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Kyou Kai And Shin's First Meeting.PNG
Kyou Kai and Shin's first meeting.
Kyou Kai Saves Bi Hei.PNG
Kyou Kai saving Bi Hei from Wei Infantry soldiers.

Kyou Kai's dance.jpg
Kyou Kai's lethal display of swordplay.
Kyou Kai dodging Shin's sword swings during at the start of their fight.
Shin VS Kyou Kai.jpg
Kyou Kai standing on Shin's blade after easily dodging his Piercing technique.
Kyou Kai mediating and gathering her breath as Shin acts as a decoy against the Gouma.
Kyou Kai beginning her Priestess Dance.
Kyou Kai loses her stamina after using the Priestess Dance.
Kyou Kai arriving too late for the Shiyuu Ritual.

Chapter 104 Cover.png
Kyou Kai taking off her headband in front of Shin for the first time.

Kyou Kai Smiling.PNG
Kyou Kai smiling to herself.
Chapter 201 cover.PNG
Shin catches Kyou Kai.png
Kyou Kai being embraced by Shin before collapsing from her wounds.
Kyoukai departs.jpg
Kyou Kai departing from the Hi Shin Unit as they bid her off and see her off.

Chapter 358 cover.PNG
Kyou Kai Holding Kyou Shou's Severed Head.PNG
Kyou Kai holding Kyou Shou's severed head in her flashback to that moment.
Kyou Kai Slays Yuu Ren's Subordinates (Chapter 359, page 12).png
Kyou Kai slaying Yuu Ren's subordinates.
Chapter 360 cover.PNG
Kyou Kai Rises Again.PNG
Kyou Kai rises again.
Kyou Kai kills Yuu Ren.PNG
Kyou Kai defeating and stabs Yuu Ren.
Chapter 364 cover.PNG

Chapter 373 Cover.PNG

Kyou Kai captures Jou son.png
Kyou Kai capturing Jun Sou.
Kyou Kai slays Go Hou Mei decoy.png
Kyou Kai decapitating "Go Hou Mei".

Kyou Kai and Ryuu Tou Confront.PNG
Kyou Kai arriving to assassinate the Zhao general, Ryuu Tou.
Kyou Kai cut down.png
Kyou Kai getting wounded by Ryuu Tou's strike as she blocks his attack.
Kyou Kai wounded.png
A Wounded Kyou Kai.
Kyou Kai Slays Ryuu Tou.PNG
Kyou Kai finally slays Ryuu Tou.
Shin Saves Kyou Kai From Kei Sha's Men.PNG
Kyou Kai being saved by Shin from Kei Sha's men.
Kyou Kai cuts down Kan Ki Army soldiers.png
Kyou Kai cutting down some of Kan Ki Army's soldiers in her rage.
Kan Ki taken hostage by Kyou Kai.jpg
Kyou Kai taking General Kan Ki hostage during hers and Shin's confrontion with him.

Kyou Kai faces Gyou'un and his soldiers as they bare witnes to her work.
Kyou-Kai unleashed.png
Kyou Kai unleashing her strength against Chou Ga Ryuu's Dojaku Unit elites.
Kyou Kai kills Jo Shou.png
Kyou Kai slays Jo Shou, the last captain of the Dojaku.
After Nine years, Kyou Kai faces her archenemy Hou Ken for the second time at the Shukai Plains.
Hou Ken vs Kyou Kai 02.png
Kyou Kai exchanging blows with the Bushin.
Hou Ken vs Kyou Kai 03.png
Even in disadvantage, the Shiyuu was able to wound her foe.
Hou Ken vs Kyou Kai 04.png
Kyou Kai getting thoroughly and utterly destroyed by Hou Ken.

Kyou Rei vs Kyou Kai will start.png
Kyou Rei arrives at the dueling ground against Kyou Kai.

General Ri Shin Climbs the Cliff.jpg

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Chapters Covers[]

Chapter 50 cover.PNG
Chapter 54 cover.PNG
Chapter 57 cover.JPG
Chapter 60 cover.PNG
Chapter 61 cover.PNG
Chapter 63 cover.PNG
Chapter 85 cover.PNG
Chapter 87 cover.PNG
Chapter 93 cover.PNG
Chapter 95 cover.PNG
Chapter 122 Cover.png
Chapter 137 cover.PNG
Chapter 180 cover.PNG
Chapter 202 cover.PNG
Chapter 217 cover.PNG
Chapter 221 cover.PNG
Chapter 223 cover.PNG
Chapter 337 cover.PNG
Chapter 357 cover.PNG
Chapter 359 cover.PNG
Chapter 362 cover.PNG
Chapter 363 cover.PNG
Chapter 382 cover.PNG
Chapter 396 Cover.PNG

Chapter 439 cover.PNG
Chapter 443 cover.PNG
Chapter 456 cover.PNG
Chapter 481 cover.PNG
Chapter 581 cover.PNG
Chapter 582 cover.PNG
Chapter 598 cover.PNG
Chapter 604 Cover.PNG
Chapter 619 cover.PNG
Chapter 630 cover.PNG
Chapter 651 cover.PNG
Chapter 662 cover.PNG
Chapter 665 cover.PNG
Kingdom Chap 670.png
Chapter 687 cover.PNG
Chapter 400 Cover.PNG
Kingdom Chapter 589 Color Cover.jpg


Art Prints[]

Kyou Kai colored gallery.PNG
A 16 year old Kyou Kai from Kingdom Guidebook 1: Eiji Reiki's Colored Gallery, page 9.
Hi Shin Unit Colored Artwork.jpg
The Hi Shin Unit in the colored gallery from Guidebook 2, page 7.
Kyou Kai and Shin in the colored gallery from Guidebook 2, page 10.
Kyou Kai 21 Color.jpg
Kyou Kai's portrait in the colored gallery from Guidebook 3, page 8.
Kyou Kai on volume 9 color page.
Kyou Kai on volume 14 color page.
Kyou Kai on volume 21 color page.
Kyou Kai the Beauty of the Hi Shin Unit (Kingdom).png
Kyou Kai on volume 24 color page.
Kyou Kai on volume 26 color page.
Kyou Kai on volume 44 color page.
Kyou Kai on volume 46 color page.
Kyou Kai on volume 48 color page.
Kyou Kai on volume 55 color page.
Kyou Kai on volume 57 color page.
Kingdom v60 Colored Page.jpg
A 24 year old Kyou Kai from volume 60 color page.
Key visual art for the Shin Exhibition.png
Key visual for Kingdom Exhibition -Shin-.
Kingdom Exhibition -Shin- illustration Piece.jpg
An Illustration from the Kingdom Exhibition -Shin-.


Kyou Kai Flag.png
The flag of Kyou Kai's unit.

Other Mangaka/Artists[]

Sako Toshio's Kyou Kai.jpg
Kyou Kai drawn by by Sako Toshio, mangaka of Usogui and Batuque.
Ryohei Yamashita's Artwork - Kyou Kai.jpg
Kyou Kai by Ryohei Yamashita.


Kyou Kai Character Design anime S1.PNG
Kyou Kai's character design anime S1
Kyou Kai Character Design anime S2.PNG
Kyou Kai's character design anime S2
Kyou Kai AS2.png
Kyou Kai's character design anime S2
Kyou Kai Anime Season 3.png
Kyou Kai's character design anime S3
Kyou Kai Anime Season 4.png
Kyou Kai's character design anime S4

Ryokusui anime S1.PNG
Kyou Kai's sword, Ryokusui
Kyou Kai, Kyou Elder And Kyou Shou Confronts The Group Of Villagers anime S1.PNG
Kyou Kai with Kyou Elder and Kyou Shou confronts the group of villagers
Kyou Shou And Kyou Kai Slays The Group of Villagers anime S1.PNG
Kyou Kai and Kyou Shou slays the group of villagers
Kyou Shou Embraces Kyou Kai anime S1.PNG
Kyou Kai embraced by Kyou Shou
Kyou Kai Was Too Late For The Ritual anime S1.PNG
Kyou Kai was too late for the ritual
Kyou Kai And Shin's First Meeting anime S1.PNG
Kyou Kai meets Shin
Kyou Kai Saves Bi Hei anime S1.PNG
Kyou Kai saves Bi Hei
Ka Ryo Ten And Kyou Kai's First Meeting anime S1.PNG
Kyou Kai meets Ka Ryo Ten
Shin And Kyou Kai Sleeps Together anime S1.PNG
Kyou Kai and Shin sleeps together
Kyou Kai Slays Shuu anime S1.PNG
Kyou Kai slays Shuu
Kyou Kai And Shin Gazes Upon The Mountain Ranges anime S1.PNG
Kyou and Shin gaze upon the mountain ranges

Shin And Kyou Kai Disguise As Palace Guards anime S2.PNG
Kyou Kai and Shin disguise as palace guards
Shin Sleeps On Kyou Kai's Shoulders anime S2.PNG
Kyou Kai's shoulder being slept on by Shin
Kyou Kai and Kaine's First Meeting anime S2.PNG
Kyou Kai meets Kaine
Shin Challenges Kyou Kai Without Realizing That He Is Naked anime S2.PNG
Kyou challenged by Shin who haven't realized that he is naked
Kyou Kai Blushes As She Sees Shin's anime S2.PNG
Kyou blushes as she sees Shin without his clothes
Kyou Kai Points Her Sword Onto Shin's Neck anime S2.PNG
Kyou Kai points her sword towards Shin's neck
Kyou Kai Slays The Qin Soldiers Who Were Oppressing Shun And Her Older Sister anime S2.PNG
Kyou Kai slays the Qin soldiers who were oppressing Shun and her older sister
Shin holding Kyoukai Anime S2.png
Kyou Kai being held by Shin
Episode 68 portrait.PNG
Kyou Kai fights off Kai Shi Bou's men
Anime Kingdom Episode 68 portrait.png
Kyou Kai embraced by Shin onto his arms
Hi Shin Unit Finds Out Kyou Kai's Real Gender anime S2.PNG
Kyou Kai's real identity found out by the Hi Shin Unit
Kyou Kai Falls Into The Pithole anime S2.PNG
Kyou Kai falls into a pithole
Hi Shin Unit Farewells To Kyou Kai As She Was About To Depart anime S2.PNG
Kyou Kai farewell by the Hi Shin Unit as she departs for her journey.

Other Media[]

Weekly Young Jump 3 2015.jpg
Kyou Kai and Shin on the cover of YJ#3 (2015)
Weekly Young Jump 9 2016.jpg
Kyou Kai featured on the cover of YJ#9 (2016)
Young Jump GOLD November 2017.jpg
Kyou Kai and Ka Ryo Ten on the cover of YJ Gold#3 (2017)

Ikkitousen No Tsurugi portrait.png

Kingdomキングダム Seven Flags Characters Cover.jpg

キングダムDASH! portrait.png
Kyou Kai キングダムDASH!.jpg