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Ko Chou
Ko Chou Portrait.PNG
Chinese Hu Zhe
Kanji 扈辄
Epithet "Guardian Deity of the Royal Capital"
Biographical Information
Marital Status Unknown
Age 50s to early 60s
Gender Male
Hair Possibly silvery grey.
Distinction 7 face piercings
State Zhao
Residence Kantan
Location Eikyuu
Professional Information
Classification Commander
Occupation Soldier
Affiliates Zhao Military
Ko Chou Army
Military Rank Great General
Manga Debut Chapter 500 (mentioned)
Chapter 636 (official appearance)

Ko Chou was a Great General from the state of Zhao.[1] He served and protected the royal capital Kantan and was known under the moniker "Guardian Deity of the Royal Capital". He served as Commander-in-Chief of Zhao Military before his death.[2]


Ko Chou appears to be an old gray-haired general in full armor and an ornamented helmet. He has sharp eyes, goatee, and a mustache. His face is decorated with jewels.


Ko Chou appears to be a serious man and not much is currently known about his personality except like Ren Pa, Ro Zo, and Shi Ba Shou, he utterly disliked the former king of Zhao, Tou Jou, as he found him to be no better than the dirt beneath his shoes.


Ko Chou was originally a fierce general who rampaged on the frontlines of Yan. Song were sung about him as the man who even demons feared. His ability was recognized by king Tou Jou and he was deemed the "Guardian Deity of Kantan", where he's been assigned ever since.[3]


Western Zhao Invasion Arc[]

After hearing the reports of Qin's invasion, Ri Boku tells Kaine to send a request to Kantan in order to summon Ko Chou to the western border after they heard that the Qin has set out with a 200,000 strong army to attack Zhao. After the conclusion of the Battle at Shukai Plains and Qin's conquering of Gyou, the general makes his first official appearance at Retsubi, standing guard along with Shun Sui Ju while they prevent the Qin from resupplying their exhausted armies with food rations.

He also wants to hold the line against Tou Army, while also expecting reinforcements from north, which were nonexistent. Upon hearing it, and Ri Boku's imprisonment, he decided to return to Kantan.

Battle of Eikyuu Arc[]

After Ri Boku's exile, Ko Chou becomes the supreme commander of Zhao forces. He holds the line against invading Qin army. Once Kan Ki decided to push his offensive in Eikyuu, he moved his main army of 150,000 men to challenge him to a battle. For seven days Ko Chou successfully pushes the Kan Ki army to the brink of destruction.

On the 8th day Ko Chou is visited in his HQ by one of his soldiers Ka Man. He informs him about the situation on the battlefield. Ko Chou in response orders him to keep 3000 men to Eikyuu just in case. He then considers the option of Ou Sen coming to Kan Ki's aid, but says it's unlikely since his eyes are on Bujou and Heiyou. Ka Man is still worried and proposes to double their lookouts on western side just in case Kan Ki is planing something, but Ko Chou answers he's already done it and it shouldn't be concern even if Ou Sen makes a move. Ka Man says he will sent 5000 men to Ko Haku and order Ryuu Haku to send some of his troops to the middle. He thinks it's quite unlucky for Kan Ki to have Ko Chou Army as his opponent, since he's using pain as his weapon and they have embraced more pain than anyone can know.

Later Ko Chou moves 5000 troops to his right in order to block incoming Hi Shin Army and the situation on the battlefield turns out to be Kan Ki's ploy. Ko Chou finds himself in a situation where his HQ is ambushed by Kan Ki. The general receives the report that the attackers number around 1000 and there are still more coming. The strategists all panic, but Ko Chou is calm and looks at the map. He quickly understoods and understoods that Kan Ki used Sun Bin's strategy. He explains that Zhao soldiers were too preocupied by chasing Kan Ki's deserting bandits. There was a group of soldier hidden among the real deserters that hid themselves and waited until Zhao units would pass them. They hid among bodies or dug burrows and waited until Zhao would send 5000 men to their right wing, so if Hi Shin Army wouldn't win then this plan wouldn't work. Kan Ki didn't instruct all of fleeing bandits, since they were real deserters. They knew exectly that so many of them would flee which is why he decided to use this strategy. Ko Chou then claims that it's possible Kan Ki had this plan in mind even before the battle started. Ka Man then joins the meeting and says they should run away, since they can still win as long as they survive the ambush. The advisors suggest to run towards Ko Haku's 5000-Man Army, since it's the closest, but Ka Man says that perhaps Kan Ki predicted it, so they should go in the opposite direction. Ko Chou agrees, but as they try to escape to the left their path is blocked by a group of cavalry led personally by Kan Ki. Ko Chou's unit was handpicked 100 cavalryman who undergone strict selection. On the other side Shu Ma Clan numbered 200 soldiers and their individual strength was equal to Zenou Clan. And so, Kan Ki's side proven to be superior and overpowered their enemies. Ko Chou was now surrounded, but he didn't seem to be fazed by that. He says Kan Ki's scheeme was smart but he wrapped it in poor strategy. He is surprised that Kan Ki send so many of his soldiers to their deaths and asks how was he able to do it, even calling him deranged mass murderer. Kan Ki however is once again not interested in the conversation and states that Ko Chou haven't seen true pain yet. He then adds that Ko Chou can't keep himself together without the pain of his piercings on his face. Ko Chou says he will go first and have a drink with Rai Do as he puts a blade on his neck. The Shu Ma clan tries to stop him, but they are cut down one after another. Before they are able to do anything he successfully cuts his throat. Ko Chou then kills few more soldiers and falls to the ground dead. Kan Ki orders his men to take his head in order to demoralize Zhao troops.


Strength 90
Leadership 93
Intelligence 96
Experience A
Kanji is too difficult

As a great general and supreme commander of Zhao forces, Ko Chou possessed incredible talents and experience for warfare. Because of his prowess and experience in the frontline of Yan, his abilities was recognized by Tou Jou and was assigned to protect the Zhao capital of Kantan, earning the moniker "Guardian Deity of Kantan".

Physical Abilities[]

Ko Chou had a considerable martial skill as he showed a proficiency with the sword. Before his death, he was able to kill multiple members of Shuma Clan, whose strength is on par with Zenou Clan.


As a great general and supreme commander of Zhao forces, Ko Chou was a competent leader. His men are willing to follow him and been by Ko Chou's side as he embraced more "pains" than anyone can know.

Tactical Abilities[]

The old general displayed impressive intelligence and foresight as Ko Chou explained that Ri Boku is the keystone that holds up the state of the Zhao itself and immediately chooses to withdraw all forces from Retsubi in order to preserve their fighting strength and divert them to strengthening their defenses in the northern half of Zhao. He was capable of reading the situation on the overall battlefield and creating preventing measures for various scenarios.[4] He also recognized Kan Ki's plan as Sun Bin's strategy and the reason of their miscalculation which indicates a good knowledge of warfare. Ko Chou was also shown using interrogation tactics and torturing captured foes in order to obtain information.


Ko Chou Portrait.PNG
Ko Chou's profile.
Ko Chou and Shun Sui Ju.png
Ko Chou in Retsubi with Shun Sui Ju.
Ko Chou after the hearing the news of the king's decision and Ri Boku's arrest.
Ko Chou's views.png
Ko Chou's views
Chapter 693 cover.PNG
Ko Chou and Kan Ki facing off
Chapter 694 cover.PNG
Ko Cou deciding to take his own life


  • "Our king is not even worth the shit beneath my boots" - To Shun Sui Ju and his soldiers (Chapter 640)


  • He is based on a real historical general Hu Zhe.[1]


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