Royal Capital of Qin: Kanyou

Kanyou (Xianyang (chin.)) is the royal capital of Qin, and the place where the Qin king and important officials reside. This is where the political power lies. Different factions supporting different regimes, dividing the power between them.

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The city was built around the palace as the center piece. It's surrounded by numerous layers of defensive walls, noble estates, and citizen housing. It's stated that even Tonryuu can't compare in size.

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Outer gatesEdit

West gate.

Inner gatesEdit

Crimson Turtle GateEdit

  • Is one of the gates of the royal palace.
  • Is where Ei Sei started the offensive to retake the throne.
  • very tough, impossible to smash through

Royal PalaceEdit

The royal palace has 2 named corridors leading to the throne room. The left- and right dragon corridors.


Surrounded on all sides by mountain ranges, Kanyou could be said to be a Natural Fortress. But the reason Kanyou holds the title of the most impregnable city in all of china is because of the heavily fortified "National Gates" that block the only two paths leading to Kanyou; the eastern Kankoku Pass, and the southern Bu Pass.


Manga Edit

Kanyou City
Kanyou gate
One of Kanyou's Gate opens
Siege of Kanyou
Siege of Kanyou

Anime Edit

Kanyou City's Interior anime S2
Kanyou's Interior