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Kou Retsu
Chinese Kao Lie
Romaji Kou Retsu
Biographical Information
Deceased (Ageing)
Marital Status Married
Gender Male
Relatives Unnamed younger brother
Shou Hei Kun (younger brother)

Unnamed daughters
Ri En (brother in law)

State Chu
Residence Chin City
Location Chin City (Death Place; Buried)
Birth Place Chin City
Professional Information
Classification King
Affiliates Chu Government
Royal Palace
Manga Debut Chapter 173
Anime Debut Episode 92

Kou Retsu was the former King of the State of Chu.


King Kou Retsu had a long goatee with a thick mustache. He is seen with regal court robes that look black in color.


Kou Retsu had a dominating presence and an angry visage to the point where his subjects in court sweat in fear of him. He had a habit of cracking walnuts when angry and has no qualm with killing those who fail him. He is also wise as he is willing to secretly adopt Shun Shin Kun's child as his heir due to being unable to sired a child, in order to prevent his younger brother a deviant from taking the throne, willing to allow the royal bloodline of Chu to end rather letting his country be ruined in hands of his younger brother.


It is assumed that he was the oldest son of the previous Chu king and took the throne after his father's death.


Battle of Bayou Arc[]

After Ou Ki’s death, he asked Shun Shin Kun if he ever heard of Ri Boku and Hou Ken.

Coalition Invasion Arc[]

Upon news of the death of Kan Mei and Rin Bu Kun, Kou Retsu was angered at this failure in the coalition war and orders the death of those responsible when they return. Wondering if he was too stingy in his contribution to the coalition, he asks Ren Pa for his opinion and considers sending out one of his Great Generals. Ren Pa tells him that Kou En will not be able to reform the Chu army and points out that the war is not over as Ri Boku has yet to make a move on the battlefield.

Koku You Campaign Arc[]

He passed away shortly before Shun Shin Kun was assassinated.


It is assumed that he had great political power in the state and can make key decisions for his people. He was also able to smash walnuts with his bare hands.


Kou Retsu Dies.png
Kou Retsu passes away

Royal Palace
Royal Family Rou Ai - Queen Mother

Government Chou Kou - Ko Reki
Generals Current
Han O Ki
Wa Tegi

Commanders Han Roki - Ha Mui - Bu Tai
Royal Palace
Royal Family Formerly
Shou Hei Kun

Government Shun Shin Kun
Great Generals Kan Mei - Ka Rin

Generals Formerly
Rin Bu Kun

1000-Man Commanders Haku Rei - Kou Yoku
Great Generals Sei Kai

2000-Man Commanders Formerly
Leader Jo Elder

Civilian Shuu (Jo)
Royal Palace
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3000-Man Commanders Kyou Kai

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1000-Man Commanders Former
Dou Sei

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Ri Boku - Hou Ken
Rinshoujou - Ren Pa - Chousha
Gaku Jou

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1000-Man Commander Gou Ran

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