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Kyou En
Chinese Jiang Yan
Kanji 姜燕
Epithet Ten Bows of China
Biographical Information
Marital Status Single
Age unknown
Gender Male
Hair Black
Skin Light Brown
State Zhao (Formerly)
Wei (Formerly)
Location Chin City
Professional Information
Classification Commander
Occupation Soldier
Affiliates Chu Military
Ren Pa Army
Four Heavenly Kings
Kyou En Army
Ten Bows of China
Military Rank General
Equipment Bow
Japanese VA Shinji Kawada
Manga Debut Chapter 194
Anime Debut Episode 52
No matter what general they may be all of them will be caught off guard by the strength of Kyou En's aggression. Even I had my hands burnt numerous times in the past when going up against his army.

Ren Pa talking about Kyou En's style of warfare.

Kyou En is one of Ren Pa's Four Heavenly Kings and is also a member of the "Ten Bows of China".


He has a clean-shaven face with long, flowing hair held by a metal band. His eyes look as though they are shut and he is dressed in splendid armor, his quiver on the back full of arrows as he uses a bow in battle.


He has a calm, collected personality as he considers his words before speaking. His normal strategy against enemies is to push the enemy at a rigorous pace, hunting them down like cornered prey.


Formerly belonging to a small state in China, Kyou En pledged fealty to Ren Pa on the eve of its fall. Under Ren Pa, he has fought against some of the most powerful generals in the plains of China like the Six Great Generals of Qin, founding Haku Ki to be the most difficult among them.


Sanyou Campaign Arc[]

Kyou En is first seen along with the other Four Heavenly Kings when Renpa is sent by the Wei King to deal with the invading Qin. In the Wei capital, he asks his lord why he decided to return to the battlefield and is told that Ou Ki is the cause of it. During the Sanyou Campaign, he leads the Wei right army of 40,000 troops against General Ou Sen. The battle ended up in a stalemate but with the use of his communication through his arrows, nearby Wei troops are drawn to his position and begin pushing Ou Sen's troops back. He hears of Gen Bou's death through the gong relay system and is surprised as the heavenly king should have been at the main headquarters.

As he engaged Ou Sen's troops on the fifth day, he targets Heki's position and moves towards him with 10,000 troops. Despite his troops being trapped in the Wei Di and Heki's troops closing in on all sides, Kyou En remains undisturbed by the change of events, ordering his men to prepare to receive the coming Qin. He then shoots an arrow to signal another nearby Wei army to attack Heki's troops positioned around the gorge. As Heki is forced into the gorge, he comes face-to-face with Kyou En who strings up an arrow to kill him when Ou Sen arrives with his army. Ou Sen gives him two choices: swear loyalty to him and serve as his retainer or be killed along with his men. He declines the offer by shooting an arrow at the Qin general, only to have it blocked by metal shields held by Ou Sen's personal guard. Kyou En asks him if he has been manipulating the battlefield from the beginning to which Ou Sen replies yes. Commenting on how the trap was laid out, Kyou En states that his lord is a real "monster" as he can read his opponents well and Ren Pa then arrives on the cliffs. He attempts another shot at Ou Sen before heading to Ren Pa's position. Talking with his lord about his past battles with the Six Great Generals of Qin, Ren Pa tells him that Ou Sen reminds him of their leader Haku Ki. He is left to stand watch over Ou Sen's movements and to keep him contained in the fortress. Upon hearing the cheers from the victorious Qin, Kyou En retreats with his forces as well.

Koku You Campaign Arc[]

He along with Kai Shi Bou chaperone a meeting between Ren Pa, Ka Rin and a Ri En.


Strength 91
Leadership 88
Intelligence 88
Experience A
One of Ten Bows of China

Strength 90
Leadership 89
Intelligence 88
Experience A
One of Ten Bows of China

Strength 90
Leadership 90
Intelligence 88
Experience A
One of Ten Bows of China

Strength 90
Leadership 90
Intelligence 88
Bow 97

As one of Renpa’s Four Heavenly Kings, Kyou En is an elite deputy whose skills are considered miles ahead of even Ouki's vassals. In the past when he was Zhao's enemy, he was evenly matched with Ren Pa, indicating his military prowess.

Physical Abilities[]

Archery: A master of archery and his skill with the bow is so refined, Kyou En is considered to be one of China's best 10 archers. He has considerable arm strength as his arrows fly twice the distance of an average archer and can pierce through iron shields made in Chu, whose metallurgy skills are unmatched in all of China.


Kyou En is a capable leader as he uses his arrows to relay orders to his troops in the surrounding region thus coordinate movements in times of urgency and freely control his troops in battlefields.


  • Kyou En has fought four members of the six great generals of Qin, Among the four he has fought, Haku Ki was the most difficult to deal with in his opinion. Kyou En's favorite of the four to fight was Kyou since they were both offenses oriented.
  • Kyou En is sensitive when it comes to his neck. When hugging him, Ren Pa blew on it, causing him to gasp and sweat~



Kyou En Confronts Heki.png
Kyou En Confronts Heki
Kyou En shoots at Ou Sen.png
Kyou En shoots at Ou Sen
Kyou En.png
Kyou En shooting bow


Kyou En AS2.png
Kyou En in Anime season 2
Kyou En Appearance Without His Armour anime S2.PNG
Kyou En's appearance without his armour
Kyou En's War Horse anime portrait.PNG
Kyou En's war horse
Kyou En And Ren Pa Hug anime S2.PNG
Kyou En hugs Ren Pa
Heki And Kyou En Confront anime S2.PNG
Kyou En confront Heki
Kyou En Aims Heki anime S2.PNG
Kyou En aims at Heki
Ou Sen And Kyou En Confront anime S2.PNG
Kyou En confront Ou Sen
Kyou En's Arrow Pierces Chu's Shield.PNG
Kyou En's arrows pierces iron shields made in Chu (who are the best metal workers in China)

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