members of Hi Shin Unit. Shin then tells her that she needs to listen to her superiors from now on. Rei then is seen in Kai's tent where she helps Kyou Kai to reconnect her severed Chi vessels. When Shin visits them she listens to the conversation and afterwards thanks Kai for bringing her back.

Battle of Eikyuu Arc[]

When Gyoku Hou Army gets surrounded by Zhao forces she is the one to save Ou Hon from the pincer. When Hi Shin Army tries to take Eikyuu fortress she is part of the climbing team. She tries to climb ahead of others she almost falls, but is saved by Kou. After they reach the top she kills multiple Zhao soldiers and later rides with Den Ei as they charge the HQ of Gaku Haku Kou but she then is thrown off and falls down the cliff with other soldiers after Gaku Haku Kou's attack. But she was later rescued by Kyou Kai.

Zhao's Retaliation Arc[]


Strength 93 + extra large α
Leadership 52
Intelligence 70
Experience D

Physical Abilities[]

Master Swordswoman: Kyou Rei is a ferocious warrior who's skills were compared to those of Kyou Kai. She is capable of easily cutting down masses of soldiers on the battlefield. During the ritual she could take down multiple other candidates and survive until the end. Later she was able of hold her own against Kyou Kai in a duel (although Kyou Kai didn't try to kill her).

  • The Mist Technique: a special move taught in a Kyou Tribe where the user delivers a barrage of slashes from different angles to overwhelm her opponent.[5]

Immense Strength: Rei is strong enough to easily cut armored soldiers on the battlefield into pieces. She was also capable of cutting a large rock in half with a sword swing.[6]

Immense Speed: Rei is an agile fighter who can strike down her enemies before they can notice it. She is fast enough to keep up with the speed of Kyou Kai during their duel.

Chi Manipulation: as the Shiyuu, Rei is capable of manipulating her Chi in various ways.

  • Chi Sense: just like other members from Clan Shiyuu Rei has a sixth sense that allows her to sense the presence of her enemies, even if they are hidden.[7]
  • Priestess Dance: Kyou Rei is especially talented in using her priestess dance as demonstrated during the ritual when she took down and killed multiple other practitioners of the technique. When she dives deep into the trance her veins become dark red and she starts bleeding from her body.


# Against Status Start in chapter End in chapter
1 vs. Kyou Kai Interrupted Chapter 667 Chapter 669
1 vs. Fuu On (with Riku Sen) Win Chapter 723 Chapter 723


Kyou Rei portrait.PNG
Young Rei.
A younger Rei with Hakuhau, the late Kyou Shou's former sword.
Rei and Shiki sparring.
Kyourei profile.png
Close Up
Close Up
Rei and Shiki on the cover of Volume 61.

Shiyuu Conflict Arc[]

Rei killing Zhao soldiers
Rei turning the battlefield into a bloodbath.
Kyou Rei vs Kyou Kai will start.png
Rei arrives at the dueling ground against Kyou Kai.
Chap 669 Shiki.png
Rei kills Shiki during the Shiyuu ritual.

Battle of Eikyuu Arc[]

Hi Shin Infantry Reaches the top.jpg
Rei watching in amazement as Kan To and the Hi Shin Infantry reach the top of the Gaku Haku Kou HQ's cliff.


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