Kingdom Wiki
Chinese Xiang
Romaji Kou
Biographical Information
Marital Status Conjugal
Age 12 (Escape from Zhao Arc)


Gender Female
Eyes Green
Hair Dark Brown
Skin White
Distinction Scar on the abdomen
Relatives Sho
Unnamed Father
Shi So (Father-in-law)
Unnamed Mother
Queen Mother (Mother-in-law)
Ei Sei (Lover)
Sei Kyou (Half Brother-in-law)
Rui (Half Sister-in-law)
Rei (Daughter)
Fusu (Half Son-in-law)
State Qin
Residence Kanyou City
Location Kanyou City
Professional Information
Classification Attendant (Former)
Occupation concubine
Affiliates Royal Palace
Royal Harem (Former)
Ei Sei Faction
Japanese VA Mari Nakatsu
Manga Debut Chapter 74
Anime Debut Episode 39
If the time comes, I will definitely protect you and the child inside your belly!

You talking to Kou during the Coalition Invasion Arc

Kou is the favorite concubine of King Ei Sei. She gave birth to his daughter, Rei.


Kou is a small-sized girl, She has her hair tied in twin pigtails and wears a hanfu. She is generally viewed as very plain, however, she does have moments of beauty and looks attractive.


Kou is a plain and modest girl with low to no self-esteem. She is very shy by nature but her loyalty to Ei Sei is absolute as she cares and believes in him faithfully. On one occasion, while gravely wounded she was able to deliver a message of great importance to Ei Sei, through willpower alone.


Kou comes from a poor merchant family. She was chosen as a young beauty to join the Royal Harem.


Escape from Zhao Arc[]

King Ei Sei took a liking to Kou and kept inviting her to his chambers night after night as it was expected of him. However, the king wasn't trying to produce an heir with her but was only silent most of the time. Kou, who was initially very startled by the entire situation, gradually started developing feelings for Ei Sei and, after she confessed, the king felt comfortable enough to talked to her about his past.

Assassination Plot Arc[]


Third Faction Arc[]

When the Queen Mother was plotting with Ryo Fui against Sei, Kou was fortunate enough to overhear their conversation. Despite being stabbed in the process and nearly losing her life, she managed to inform the king about this plot. Sei deployed his best royal doctors in order to save Kou's life and with their help, she managed to survive.

Coalition Invasion Arc[]

At some point, Kou and Sei's relationship became more intimate and, as a result, Kou became pregnant with Sei's child. During the Coalition Invasion, Kou was worried about the fate of Qin and Sei's life and was instructed to abandon Kanyou if things went bad at the Battle of Kankoku Pass.

Just before leaving for Sai to make his last stand, Sei visited Kou in her chambers. The two of them shared a moment and greeted each other with the promise to meet again soon after this threat is over. Indeed, when Sei returned victorious from Sai, he visited his beloved, who could no longer restrain her tears upon seeing him.

A few months after the end of the war, Kou gave birth to Ei Sei's child, Rei. Both parents and the king's retainers were rejoiced by that event. A year after those events, Kou was seen playing cheerfully with her daughter.

State of Ai Arc[]


Western Zhao Invasion Arc[]

Kou was seen snowball fighting with her daughter Rei and You.


Experience B
Beauty 81
?: 80 + α & ?: 100

Experience E
Beauty 80
Will = (Sometimes) 90 & Romance = 100 (Sei)

Kou is a very kind person. She has the ability to soothe the king's soul by her presence alone. She also has a strong will and great determination, as seen when she stubbornly survived a fatal stab wound in order to notify him about his mother and Ryo Fui's affair.


Kou confess.PNG
Kou confesses her love to Ei Sei
Kou injured.PNG
Kou lies down as she is injured
Kou's Scar.PNG
Kou's scar
Kou pregnant.PNG
Kou embraced by Ei Sei as he finds out that she is pregnant
Kou Sei reunited.PNG
Kou reunites with Ei Sei after the Coalition War
Kou giving birth.PNG
Kou gives birth
Kou and Ei Sei with their child.PNG
Kou and Sei holding their daughter for the first time
Kou Carries Rei.PNG
Kou with her daughter, Rei
You And Kou As Young Palace Girls.PNG
Young Kou and You as palace girls
Kou Embraces You.PNG
Kou embraces You

Kou g AS2.png
Kou in anime season 2
Kou Trips Over anime S2.PNG
Kou trips over
Kou Sleeps On Ei Sei's Bed anime S2.PNG
Kou sleeps on Ei Sei's bed
Kou Talks With Ei Sei anime S2.PNG
Kou talks with Ei Sei
Kou Cries After Hearing Ei Sei's Story anime S2.PNG
Kou cries after hearing Ei Sei's story
You And Kou Gaze Onto The Sunset anime S2.PNG
Kou and You gaze onto the sunset
Kou Gazes Onto The Moon anime S2.PNG
Kou gazes onto the moon
Kou Overheards Queen Mother And Ryo Fui's Conversation anime S2.PNG
Kou overhears Queen Mother and Ryo Fui's conversation
Kou Cries After Hearing Queen Mother And Ryo Fui's Conversation anime S2.PNG
Kou cries after hearing Queen Mother and Ryo Fui's conversation
Chou Kou Stabs Kou anime S2.PNG
Kou stabbed by Chou Kou
Chou Kou Wounds Kou anime S2.PNG
Kou's wound
Kou Removes The Blood With Her Cloth anime S2.PNG
Kou removes the blood with her cloth
Kou Lies Down As She Is Injured anime S2.PNG
Kou lies down as she is injured
You Holds Kou Who Is Injured Onto Her Arms anime S2.PNG
Kou hold by You onto her arms
Ei Sei Thanks Kou For Telling Him About Queen Mother And Ryo Fui's Alliance anime S2.PNG
Kou thanked by Ei Sei for telling him about Queen Mother and Ryo Fui's alliance
Kou's Scar anime S2.PNG
Kou's scar
Kou Blushes With Excitement anime S2.GIF
Kou blushes with excitement
Ei Sei Tells Kou That He Never Thinks Of Her Scar As Unpleasant anime S2.PNG
Kou told by Ei Sei that he never thought of her scar as unpleasant
Ei Sei Embraces Kou As He Finds Out That Kou Is Pregnant anime S2.PNG
Kou embraced by Ei Sei as he finds out that she is pregnant

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