Kingdom Wiki
Chinese Liao
Romaji Kyou
Epithet Six Great Generals
Biographical Information
Died in 253 B.C.
Marital Status Engaged.
Age Late 20s
Gender Female
Eyes Iris
Hair Purple
Skin Pale
Relatives Sho (Father)
Unnamed mother
Anko Kukun (Brother)

Ei Sei (Nephew)
Sei Kyou (Nephew)
Fuso (Grand Nephew)
Rei (Grand Niece)
Ou Ki (Fiancée)

State Qin
Residence Ou Ki's City, Qin
Location Qin
Birth Place Royal Harem, Qin
Professional Information
Classification Army Commander
Occupation Soldier
Affiliates Qin Military
Ou Ki Army
Kyou Army
Military Rank Great General
Equipment Sword
Japanese VA Ao Takahashi
Manga Debut Chapter 113 Flashback
Anime Debut Episode 24 Flashback
It appears that Kyou has truly inherited most of the "God of War's" blood.

Ou Ki talking to Shou Bun Kun about Kyou's prowess.

Kyou was one of Six Great Generals of Qin and the leader of the Kyou Army. She was Ou Ki's fiancée and the secret daughter of King Sho. Kyou was able to conquer 99 cities from different states before she was slain by Hou Ken in 253 B.C. during the Siege of Bayou.


Kyou was a beautiful woman with grey eyes and long black hair who was trained as a warrior by Ou Ki. After her meeting with King Sho, she began wearing a mask to hide her beauty as it covered half her face. The markings on her mask are similar to those on the helmet worn by King Sho on the battlefield and the seams of her clothes have the same markings as well. She is also noted for wearing ornate robes over her armor after she began wearing a mask.

She wielded a sword in battle with superb skill and rode a white warhorse named En.  


She had a kind, easy-going personality that attracts those near her. Kyou also jokes around considering her responsibilities as she says Shou Bun Kun would handle anything she missed on the field, calling him an "old man".  

Kyou was saddened by the fact that her father could not properly acknowledge her but refused to give up the sword, vowing to become a Great General of the Heavens. She told Sho Bun Kun that she truly fights because of the promise that she made as a child with Ou Ki. 


Born of King Sho and an attractive palace girl, Kyou was smuggled out of the palace by her mother who feared that she would be killed by rivals in the Royal Harem as during the reign of War God, the royal harem had become a lawless and bloody place. Her mother was the daughter of one of an war buddies of Ou Ki's father so he accepted to help and created the cover story that Kyou was the child of one of their house servants. Shortly after Kyou was sent away, her mother died in a fire that she most likely set up herself in order to make it seem that she and her baby died.

Kyou grew up in the Ou Family household and was raised as a servant, growing very close to Ou Ki. As a child, she and Ou Ki promised that she would conquer 100 cities/castles in exchange for being his wife. She later became a close retainer of his, riding with his army in battle and achieving multiple accomplishments on the field. She came face to face with the king when he came to congratulate the army on conquering the region of  Nanan, recognizing him as her father but unable to reveal the truth. He realizes this as well and compliments Kyou on her hard work in the campaign. Sometime after first meeting her father, King Sho would secretly issue a decree to suppress any mention of her origins to prevent her from being harmed by anyone who could use such information for ill intent. 

Sometime after, she was promoted to the rank of General due to her great deeds and merit, having her own army. With large armies under her command, she achieved great success on the battlefield and reached the same level as the other five Qin Great Generals a few years after her promotion. Kyou is later appointed the sixth member of the Great Generals by King Sho and is given the ceremonial sword.

As one of the Six Great Generals, she attacked Han, slaying over 40,000 enemy soldiers then took both Castle You and Fushou. In the same year, she invaded Zhao and conquered over 20 provinces while capturing or slaying a total of 90,000 enemies. In the 53rd year of the king's reign, Kyou took Castle Go located in Wei which caused both the state of Wei and Han to capitulate in fear.[1] She shed tears of joy at Ou Ki remembering that Bayou would be her 100th conquest, after which, he had promised to wed her.

However, during the siege of Bayou, a Bushin named Hou Ken attacked the Qin camp at night looking to challenge the Great General. As the hulking man cut down her elite bodyguards, Kyou showed up riding her warhorse En to meet him. She rode towards Hou Ken, sword in hand, but her mount was decapitated with a single blow. Despite this setback, she still managed to dodge Hou Ken's mighty swing and stabbed him in the shoulder before her horse fell to the ground. Enraged by the death of her loyal companion, Kyou delivered a flurry of blows, slashing Hou Ken a several times. The Bushin answered with a swift attack from his glaive that took her helmet off, but Kyou used the resulting opening to stab him through his forearm. Hou Ken gritted his teeth when Kyou went for the kill, he stepped on her lead foot stopping her momentum, and while the Bushin suffered just a superficial wound, he countered with a fatal vertical slash, ending the Great General's life.

As her body fell to the ground, Ou Ki arrived at the scene and struck Hou Ken with a vengeance. In their brief duel, General Ou Ki nearly tore the Bushin's face apart, before quickly getting down from his horse to check on his beloved, letting the crossbowmen corps finish off the defeated assailant. As Kyou's assassin was seemingly killed and let to rot in the field of battle, Ou Ki and Shou Bun Kun were forced to hide the fact that the Great General had been defeated by the unknown man, in order not to harm the Qin campaign. And so, the pair spread the rumor that Kyou died in bed due to illness. Nine years later, however, when Hou Ken reemerged as the head of an invading Zhao army, Shou Bun Kun was forced to reveal the truth of her death to the royal court of Qin, letting them know what they were really up against. 


Strength 94
Leadership 97
Intelligence 95
Experience A
Dream bride

Strength 94
Leadership 97
Intelligence 95
Experience A
Dream bride

As a member of the first generation of legendary Six Great Generals, Kyou was one of the most dominant military figures of the era. She was said to be a prodigy at warfare in both fighting ability and tactics.[2] Kyou was offensive type general that was even praised by the likes of Ren Pa for her powerful assaults. She conquered 99 cities before her death at the hands of the Bushin Hou Ken, a feat that made her prowess legendary.[3]

Physical Abilities[]

Master Swordswoman: Despite being the youngest member of the Six Generals, it was said that Kyou was the greatest in her ferocity in battle.[4] She was skilled with the sword as she slew multiple enemy commanders and generals. Although she was slain by the Bushin, Kyou was able to duel and wound Hou Ken multiple times, which is an amazing feat considering his inhuman martial prowess.[5]


Kyou was a fierce general that preferred to lead her army from the front and empower her troops by using her personal might.[6]

Tactical Abilities[]

Her style was to continuously assault the enemy without relent until they were annihilated which allowed her to achieve a string of victories.[7] It has been remarked by other commanders that Kyou was most famous for her brutal offensive tendencies and tactics that would leave tens of thousand casualties.[8]


Kyou volume 16.png
Kyou on v16 back cover.
The Six Great Generals!.jpg
Kyou traing with Ouki.jpg
A young Kyou training herself as she watches Ou Ki.
Child Kyou.png
Kyou's dream
Ky Ou & Ou Ki.png
Kyou was Ou Ki's intended.
Kyou with her men.png
Kyou amongst her soldiers
Kyou joins six great generals.jpg
Kyou cries as she is being appointed by Sho as the sixth Great General of Qin
Kyou 's horse.jpg
Kyou riding her warhorse, En.
Kyou fighting.png
Kyou on the battlefield
Ky Ou collecting heads.png
Kyou collecting the heads of generals Chourai and Kokuyou.
Kyou commanding.png
Kyou commanding her forces.
Kyou's demise.png
Kyou receives Hou Ken's death blow.
Chapter 165 cover.jpg
Kyou lies dead at Hou Ken's feet.

Kyou's War Horse anime portrait.PNG
Kyou's warhorse, En.
Kyou's Helmet anime S1.PNG
Kyou's helmet
Kyou's Helmet's Front View anime S1.PNG
Kyou's helmet's front view
Baby Kyou anime portrait.PNG
Baby Kyou
Kyou's Mother anime S1.PNG
Kyou's mother
Young Kyou anime portrait.PNG
Young Kyou smiles
Young Kyou Asks For Ou Ki's Marriage anime S1.PNG
Young Kyou asks for Ou Ki's approval of their marriage
Yong Kyou Blushes anime S1.PNG
Young Kyou blushes
Sho And Kyou's First Meeting anime S1.PNG
Kyou meets Shou
Kyou Becomes The Sixth Great General anime S1.PNG
Kyou appointed by Sho as the sixth Great General of Qin
Kyou Cries anime S1.PNG
Kyou cries as she is been appointed by Sho as the sixth Great General of Qin
Kyou, Ou Ki And Shou Bun Kun Standing In Front of Bayou City anime S1.PNG
Kyou with Ou Ki and Shou Bun Kun in front of Bayou City
Hou Ken Slays Kyou anime S1.PNG
Kyou slain by Hou Ken
Death Of Kyou anime S1.PNG
Kyou's death


  • Kyou is based on a real Qin General Liao.[1]
  • Like many female commanders in the series in the history she was most likely a male.


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