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Kyo Gai
Chinese Qu Hai
Kanji 去亥
Biographical Information
Deceased (Slain)
Marital Status Single
Age 30s
Gender Male
Eyes Dark Grey
Hair Dark Brown
Skin Light Brown
Distinction Diamond-shaped Birthmark on the Right Eye
State Qin
Location Shukai Plains (Death Place)
Birth Place Qin
Professional Information
Classification Unit Commander
Occupation Soldier
Affiliates Qin Military
Hi Shin Unit
Kyo Gai Unit
Military Rank 100-Man Commander
Equipment Glaive
Manga Debut Chapter 113
Anime Debut Episode 26

—Kyo Gai's last thought.

Kyo Gai was one of the original veterans of the Hi Shin Unit when it was initially a 100 man unit and one of the 100-Man Cavalry Commanders.


He has a clean shaven face and long tied hair. He also has a leaf shaped birthmark covering his right eye.


Kyo Gai's initial cconcern for joining Shin's unit was to gain big achievement in up coming battles. Over time he has come to respect and greatly appreciate his commander, Shin and his comrades.


Kyo Gai participated in the Keiyou Campaign as part of the 2nd Army that suffered enormous amount of casualties. He is shown as close friends to Hou and Ryuu Yuu. Kyo Gai is one of the original members of the Hi Shin Unit when it was initially a 100 man Squadron.


Battle of Bayou Arc[]

Kyo Gai first appeared as part of the newly established 100-man unit led by Shin. He led the 17th 5-man squad while his friends Ryuu Yuu and Hou led the 18th and 19th 5-man squads respectively.

Sanyou Campaign Arc[]

Kyo Gai is shown leading a 10-man squad during the campaign to capture Wei's major city of Sanyou and its surrounding cities,

Coalition Invasion Arc[]

Kyo Gai participated in the Battle of Kankoku Pass the invasion of the combined forces of Wei, Zhao, Han, Yan and Chu forces. He showed his endurance and bravery during the Battle of Sai in defending Sai's south wall.

Conspiracy in the Court Arc[]

State of Ai Arc[]

Western Zhao Invasion Arc[]

The 15th day of the Battle at Shukai Plains, the Hi Shin Unit closed in on Ri Boku's HQ through a cavalry charge led by himself and others, but the glaive of Hou Ken made its presence known by turning the men of Qin into minced meat, Kyo Gai being one of them.


Strength 78
Leadership 78
Intelligence 72
Experience C

Kyo Gai has participated in every single battle the Hi Shin Unit has been in since its founding and became one of squad leaders during the Qin/Zhao Bayou war. After the war, he became a 10 man squad leader and later he became a 100-Man Commander for the reborn 1000-man Hi Shin Unit after the Sanyou Campaign.



Kyo Gai squad leader.png
Kyo Gai
17th Squad leader, 5-Man Squad Leader.
Kyogai portrait.png
Kyo Gai
10-Man Squad Leader
Kyou Gai.png
Kyo Gai
100-Man Commander
Kyou Ga watching over the princess.png

Watching over You and Rei.
Hi Shin Unit's destroys the Dojaku.jpg
Kyo's Death 1.png
Surprised by Hou Ken's glavie.
Kyo's Death 2.png
Kyo Gai's Death.


Kyo Gai AS2.png
Kyo Gai in Anime season 2


Ah? The hell's this unit?

(Chapter 113, page 97)


  • In Chapter 641, Kyo Gai's ghost gets jealous and tells Bi Hei that he wants flowers too, stopping him from moving.

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