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Kyou Army
Kyou conquering.png
Group Info
Name Kyou Army
Rank Army
State Qin
Affiliation Qin Military
Status Inactive
Group Personnel
Leader Kyou
Side Infos
Goal(s) To unite China
To conquer 100 cities

Kyou Army was distinct army in Qin led by Kyou of the Six Great Generals. Originally it was one of the units in Ou Ki Army, but later it became separated group. The army was terminated after it's leaders death in 253 B.C.


The army was formed when Kyou, a General of her own right, created an army independent of Ou Ki and his Ou Ki Army. After promising to be engaged with him in her 100th Castle, she led battle after battle, with her leading the charge.

But at Bayou, a Zhao city and her last castle, she died at the hands of Hou Ken. The fate of the army was uncertain.


  • Kyou takes the heads of Chou Rai and Koku You - enemy's general and vice general during unknown battle.[1]
  • General Kyou attacks Han, conquering the castles of You and Fushou and slaying 40,000 enemies. General Kyou then invades the state of Zhao and conquers over 20 provinces. The amount of enemies slain or captured total 90,000.[2]
  • General Kyou takes castle Go of Wei. The state of Han and Wei surrender in fear.[3]
  • At the time of Kyou's death the total number of cities conquered by the army reaches 99.



Kyou portrait.png
Great General
Slain by Hou Ken


2000-man Units[]

Kyou elite guard.png
Kyou's Elite Guard Unit


Kyou with her men.png
Kyou among her men
Kyou Soldiers.png
Kyou's Elite Guards
Kyou conquering.png
Conquering cities
Kyou commanding.png
Kyou commanding her army


  • Kyou Army was composed of thugs and uniquely dressed soldiers, different from an ordinary Qin soldier, which Shou Bun Kun commented "attention seekers".
  • The elite soldiers were wearing unique helmets with similar symbols as the ones on Kyou's helmet.


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