Kyou Kai's Revenge Arc

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Media Information
Starting Date April 6, 2014
Ending Date April 20, 2014
Chapters 357-365
Number of Chapter 9
Coalition Invasion Arc
Conspiracy in the Court Arc

Kyou Kai's Revenge Arc is the 12th story arc of the Kingdom manga.


Kyou Kai, continuing her search for her nemesis, Yuu Ren, arrived in the state of Zhao. There she met Kyou Mei, a member of her tribe, who currently lives in Zhao and works as a secret agent for her tribe, gathering information on their enemies movements. Kyou Mei updated Kyou Kai on Yuu Ren's location and she went searching for her.

Upon finding Yuu Ren, Kyou Kai realized that she fell right into her ambush, as she was immediately surrounded by 22 warriors of the Yuu tribe. Although it was easy to defeat the other members of the tribe, Yuu Ren proved to be a very formidable opponent. Having survived the Shiyuu ritual, Yuu Ren had managed to conceal her own sentiments and feelings, obtaining the effect of the priestess' dance without actually having to perform the dance. By doing this, her power was far greater than Kyou Kai's and she managed to overwhelm her in the fight.

Kyou Kai, thinking of her comrades decided she would not give up her life so easily. she broke the Hakuryuu taboo, entering a state so deep, that it was almost impossible for her to return to the conscious world. Moving instinctively, Kyou Kai was extremely fast and unpredictable for Yuu Ren to trace. Finally, Yuu Ren was brought down by the numerous injuries inflicted by Kyou Kai's relentless attacks and was ultimately stabbed through the heart from behind.

After the duel was over, Kyou Kai asked Mei to hide Ren's body and spread the rumor that Kai was defeated and Ren was still alive and in hiding. By doing that, Kai wanted to delay the next ritual and prevent the massacre of young girls in the process. Mei then took her away from the scene and tended to her wounds.

Upon returning to the Hi Shin Unit, Kai was welcomed with tears. She revealed her new goal was to become a Great General, too, and started building achievements and spreading her name on the battlefield.


  • This arc focuses on Kyou Kai's revenge on the current Shiyuu, Yuu Ren.
  • More details about the Shiyuu ritual are revealed.
  • Kyou Kai finally breaks the ties with her past.
  • Kyou Kai returns to the Hi Shin Unit, aiming to become a Great General and intends to bare children for Ri Shin.
  • Great General Mou Gou dies of natural causes.

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Kyou Mei



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