Ki Shou
Biographical Information
Marital Status Unknown
Gender Male
Relatives Ki Sui]] (Son)
Ba Tei (Foster Son)
Ryuu Tou (Foster Son)
State Zhao
Professional Information
Affiliates City of Rigan
Manga Debut Chapter 463
It does me proud to call them my sons.

—Ki Shou on Ki Sui, Ba Tei, and Ryuu Tou.

Ki Shou was the Lord of Zhao's Rigan, 15 years before the battle of Koku You Hills. He is the father of Ki Sui and the foster father of Ryuu Tou and Ba Tei.

He was burned alive during the Tragedy of Rigan in order to save all the younger citizens of Rigan. He was a benevolent ruler. All citizens loved his kind heart and would give up their lives for him. 

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