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Kaku Kai
Kaku Kai portrait.png
Chinese Guo Kai
Kanji 郭开
Biographical Information
Marital Status Unknown.
Age Mid 50s
Gender Male
State Zhao
Residence Kantan City
Location Kantan City
Professional Information
Occupation Politician, Prime Minister
Affiliates Zhao Government
Political Position Official
Manga Debut Chapter 369

Kaku Kai is a high ranking official in the state of Zhao. He currently holds the position of Prime Minister.[1]


Kaku Kai is an overweight man who wears flashy clothes and very expensive jewelry, all treats of his wealthy lifestyle. He has a thin mustache, a small pointy goatee and a devilish haircut and his facial expression reflect his cunning nature.


Kaku Kai is very cunning and has a deceptive personality.


At some point in the past, Kaku Kai met with Ryo Fui, while the former was still a merchant in the state of Zhao. From then on, Kaku Kai managed to raise his political influence, which earned him a place among the high ranking officials in Zhao.


Conspiracy in the Court Arc[]

He was with You Ka, whispering that a certain merchant in Qin got his earrings.

Western Zhao Invasion Arc[]

He was in Kantan prison, where Ri Boku incarcerated. He talks to him about not to weasel himself out of his death. But the Zhao general wants to rouse the northern armies to assist Retsubi, as his request. But the man never told any soul of it.

Then, he was seen alongside king Tou Jou, while the latter immersed himself in a pool, assuring that the Ri Boku Army cannot get him alive.

Zhao Crisis Arc[]

He was seen on the Royal Court of Kantan when news of king Tou Jou's death spread, putting prince Ka in charge. The Zhao Prince ordered all critics of his father released, including Ri Boku.

As he was fleeing the area, he met Kou Hi, a concubine of Tou Jou and Ei. Then, together, they went to the Royal Court while Ri Boku and Ka are busy mobilizing the Kantan Army, revealing the horrible news that Ka was stripped of his succession rights in favor of Sen.


Strength 40
Leadership 75
Intelligence 83
Experience B
?: 95

Strength 20
Leadership 75
Intelligence 83
Experience B
Important character

As a high ranking official, Kaku Kai is a man of great influence. He has gained the respect of the Zhao court and all the privileges that come with it. His political value is so high, that he was able to spread his connections outside the state of Zhao, forging diplomatic bonds with the Qin chancellor of state, Ryo Fui.


Kaku Kai portrait.PNG
His first appearance.


  1. Chapter 645

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