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Kanji 黒桜
Biographical Information
Marital Status Single
Gender Female
Eyes Mint
Hair Violet
Skin Light Brown
State Qin
Location With the Kan Ki Army
Professional Information
Classification Unit Commander
Occupation Soldier
Bandit (former)
Affiliates Koku'Ou Clan
Kan Ki Army
Qin Military
Military Rank 5000-Man Commander
Equipment Sword
Japanese VA Kawashima Yuumi
Manga Debut Chapter 212
Anime Debut Episode 59

Koku'Ou is a leader of Koku'Ou Clan in the Kan Ki Army. She was a 5000-Man Commander and became later a General during the Battle of Eikyuu.


Koku'Ou is a beautiful woman with pink lips and mint eyes. She wears armor and fur as her clothing.


Koku'Ou has a cruel personality, delighting in pain and suffering. She is very loyal to Kan Ki. She is often silent and concentrated in battle.

She is harsh to men who are 'Ugly', and supportive towards 'pretty' men. She also seem to have crush on Kan Ki.


Sanyou Campaign Arc[]

Koku'Ou is first seen with the Kan Ki Army creating a 'human forest'. She was with the Kan Ki army when they captured Wei's base camp

Coalition Invasion Arc[]

Koku'Ou spends the majority of the battle on top of Kankoku pass in close attendance to Kan Ki. When the Kanki army sets fire to one of Go Hou Mei's siege towers, she mentions that the Kan Ki Army pilfered oil from Kanyou.

Koku'Ou was with the Kan Ki Armies elite, who descended the other siege tower and ultimately killed Sei Kai.

Koku You Campaign Arc[]

During the battle she initially fought against general Kai Gou and was able to push back his army. However, with the arrival of Ki Sui she was forced to retreat.

After Ki Sui left the hill to save Kei Sha she quickly reacted accordingly by attacking his remaining forces and gaining advantage on the right side.

Western Zhao Invasion Arc[]

Battle of Eikyuu Arc[]

She serves as the first general of the central army of Kan Ki Army during Battle of Eikyuu.


Strength 82
Leadership 85
Intelligence 85
Experience B
Rocket breast

Strength 82
Leadership 83
Intelligence 85
Experience B
Rocket breast

As one of the closest vassals of Kan Ki, Koku'Ou is a talented commander. During the Battle of Koku You Hill she was able to easily push back the forces of general Kai Gou.

Physical Abilities[]

Archery: Koku'Ou is skilled with archery as she can use it on the battlefield with great precision, even being able to hit moving targets like charging cavalry soldiers from a long distace.

Swordsmanship: She also posessed some proficiency with the sword, blocking a strike from Hyou Shiga (although it resulted in her blade being broken).[1]


Koku'Ou is a leader to her own clan, holding a strong leadership.

Tactical Abilities[]

Koku'Ou was also praised by Ma Ron for her sharp intuition. After Ki Sui appeared on the battlefield, she quickly recognized him as dangerous opponent and withdraw her army to cut potential losses. After Ki Sui left the hill to save Kei Sha, she quickly reacted accordingly by attacking his remaining forces and gaining advantage on the right side.



Kokuou color.jpg
Koku'on on volume 43 back cover
Koku Ou in Wei Armor.png
Koku’ou in Wei Armor
Koku Ou nose bleed over Kan Ki.png
Koku'Ou nose bleed
Koku Ou's butt.png
Koku’ou's butt
Koku Ou portrait.png
Kyou Kai Cuts Koku Ou's Bow.png
Kyou Kai Cuts Koku’ou's Bow


Koku Ou And Ma Ron Disguise As A Wei Soldier anime S2.PNG
Koku'Ou and Ma Ron disguise as Wei soldiers


  1. Chapter 698 Page 14

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