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Ko Shuu
Ko Shuu.png
Biographical Information
Gender Male
State Zhao
Residence Kantan
Location Kantan
Professional Information
Classification Messenger
Occupation Offical
Affiliates Ri Boku Army
Manga Debut Chapter 503

Ko Shuu is a Zhao Offical and advisor to both Ri Boku & Tou Jou.


He is an old man with long eyebrows and long moustache and short goatee. He is dressed in robes and he has big eyes.


Ko Shuu is a scaredy old man; shown through his fear of the Qin state while reporting to the Zhao King Tou Jou, according to Ri Boku's letters sent from his way to Kantan.


Western Zhao Invasion Arc[]

Ko Shuu is serving in the bird station, as the message of Ri Boku arrives in Kantan. He rushes to the king, who is recovering after his duties as a king. He delivers the message, that the king should send his personal guards towards Retsubi to slow down the Qin forces. When the king denies he tries to convince the king, but is stopped by Kaku Kai.