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Kan Mei
Chinese Han Ming
Kanji 汗明
Romaji Kan Mai
Epithet The Giant of Chu
Biographical Information
Deceased (Slain)
Marital Status Unknown
Gender Male
State Chu
Location Kankoku Pass
Professional Information
Classification Great General

Army Commander

Occupation Soldier
Affiliates Chu Military

Kan Mei Army
Coalition Army (Defunct)

Military Rank Great General
Equipment War Mace
Wreaking Ball
Japanese VA Tanaka Miou
Manga Debut Chapter 268
Anime Debut Episode 79
Let me tell you something interesting. As someone who has realized he is without peer, how do you think I feel about fighting on the battlefield? There is only one emotion. Boredom. That is all. Then for what do I fight!? Because I seek a worthy opponent!? Wrong!! Because it is my "Duty"! To crush, from head on, those fools who would mistakenly believe themselves to be strong! I do it to fulfill my duty as one who transcends humanity! My duty as a great general of a true superstate! Such is...The Giant of Chu! Kan Mei!

Kan Mei expressing his pride to Mou Bu during their duel

Kan Mei was a Great General from the State of Chu, who took part in the Coalition Invasion in Qin. He was known by the epithet "The Giant of Chu".


He was a huge, extremely muscular man, even bigger than Mou Bu. He had a horn-like haircut and a short goatee. His attire was that of standard Chu General. His forearms are covered in battle scars and he has a particularly loud voice, which can be heard across a great distance.


Kan Mei was a prideful and extremely self-confident man due to his immense strength and successive victories on the battlefield. He admitted that boredom was all that filled him as he had yet to find an opponent that could "stir his blood".


Kan Mei rose quickly in the military ranks in the state of Chu, thanks to his incredible strength. At some point in the past, Ou Kotsu, one of the Six Great Generals of Qin, attempted to invade the state of Chu. Kan Mei stood against him and, despite still being a young general in Kou En's army at the time, managed to wound him with just one swing of his sword, forcing the great general to retreat hastily. Since then, Kan Mei has fought against many formidable opponents and has come out victorious every time. For that reason, he has bestowed upon himself the title of "the strongest man in China".

Kan Mei's first campaign was against Qi and he rampaged his way through all the numerous front lines in succession as the Chu state borders on that of Qi, Zhao, Wei, and Han. Roughly a hundred cities fell to him in his long years of service, during which he did not suffer a single loss. The only places where his name has yet to reach are the distant lands of Yan and Qin because Chu and Qin have not fought against each other in the last twenty to thirty years.


Coalition Invasion Arc[]

During the Battle of Kankoku Pass against Qin, he is the commander-in-chief of the Chu army and his army was matched against that of general Mou Bu of the Qin, to the right of the Kankoku Pass. Announcing the start of the battle, Kan Mei gives the honor of opening the battle to Rin Bu Kun.

Mou Bu used the Echelon Formation to trick Kan Mei and his strategists into reinforcing the edges of their army. By doing that, in the middle of the Chu army, a weak point was created, which Mou Bu used it as a path to reach the Chu commander himself. Seeing this, Kan Mei entered the battle and clashed with the Qin general. The two men are extremely strong, but Kan Mei has managed to overwhelm Mou Bu, in terms of brute strength.

Kan Mei brought Mou Bu to the verge of death while bragging of being the strongest man in the world. Mou Bu, however, demonstrated his strong will and managed to even the score and even break Kan Mei's hand. General Ka Rin, seeing that Kan Mei might lose the duel, sent her brother Ka En to kill Mou Bu from behind. Mou Ten saw through this scheme and rode fast to intercept Kaen. As the duel was interrupted, Kan Mei got frustrated and slashed Mouten with his sword when the latter was flung into his way. Seeing that, Mou Bu snapped and delivered a fatal strike to Kan Mei. After that came to the finishing blow which crushed Kan Mei's head and killed him on spot.


Strength 99
Leadership 91
Intelligence 88
Experience A
Head like a crab

Strength 99
Leadership 91
Intelligence 88
Experience A
Head like a crab

Strength 99
Leadership 91
Intelligence 88
Experience A
Nickname: Giant of Chu

Kan Mei was a great general who possessed vast experience as a military commander. He rampaged his way through numerous front lines in succession and took over roughly a hundred cities in his long years of service. During that time, he didn't suffer even a single loss. His achievements were such that the only places his name hasn't spread were states of Qin and Yan.[1] During the Coalition War, Kan Mei was the living symbol of the Coalition Army's might.[2]

Physical Abilities[]

Kan Mei was an incredibly powerful warrior to the point where he was considered by Shou Hei Kun to be the strongest man in China.[3] At some point in the past, Kan Mei stood against one of the Six Great Generals of Qin Ou Kotsu, who was considered to be the strongest in brute strength out of the six generals and, despite still being a young general at the time, managed to wound him with just one swing of his sword, forcing the great general to retreat. Even a powerful general Man'U admitted that Kan Mei was stronger than him.[4] He brought Mou Bu to the verge of death during their duel. Mou Bu, however, demonstrated his strong will and managed to stand up and after the duel was interrupted, he killed Kan Mei.

The Giant of Chu is an expert in using many weapons. He was shown using a sword and meteor hammer, however, he states that he's using his mace only against opponents he somehow considers worthy.


Kan Mai proved to be a good military leader and was shown to greatly boost the morale of his army with a passionate speech which indicates his strong leadership abilities.[5][6]

Tactical Abilities[]

Kan Mei shown to have a decent tactical knowledge. He was able to figure out Mou Bu's attempt of using the Echelon Formation and acted accordingly by reinforcing the edge of the army. When it turned out to be a ploy as it was intended to weaken the middle, Kan Mai countered accordingly by sending out his strongest cavalry unit to reinforce and defend the weak spot of the army.


Kan Mei 's horse.png
Kan Mei on his horse
Kan mei pumped.png
Kan Mei Army
Ou Kotsu Kan Mei.png
Young Kan Mei cuts down Ou Kotsu
Kan mei's strength.png
Kan Mei's massive power
Kanmei Vs Moubu.PNG
Kan Mei vs Mou Bu
Mouten injured by Kanmei.PNG
Kan Mei cuts down Mou Ten
Kanmei defeated.PNG
Kan Mei struck by Mou Bu
Kanmei's death.PNG
Kan Mei's death at the hands of Mou Bu
Kan Mei portrait.png
Kan Mei portrait
Kan Mei.png
Kan Mei portrait
Kan Mei Young.png
Kan Mei Young


  • Kan Mei is based on a real historical figure Han Ming. However, in actual history Han Ming was most likely a scholar, rather then a general.


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