Young King Sho

Old Sho anime S1

Chinese Zhao
Romaji Sho
Epithet God of War
Biographical Information
Deceased (Ageing)
Marital Status Widowed
Gender Male
Eyes Iris
Hair Grey
Skin Light Brown
Relatives Kyou (Daughter)
Shi So (Grandson)
Queen Mother (Granddaughter-in-law)
Ei Sei (Great-grandson)
Sei Kyou (Great-grandson)

Kou (Great-granddaughter-in-law)
Rui (Great-granddaughter-in-law)
Rei (Great-great-granddaughter)
Fusu (Great-great-grandson)
State Qin
Residence Kanyou City
Location Kanyou City (Death Place)
Professional Information
Classification King
Army Commander
Occupation Soldier
Affiliates Qin Military
Qin Government
Royal Palace
Equipment Glaive
Anime Debut Episode 7 Mentioned
Episode 15 Flashback
King Sho was the 28th King of the State of Qin. He was the father of Kyou and the great-grandfather of Ei Sei and Sei Kyou.


King Sho had a long goatee with a mustache and a vertical scar on his left eye. He wore a war helmet with markings at the top and two engraved faces on its sides. In his old age, he became smaller and less bulky, however, his eyes as stated by Ou Ki still contained a youthful glimmer. He also began wearing a mask that covered the upper half of his face.


Known as the "God of War" by the other states and Sho enjoyed visiting his troops at the front lines during times of war. Even in old age, he was still on the battlefield albeit on the sidelines watching. 

He cared for his Six Great Generals and entrusted Ou Ki with a secret message for any future king of Qin who inherited his will. 


King Sho ruled for 55 years and most of them were spent warring against the other states. In the course of those wars came to the forefront under his reign were the Six Great Generals of Qin who had an unshakeable bond of loyalty to King Sho. Together they ravaged all the lands of China.


He visited his troops after their conquest of the Nanan region, calling Ou Ki his treasured blade and asked about Kyou due to her accomplishments on the battlefield. Realizing she was his child, he asked her age and complimented her on her hard work, calling her one of his treasures. He then orders Ou Ki to talk to him later.

From his position, he could not officially recognize her birthright because it would mean more babies being smuggled from the harem which would force him to execute the involved parties. However, sometime after first meeting her, King Sho would secretly issue a decree to suppress any mention of her origins to prevent her from being harmed by anyone who could use such information for ill intent. He was later there to personally promote her to Great General with both of them shedding many tears of pride during the ceremony. 

Sometime after her death, he would be seen seated over a battlefield with Ou Ki and Shou Bun Kun lamenting that his time was almost up and wished that he had another twenty more years so he could succeed in conquering all of China. While there, he would offer some words of advice to Ou Ki in regards to when he should unsheathe his talons and soar over China once again when he has found a king who has the qualities of inheriting King Sho's own dream. 


Known as the "God of War", Sho was acknowledged as a supreme military commander. Despite being a king he was often found in the battlefield personally leading his army, which indicates both immense fighting, leadership and strategical skills.

Another proof of Sho's abilities is that he managed to gain the respect of the Great General Ou Ki along with the other five Great Generals.


Young King Sho
Middle aged Sho
Young King Sho
God of War, King Sho
Sho portrait
Old King Sho
Sho's War Horse anime portrait
Sho's war horse
Young Sho anime S1
Middle aged Shou
Sho And Kyou's First Meeting anime S1
Shou meets Kyou
Kyou Becomes The Sixth Great General anime S1
Sho appoints Kyou as the sixth Great General of Qin
Sho Cries anime S1
Sho cries as he appoints Kyou as the sixth Great General of Qin
God of War, King Sho anime S1
God of War, King Sho
Sho With Ou Ki And Shou Bun Kun On The Battlefield anime S1
Sho with Ou Ki and Shou Bun Kun on the battlefield
Old Sho With Shou Bun Kun And Ou Ki anime S1
Old Sho with Shou Bun Kun and Ou Ki

Royal Palace
Royal Family Rou Ai - Queen Mother

Government Chou Kou - Ko Reki
Generals Current
Han O Ki
Wa Tegi

Commanders Han Roki - Ha Mui - Bu Tai
Royal Palace
Royal FamilyFormerly
Shou Hei Kun

GovernmentShun Shin Kun
Great GeneralsKan Mei - Ka Rin

Rin Bu Kun

1000-Man CommandersHaku Rei - Kou Yoku
Great GeneralsSei Kai

2000-Man CommandersFormerly
Leader Jo Elder

Civilian Shuu (Jo)
Royal Palace
Royal Family Ou Ken
Royal Family Current
Ei Sei - Queen Mother - Rei - Rui
Boku Kou - Sei Kyou - Sho - Sou Jou

Government Current
Ri Shi - Ryo Fui - Sai Taku - Shi Shi - Shou Hei Kun - Shou Bun Kun
Ketsu Shi

Royal Harem Amin - Chou Kou - Kou - Rou Ai - You
Great Generals Current
Mou Bu - Tou
Chou Tou - Duke Hyou - Mou Gou

Six Great Generals:
Ko Shou - Kyou - Haku Ki - Ou Ki - Ou Kotsu - Shiba Saku

Generals Current
Do Mon - Heki - Kan Ki - Kan Ou - Ou Sen - Roku O Mi - Ryuu Koku - Shou Kaku
Dou Kin - Ei Bi - En Ka - Koku Gou - Ra Gen - Rin Bou - Ryuu

5000-Man CommandersOu Hon - Shin

3000-Man CommandersKyou Kai

2000-Man CommandersMou Ten

1000-Man CommandersCurent
Hoku Shu - Gaku Rai - Kaku Un - Kan Jou - Ogiko - Ran Dou
Baku Koshin - Jou Han - Kaku Bi - Tai Un

100-Man CommandersChu Tetsu - Den Ei - Den Yuu - Hai Rou - Kyo Gai - Ryuu Sen

10-Squad LeadersBi Hei - Ro En - Ryuu Yuu - Seki - Suu Gen - Taku Kei

5-Squad LeadersFormer
Batsu Ken - Bi Tou - Bun Ketsu - Hou - Kyou Ji - San Ka - Yuu Gi

StrategistsKa Ryo Ten - Kai Oku - Mou Ki
Mountain Tribe
King Yo Tan Wa

Elders Chouga Elders

Warriors Ba Jio - Fuji - Rankai - Shunmen - Tajifu - Toji
Royal Palace
Royal Family Kei Bin
Great GeneralsCurrent
Go Hou Mei
Seven Fire Dragons:
Gai Mou
Go Kei - Tai Roji - Shi Ei - Rei Ou - Shou Sen - Ba Tou

Generals Current
Fuu Haku - Kan Ei
Kyuu Gen - Haku Kisai - Ga Gyuu - Rinko - Gen Bou - Kyou En - Kai Shi Bou

1000-Man CommandersFormer
Dou Sei

StrategistsHyou Ki
Great GeneralsCurrent
Geki Shin - Gaku Ki
Royal Palace
Royal Family Tou Jou
Great Generals Three Great Heavens
Ri Boku - Hou Ken
Rinshoujou - Ren Pa - Chousha
Gaku Jou

Generals Current
Kou Son Ryuu - Ri Haku - Ki Sui - Ba Nan Ji - Shuu Sui Ju
Man Goku - Shou Mou - Fuu Ki - Rin Ko - Gen Bou - Kyou En - Kai Shi Bou - Kei Sha

Army Commanders Current
Ba Tei - Kin Mou - Gaku Ei - Kai Gou
Ryuu Tou

1000-Man CommanderGou Ran

Strategists Chousou

CommandersKaine - Fu Tei


Ryo Fui - Shi Ka - A Mon - Kou Shou
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