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Kou Son Ryuu Army
Kou Son Ryuu Army 2.png
Group Info
Location Kanyou
Ryouyou (Current)
State Zhao
Affiliation Zhao Military
Hou Ken Army
Kei Sha Army
Status Active
Group Personnel
Reporting to Tou Jou
Ri Boku
General Kou Son Ryuu
Side Infos
Specialty All-rounded
Goal(s) Defeating Zhao's enemies

The Kou Son Ryuu Army is a Zhao army led by General Kou Son Ryuu. It was first introduced as a part of the Hou Ken Army with it's commander serving as a Vice General and was later it was part of the Coalition Army under the Kei Sha Army for the Zhao Armies.



Battle of Bayou Arc[]

Coalition Invasion Arc[]

Western Zhao Invasion Arc[]




Kou Son Ryuu 2.png
Kou Son Ryuu


Tactical Formations[]

The different type of tactics deployed by the Kou Son Ryuu Army.

Military Force[]

The different type of units used by the Kou Son Ryuu Army.

Military Career[]

The Military career of the Kou Son Ryuu Army.

244 BC- Siege of Baou.png
100,000 Man Army
Siege of Baou
244 BC
244 BC - Battle of Baou Region.png
50,000 Zhao Forces
Battle of Baou Region
244 BC
244 BC - Siege of Bayou.png
120,000 Zhao Forces
Siege of Bayou
244 BC
Bayou war.png
20,000 Man Army
Battle at Kan Plains
244 BC
244 BC - Battle of Kan Mountains.png
20,000 Man Army
Battle of Kan Mountains
244 BC
242 BC - Battle of Chuuzan.png
100,000 Zhao Forces
Battle of Chuuzan
242 BC
241 BC - Coalition Invasion.png
540,000 Allied Forces
Coalition Invasion
241 BC
241 BC - Siege of Bayou 2.png
120,000 Zhao Forces
Siege of Bayou
241 BC
Battle of Kankoku Pass Deployment.png
20,000 Man Army
Battle of Kankoku Pass
241 BC
236 BC - Battle of Bachi Plains.png
90,000 Man Army
Battle of Bachi Plains
236 BC
Heki army vs Byouyou army.png
91,000 Zhao Forces
Battle of Ryouyou
236 BC