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Kai Shi Bou
Chinese Jie Zi Fang
Kanji 介子坊
Biographical Information
Marital Status Single
Gender Male
Eyes Dark Grey
Hair Black
Skin Light Brown
State Zhao (Former)
Wei (Former)
Location Chin City
Professional Information
Classification Commander
Occupation Soldier
Affiliates Ren Pa Army
Kai Shi Bou Army
Four Heavenly Kings
Military Rank General
Equipment Glaive
Japanese VA Nobuyuki Hiyama
Manga Debut Chapter 194
Anime Debut Episode 52
After all, in just destructive power alone, he could be considered on par with even Ren Pa.

Gen Bou talking about Kai Shi Bou's martial prowess.

Kai Shi Bou is one of the Four Heavenly Kings, which are General Ren Pa's most trusted lieutenants. A powerful warrior in his own right, his style of leadership is to face the enemy army head on.


He is a large, heavy-set man who is balding partially but has some hair remaining and it is braided. His beard is long and very thin along with a pencil-thin mustache. He is often wearing armor but has been seen in official robes as well and they have heart symbols on the seams.


He noted that the fear of Kanki had worked its way into his troops and that he was a troublesome opponent. Kai Shi Bou is considered a ferocious warrior who has earned over a hundred victories while operating on his own.

When angered, veins appear on his face, making him a furious warrior to behold.


At some point in the past, Kai Shi Bou came to serve Ren Pa


Sanyou Campaign Arc[]

Kai Shi Bou is first seen along with the other Four Heavenly Kings when Renpa is sent by the Wei king to deal with the invading Qin. Shocked that his lord is not the Commander-in-Chief, he mocks Haku Ki Sai for his cowardice in the last Wei-Qin war. When Ren Pa explains the situation, he accepts it and does their pre-battle ritual before heading to his position. 

During the Sanyou Campaign Arc, he leads the Wei left army of 40,000 troops against Qin General Kan Ki. After having difficulty against Kanki's guerilla tactics, Gen Bou comes to take temporary command of the left Wei army and informs them on where Kanki's hidden Headquarters would likely be located. He finds the camp and proceeds to decimate its defenders.  During the fight, he hears of Gen Bou's death through the gong relay system and is shocked at this. On the sixth day of battle, he arrives, with his heavy cavalry, at the Qin headquarters and asks Ren Pa why he is hesitating. He kills some Qin cavalry before looking in the distance to see the Wei headquarters on fire. Infuriated at this, he orders his men to kill Mou Gou to balance the scales and continues to tear through the Qin cavalry present before confronting Mou Ten, who he calls a little girl. Kai Shi Bou is shocked when Ren Pa says they are going home as they have lost the battle. He protests against his lord's decision but is told of the reality that the Wei face if they continue on. With that, Kai Shi Bou orders his heavy cavalry units to stand down.

Koku You Campaign Arc[]

He along with Kyou En chaperone a meeting between Ren Pa, Ka Rin and Ri En.


Strength 91
Leadership 88
Intelligence 87
Experience A
Likes the heart symbols

Strength 91
Leadership 89
Intelligence 88
Experience A
Likes the heart symbols

Strength 91
Leadership 90
Intelligence 88
Experience A
Words are vulgar

Strength 91
Leadership 90
Intelligence 88
Eyes are scary when angry

Kai Shi Bou is Ren Pa's right arm and the leader of Four Heavenly Kings - an elite group of deputies who's skilled is considered miles ahead of even Ouki's vassals. He possesses vast experience as a commander who has earned over a hundred victories even when operating by himself. His abilities were good enough to clash with Qin's vice general Kan Ki.

Physical Abilities[]

Kai Shi Bou's specialty is head-on collisions in terms of charging the enemy line. He is held as a general whose destructive capabilities to be on par with Ba Nan Ji and even Ren Pa himself. He seems to hold great offensive ability as he was able to destroy Kanki's headquarters in a short amount of time despite it being defended by Rai Do.


Kai Shi Bou is a capable leader as he leads charges in battlefield. His men are heavy cavalry units, specializing in heavy charges and are surprisingly versatile being able to keep pace with light cavalry and tread through terrains which enemies thought it was impossible to be pierced by cavalry. 


Ren Pa hugs Kai Shi Bou.PNG
Kai Shi Bou hugs Ren Pa
An enraged Kai Shi Bou.jpg
Kai Shi Bou enraged
Kai Shi Bou Power.png
Kai Shi Bou's Power

Roku O Mi And Kai Shi Bou Quarrel anime S2.PNG
Kai Shi Bou quarrels with Roku O Mi
Kai Shi Bou AS2.png
Kai Shi Bou in Anime season 2
Kai Shi Bou Appearance Without His Armour anime S2.PNG
Kai Shi Bou's appearance without his armour
Kai Shi Bou And Ren Pa Hug anime S2.PNG
Kai Shi Bou hugs Ren Pa
Kai Shi Bou Enraged anime S2.PNG
Kai Shi Bou enraged
Kai Shi Bou Smashes His Way Through The Qin Army anime S2.PNG
Kai Shi Bou smashes his way through the Qin Army
Kai Shi Bou Confronts Mou Ten and Mou Gou anime S2.PNG
Kai Shi Bou confronts Mou Ten and Mou Gou
Kai Shi Bou Strikes Mou Ten anime S2.PNG
Kai Shi Bou strikes Mou Ten
Shin Saves Mou Ten From Kai Shi Bou's Strike anime S2.PNG
Kai Shi Bou's strike deflected by Shin

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