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Chinese Qiang Lei
Kanji 羌瘣
Biographical Information
Marital Status Single
Age 22
Gender Female
Eyes Green
Hair Black
Skin Pale White
Relatives Kyou Shou (Older Sister)
State Qin
Location With theHi Shin Unit
Professional Information
Classification Unit Commander
Shiyuu Candidate (Former)
Occupation Soldier
Affiliates Kyou Tribe
Clan Shiyuu
Hi Shin Unit
Kyou Kai Unit
Qin Military
Military Rank 3000-Man Commander
Equipment Ryokusui (Sword)
Japanese VA Hikasa Yoko
Manga Debut Chapter 49
Anime Debut Episode 17
Game Debut Kingdom: Ikkitousen No Tsurugi!

Kyou Kai is a 3000-Man Commander and a lieutenant in the Hi Shin Unit, in which she considers herself, and her unit, bound to. Kyou Kai is also a former member of the legendary assassin Clan Shiyuu. She left the clan when was 13 years old since she was determined to get revenge for the death of her sister, Kyou Shou, who was killed by Yuu Ren in the Clan Shiyuu's ritual. Once she gained her revenge, she has dedicated herself to becoming a Great General of Qin.


Kyou Kai is a relatively short petite girl with large jade green eyes with shoulder length hair tied into a ponytail with a ribbon. Two strands hair fall on each side of her face with her bangs reaching eye level. By the start of the Tonryuu Rebellion, her hairstyle receives subtle changes, Two thick strands of hair overlap her headband.

In terms of clothing, she wears a scarf and a white headband with two red markings. She dons red and white clothing with sleeves longer than her arm. Her sword is very exquisite as it has a decorated hilt with some gold at the base. Many people, including Shin and Ten, have noted that she has a surprisingly pretty face.


She has a quiet personality, saying little unless she is giving advice to Shin or Ka Ryo Ten. Others who have seen her inhuman talent with the sword have called her a monster as she cuts down her opponents with ease. She has grown warmer towards her comrades following the completion of her quest to avenge her sister. Kyou Kai holds disdain for those who are clueless of the Shiyuu.

Goals Edit

1. Revenge for her sister (achieved in Chapter 360)

2. Becoming a Great General

?. Having a child with Shin (before she knew how children are made - it is not sure if it is still current)


Strength 96 + 特大α
Leadership 85
Intelligence 88
Experience B
Note: 特大 means extra large
Strength 95 + 大α
Leadership 80
Intelligence 87
Experience C
Note: 大 means large
Strength 94 + 大α
Leadership 80
Knowledge 87
Note: 大 means large
Strength Unknown
Leadership Unknown
Knowledge Unknown

Master Swordswoman: Noted by the elders of the Shiyuu Clan to be the most talented practitioner of the Priestess Dance of her generation. Kyou Kai is a dangerously fearsome master swordswoman strong enough to kill multiple opponents with a single move, splitting them in half. Despite this, she exhibits total control over her strength as she skilfully cuts Shin's clothes intentionally during their fight without causing him to bleed and knocks him down with a heavy stroke. This shows the clear skill difference as Shin is bigger than her yet she can deliver powerful attacks that are at odds with her size. Before challenging Yuu Ren, she single-handedly slayed multiple highly skilled Shiyuu assassins who were also using the Priestess Dance, proving her vastly superior mastery of the same technique. During her battle with Yuu Ren, she showed the ability to use a different form of the Priestess Dance by using her worldly attachments (her bond with the HSU) in order to anchor herself to the world and come back from even the deepest depths of the dance. This allowed her to break the "Hakuryou" (Soul Territory) Taboo without dying. Doing so enabled her to reach a level that surpassed even Yuu Ren who has completed the Shiyuu ritual.

Immense Agility: She shows tremendous agility and balance by effortlessly dodging enemy attacks and balancing her entire body on Shin's blade.

Breath Control: She displays acute breath control with her chi as she helps calm down Shin's fever after their fight. The depth of her breath enables her to tap into her swordplay like never before.

Her weakness is her short stamina as seen in the assassination attempt and the Battle at Dakan Plains. Opponents that can survive until she runs out of breath can quickly turn the fight in their favor so fighting alongside comrades can give some protection if this were to happen. Kyou Kai can somewhat compensate for it with short breaks on the battlefield, during which she is guarded by her personal soldiers.

Enhanced Sense: When Kyou Kai uses her Priestess Dance, the movements around her start getting slower and slower, until, at the very end, when even the flying insects are completely still.

Leadership: It was noted that Kyoukai's men have exceptionally high morale when she is around. She is also capable of rallying them with a simple speech.

Expert Tactician: It has been noted that she is naturally talented at strategy and can easily think up of solutions to battlefield problems despite never having any formal training. As such, she was the primary strategist of the Hi Shin Unit prior to Ka Ryo Ten's arrival. She was even able to invent her own unique anti-cavalry tactic known as Gouriki. During the Battle of Shukai Plains, she set up two anchor points on the sides in order to funnel the enemy straight down the middle and push them back in one swoop with infantry. This allowed her to hold the position and prevent Hi Shin Unit from being wiped out.



  • Like Yo Tan Wa and many other female characters, Kyo Kai was historically a man. Kyou Kai is Qiang Lei, a Qin General said alongside Ou Sen and Yo Tan Wa to invade Zhao.
  • Prior to returning to the Hi Shin Unit, she was falsely taught by Kyou Shou that babies are created when a man and a woman team up, climb a mountain and make something explode. After announcing her intentions to Shin and Hi Shin Unit, Ka Ryo Ten took her off to explain how babies are really made. Afterward, she wasn't able to face Shin for a while.
  • The updated guidebook released after her battle with Yuu Ren added +特大α to her STR stat which is distinct from the +α of Yuu Ren and Kyou Shou. This may indicate that her Priestess Dance has improved compared to before. (means large and 特大 means extra large)
  • According to Chapter 462, Kyou Kai has super fast regeneration rate like Shin.

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