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Kan To
Kan To portrait.PNG
Epithet All Talk
Biographical Information
Marital Status Single
Age Early 20s
Gender Male
State Qin
Location With the Hi Shin Army
Professional Information
Affiliates Hi Shin Army
Qin Military
Military Rank Infantry Squad Leader
Equipment Shou Sa's Spear
Manga Debut Chapter 492
A Captain that crawled his way up from his position as a servant... How most of the guys who serve under him come from peasant backgrounds...W-when you hear all the stories of what they've done...Who wouldn't look up to and admire something like that?!

—To Suu Gen on his reasons for wanting to join the Hi Shin Unit.

Kan To is a soldier among the Hi Shin Infantry. As a recruit, Kan To was among the few exceptional rookies who managed to complete a grueling selection process and training regimen. During this period, he was nicknamed "All Talk" Kan To by the infantry veterans like, because of his arrogant behavior. However, as Kan To gained experience after countless drills and battles, he is slowly becoming one of the central figures in the Hi Shin Army's infantry corps.


Kan To is tall and muscular. His face is cleanly shaved with a small scar on his right eye. He keeps his hair tied together in the top of his head. During recruitment, he's shown to be more stylish than other greenhorns. Kan To was depicted wearing a tunic adorned with a leopard pattern design, which he still wears to this day.


Easily angered or overjoyed, Kan To wears his heart on his shoulders. But he is very proud of being in the Hi Shin Army and tries to hold up its name and live up to his predecessors.


After hearing various stories of the famous Hi Shin Unit, Kan To became inspired and determined to join the unit after learning and hearing about how their leader Shin, a former servant, became a captain and all the veteran's roses from peasants' and commoners backgrounds to soldiers.  


Bureaucrats Job Arc[]

He wanted to enlist to the Hi Shin Unit as a soldier, but when he experienced the hard conditions he got angry as to why he and the men have to go through endurance training rather than combat training. Then he and some others were challenged by Suu Gen to attack him with real swords, while Suu Gen would only defend with a wooden blade. Kan To accepted, and he ends the others were easily beaten. He then reentered the recruitment and passed it.

During the training sessions, he and the other new recruits had a bit of a hard time, to learn how to move as a unit. But as soon as they managed to do so, they easily pushed through the veteran infantry, because of their better physical stats.

Western Zhao Invasion Arc[]

Third day of battle:

Kan To participates in his first real battle with the other rookies when the Hi Shin Unit comes as a reinforcement on Qin's right wing. Their line is broken by Zhao's heavy cavalry. He manages to somehow block a horseman's spear but gets trampled by his horse. While the surrounding infantry is massacred, Sou Jin comes to their rescue by killing the enemy soldiers from afar, which surprises them. Kan To takes advantage of this short moment of respite to reorganize the surrounding troops by motivating them.

They manage to repel the horsemen who will be trapped by Suu Gen and his troops during their retreat. Kan To and the other rookies will also participate in Kyou Kai's plan to setup the left and right to create a bottleneck who will funnel all the enemy tight here, on their way.

Twelve day of battle:

Kan To, like all the troops of the Hi Shin Unit, was present for Shin's speech, and will participate in the devastating charge that will follow. He notices that despite the apparent chaos, the officers and veterans are still looking out each other while fighting. As a cavalry squad is about to crush them, they instinctively use the Gouriki formation to protect themselves. Deputy commander Shou Sa congratulates them for reacting well and that maybe the view that you guys can see has already started to change. Kanto realizes indeed that despite having fought more than 10 days, they are in better shape, hearing Shin's speech is one of the reasons but also he can see more of the view if the battlefield now, so it's easier for him to choose his movements.

Shou Sa, confirms to him that it happened to him many times and that he was then not as young as him. It happened only after he met Shin. That even though he looks idiot, his view is still different, that whatever stretches out before him is on a much higher level. After the formation of the Hi Shin Unit, everyone realized what an amazing captain he is and that they would like to see the same view as him one day. All the veterans grew and learned under his command and that they could not catch up with him. That he asked them to lend him their strength and that they are then unstoppable. Kanto told him that he is also glad to be in Hi Shin Unit.

Fourteen day of battle:

Ka Ryo Ten entrust En and Shou Sa with rescue and reinforcements on the field. They must help only that should be help and base their judgment on minimizing casualties. While Sou Sa learns that a certain unit is too late to be rescued, he still chooses to come to the rescue when he is informed that Kan To and other rookies are among them. He remembers the words of Kanto saying that he is glad to be in Hi Shin Unit. Commander Shou Sa and his relief unit manage to reach the rookies in time to save them from annihilation, but the deputy commander himself is mortally wounded during the struggle.

Kan To kills Shou Sa's assailant and realizes that it is because of them, that the Hi Shin Unit will lose one of its most talented infantry commanders, and declares that they will sacrifice themselves if need be, in order to allow him to get out. Shou Sa scolds Kan To, saying that it's only natural for rookies to be inexperienced, and that they are not allowed to just throw their lives away, as they all have to support Shin in becoming a Great General under the heavens - including the newbies. Kan To is in awe of Shou Sa's strength of character despite his injuries and wonders if this is what it means to be a member of the Hi Shin unit's veterans. As they finally managed to get out of harm's way, Kan To takes a dying Shou Sa to Shin's position, according to the deputy commander's wishes, and they reunite in his last moments. As for Kan To, he inherits Shou Sa's spear, as well as his will, and declares that he intends to master the spear in order to honor Shou Sa.

Shiyuu Conflict Arc[]

Battle of Eikyuu Arc[]


Strength 80
Leadership 65
Intelligence 78
Experience E

Coming from a commoner's background, Kan To is used to carrying heavy loads even before he joined the military. He was among those few men chosen to join the Hi Shin Infantry through an extremely severe selection program. As such, from the outset he and his comrades have displayed formidable stamina and tenacity. However, after countless drills and battles, they have slowly been forged into an elite infantry corps - even surpassing the quality of rival infantry units belonging to the Gaku Ka and the Gyoku Hou. Through sheer effort, Kan To and his peers have acquired unwavering strength.


Kan To on the cover of v55.

Western Zhao Invasion[]

[[File:Shou Sa Saving Kan To.jpg |180x180px]]

Battle of Eikyuu[]

Hin Shin Infantry views and stands before the Cliff.jpg
Kan To and the rest of the Hi Shin Infantry stand beneath the Gaku Haku Kou's cliff position as they get ready to climb it.
Hi Shin Infantry Reaches the top.jpg
Kan To and his comrades climbing a vertical slope to flank the Gaku Haku Kou Army's HQ.

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