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The Juuteki Tribe was a tribe that excised near Qin that ruled in an individual kingdom. They were just a handful of tribesmen. A hundred years ago it was annexed by Qin, leaving its inhabitants in anger.


State of Ai Arc[]

The inhabitants suppressed their anger. They trained and waiting for the opportunity to get their revenge. After 100 years they finally get their opportunity with the creation of the state of Ai. They joined their army and are now attacking Kanyou together with the other soldiers of the state of Ai.


The members of the Juuteki Tribe are well versed in warfare as they are skilled in both the usage of the glaive and the bow on horseback. Physically, they are often seen with elaborate facial tattoos and elaborately designed helmets. the Leaders are often seen wearing a fur tunic that covers their upper chest. It is also their custom to elect their leader by determining who is the strongest of the tribe.


Duke of Juuteki portrait.png
Wa Tegi
Duke of Juuteki
Death: slain by Shou Hei Kun
Bu Dai portrait.png
Ha Mui portrait.PNG
Cavalry Commander
Leader of Hamui Unit
No image.PNG
Noko †
Leader of Noko Unit
Slain by Kou Ryuu