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Kou Son Ryuu
Chinese Gong Sun Long
Kanji 公孫龍
Epithet All-Rounder
Biographical Information
Marital Status Unknown.
Age Late 40s
Gender Male
Eyes Dark Brown
Hair Dark Brown
Skin Dark Brown
Distinction Multiple Scars across his face, blind left eye, missing right hand.
State Zhao
Residence Kantan
Location Zhao
Professional Information
Classification Cavalry
Occupation Soldier
Affiliates Kou Son Ryuu Army
Zhao Military
Hou Ken Army
Coalition Army (defunct)
Military Rank General
Equipment Sword
Manga Debut Chapter 118
Anime Debut Episode 26

Kou Son Ryuu is a General from the state of Zhao and leader of the Kou Son Ryuu Army. He was once a Vice General in the Hou Ken Army. His specialty is being an all-rounder.


Kou Son Ryuu has dark hair, a strong build, with an aloof expression. He also has two scars on the left side of his face and one on his jaw. He has a bushy mustache and a long goatee. Kou Son Ryuu is blind in his left eye due to a battle wound in the past. He also lost his right hand after being attacked by Bajio during the Battle of Ryouyou.


Kou Son Ryuu can be insightful at times, the best example being when he spoke of the range of his fellow generals on the battlefield.


Kou Son Ryuu was appointed as vice general by Ri Boku when Hou Ken was made Commander-in-Chief over the Zhao forces for the fight against Ou Ki.


Battle of Bayou Arc[]

Kou Son Ryuu was first seen leading the Zhao advance guard to besiege the Qin border city of Baou in response to Qin targeting the weak state of Han. He succeeds in conquering the city along with his fellow vice general Man Goku and moves on to siege Bayou. Upon sighting the Qin relief army, he orders his men into a line formation to prepare for any attack and notices that the Qin forces are moving to the side instead of charging head-on. He notices the other generals are present and are complimented by Chou Sou on his work with the advance guard.

He is placed in charge of 20,000 men on the left Zhao army and inquires as to the situation surrounding Fuu Ki and his men. When he hears the report, he comments about the "range" of each of the Zhao generals and notes that the Qin dealing with Fuu Ki may be outside his range. Back at the Zhao army HQ, after the retreat, Kou Son states that the Fuu Ki Army was stronger than that of the Qin as they only lost 1,500 men whereas the Qin lost 8,000. On the third day of battle, his army moves to the center in order to support the Ri Haku Army considering their defeat at the hands of Qin General Mou Bu the previous day.

On the fourth day of battle, his army stands ready for Mou Bu's charge and he is shocked when the other Qin armies begin to move, noting that their aim is Chou Sou and the Zhao Headquarters. After hearing of the decision to move their HQ, Kou Son Ryuu realizes that Chou Sou must have something else planned, and his army must conserve their fighting strength. His army sets up camp on the eastern high grounds after the HQ is relocated and he meets Chou Sou there, asking the strategist about the situation involving Hou Ken's disappearance. Chou Sou tells him that Man Goku went after Hou Ken and none of the other armies can move due to the difficult terrain. On the next day, he is tasked with stalling the adjacent Qin army and stopped Ri Haku from leaving the field and tells him of the army's secret.  His army promptly retreated after Ri Boku sent out the signal to the entire Zhao army.

Alliance Arc[]

Kou Son Ryuu accompanied Ri Boku to the meeting with Ryo Fui at Kanyou the royal palace of Qin as his protection. 

Sanyou Aftermath Arc[]

After the Sanyou Campaign, he is ordered by Ri Boku to muster an army to attack the state of Yan. He then asked if Ri Boku would lead the army, he states that the role will be left to Hou Ken.

Coalition Invasion Arc[]

Kou Son Ryuu is the commander of the left-wing of the Zhao army, which acts as bait for Duke Hyou on the first day of the Battle of Kankoku Pass. But the Duke has other plans, which charging on Kei Sha's HQ.The rest of the invasion, he was just put into defensive positions, as the battle is just a back-and-forth battle.

Bureaucrats Job Arc[]

He accompanies Ri Boku to Kanyou, to announce war.

Western Zhao Invasion Arc[]

He was commanded by Ri Boku to delay the Qin Army's advance through Zhao lands. Initially, they were forced to a staring contest with Yo Tan Wa Army.

Later, he was inserted along with Shun Sui Ju's unit to Quanrong and fought alongside him. He blocked the Mountain King's escape route and chased her into a corner, but got his hand cut off when he faced Bajio.

Battle of Eikyuu Arc[]

Bafore the start of the Battle of Eikyuu, Kou Son Ryuu is seen having a conversation with Ri Haku before he departs. Kou Son Ryuu is skeptical about Ko Chou's overall abilities against Kan Ki, but Ri Haku is confident in his skill since he served under him in the past.


Strength 65
Leadership 88
Intelligence 88
Experience B
The arm was struck by Bajio

Strength 83
Leadership 87
Intelligence 87
Experience B
Balance 90

Strength 83
Leadership 86
Intelligence 87
Experience B
Balance 90

Strength 83
Leadership 86
Intelligence 87
Balance 90

Known as ""All-Rounder General"", Kou Son Ryuu is an experienced all-rounder commander capable of performing many different roles. He along with Chou Sou were entrusted by Ri Boku to carry out the secret plan to lure out and kill Ou Ki.

Physical Abilities[]

Despite the loss of his left eye, Kou Son Ryuu proves to be a seasoned warrior and have a proficiency with a sword. However, his martial skill was no matched for Bajio, a master swordsman. This resulted a loss of his right hand.


Kou Son Ryuu is a capable leader and is able to command thousands of men in the battlefield.

Tactical Abilities[]

Kou Son Ryuu have a considerable tactical knowledge as he was able to block the escape route of Yo Tan Wa Army and chased them into a corner.



Kou Son Ryuu Robe.PNG
Kou Son Ryuu in his casual wear and robes.
Kouson Ryuu.png
244 B.C
Kou Son Ryuu 2.png
236 B.C
Kou Son Ryuu at Qin Court.png
Kou Son Ryuu at Qin Court
243 B.C
Kou Son Ryuu in Qin Court 2.png
Kou Son Ryuu in Qin Court
237 B.C
Kou Son Ryuu in Zhao Court.png
Kou Son Ryuu in Zhao Court
236 B.C
Kou Son Ryuu confronted.png
Kou Son Ryuu confronted by Rozo
Kou Son Ryuu vs Bajio.png
Kou Son Ryuu vs Bajio
Kou Son Ryuu's Lost Hand.jpg
Kou Son Ryuu after losing his right hand to Bajio.


Kou Son Ryuu Character Design anime S1.PNG
Kou Son Ryuu's character design anime S1
Kouson Ryuu AS2.png
Kou Son Ryuu in Anime season 2
`Kou Son Ryuu's Appearance Without His Armor anime S2.PNG
Kou Son Ryuu's appearance without his armor
Ri Boku, Kaine And Kou Son Ryuu Advance To Kanyou anime S2.PNG
Kou Son Ryuu with Ri Boku and Kaine advance to Kanyou
Ri Boku, Kaine And Kou Son Ryuu Return To Zhao anime S2.PNG
Kou Son Ryuu with Ri Boku and Kaine return to Zhao


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