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Kyou Kai Unit
Kyou Kai unit portrait.PNG
Group Info
Name Kyou Kai Unit
Named by Kyou Kai
Location Eikyuu
State Qin
Part of Hi Shin Army
Affiliation Qin Military
Status Active
Group Personnel
Reporting to Ri Shin
Leader Kyou Kai
Strategist(s) Kyou Kai
Lieutenant(s) Son Jin
Kou Hei
Kai Ki
Units 5000-Man
Side Infos
Specialty Precision Attacks on an enemy's HQ
Killing High Value Targets

The Kyou Kai Unit is a 5000-Man Unit of the Hi Shin Army that reports directly to Kyou Kai. It consists of 3,500 infantry and 1,500 cavalry.


Kyou Kai Unit's Banner Flag


Here are only the parts of the story mentioned that concern only the Kyou Kai Unit. Things that concern the whole Hi Shin Unit or Hi Shin Army are listed on the pages of the Hi Shin Unit or Hi Shin Army.

Conspiracy in the Court Arc[]

It's first recorded appearance was during the Conspiracy in the Court Arc when Ka Ryo Ten told Heki that Kyou Kai rose up to a 1000-Man Commander herself. But it was not really clear which units belonged to her alone and which belonged to Shin. They seem to change the responsibilities according to the situation.

Fire Dragons of Wei Arc[]

The unit fought most of the time along with the Hi Shin Unit. But on the last day, they were the unit that broke through and raided the Wei HQ of great general Go Hou Mei, signaling the victory of Qin.

Koku You Campaign Arc[]

The unit fought most of the time along with the Hi Shin Unit because Kyou Kai was wounded when she tried to assassinate an enemy commander and was not able to fight with them. But when the Hi Shin unit chased general Kei Sha, Kyou Kai returned and ordered her men to remain at her side and stop the soldiers of Ryuu Tou and buy Shin some time to kill Kei Sha. Kyou Kai then dueled against Ryuu Tou and stabbed him through the chest. But the Zhao had still the better position against the retreating Qin and Lieutenant Kyou Kai was saved by Shin who had managed to slay Kei Sha. The two units retreated together in a fast retreat back to their own lines. After this, they fought again together with the main unit.

Western Zhao Invasion Arc[]


War/Battle Commander Achievement Reward
Coalition Invasion Aftermath Kyou Kai Gitai
(Unspecified Commander)
Cast a shadow over other Hi Shin Unit officers
Unknown 1000-man Commander
(Unspecified Commander)
General Kou
Battle of Tonryuu Kyou Kai Freed members of Sei Kyou Faction from an underground prison Learned of Sei Kyou's whereabouts
Chiyoyou Campaign Kyou Kai Captured Jun Sou Was able to exchange him for Ten
Multiple Wei HQ commanders Able to reach Go Hou Mei (Kan Toku)
Kan Toku
(Go Hou Mei's body double)
Was able to set fire to the Wei's HQ
Ordered Ga Ro to set fire to the Wei HQ Signaled Wei's defeat
Siege of Sanki City Kyou Kai Conquered Sanki City
Koku You Campaign Kyou Kai Unit Stalled the Ryuu Tou’s soldiers Gave Shin time to slay general Kei Sha
Kyou Kai Ryuu Tou
(Zhao General)


Reporting to[]

Shin portrait.PNG
Ri Shin
Leader of the Hi Shin Army


Kyou kai kingodm by nightangel35 dbxppxl-fullview.jpg
Kyou Kai
Second Lieutenant of the Hi Shin Army


Son Jin.png
Kou Hei.png
Kou Hei
Kai Ki.png
Kai Ki
Bun Gen.png
Bun Gen
San Nou
San Sai
Den Ten
Den Kutsu

Frequent Members[]

Hi Hyou Unit.png
Hi Hyou Troops
Close Combat Elites
Kaku Bi Unit.PNG
Kaku Bi Troops
Precise Enemy's HQ attacks


Kyou Kai Slays Ryuu Tou.PNG
Shin Saves Kyou Kai From Kei Sha's Men.PNG
Shin saving Kyou Kai from Kei Sha's soldiers
Battle of Koku You Hill
Son Jin 2.png
Kyou Kai with her Lieutenants
Chiyoyou Campaign