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Juuteki is a former state that belonged to Juuteki Tribe. Around 338 B.C. it was conquered by Qin.


Juuteki was once a small kingdom. A hundred years ago, Juuteki was annexed by Qin into one of their provinces.[1]


State of Ai Arc[]

The survivors haven't forgotten their hatred towards Qin because of their defeat a hundred years ago. The hatred, however, didn't stay with the survivors alone. They passed down that hatred to their children. Wa Tegi The Duke of Juuteki and his soldiers are the inheritors of that hatred. With the birth of the state of Ai and with them searching for soldiers, was this for Duke of Juuteki and his men the perfect opportunity to pay back Qin for the pain they caused to people of Juuteki. They asked the state of Ai to join their army and was very much welcome to do so. They were very pleased when the state of Ai started a rebellion and was planning to take over Kanyou. They joined the rebel army and became one of their three armies consisting of 10.000 soldiers with Duke of Juuteki as their General. Now they are ready to enact revenge.


Ethnically they are composed of the Juuteki Tribe.


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  • Fought against Qin and lost, which resulted in their annexation.


The kingdom was located near the state of Qin, most likely in it's northern area.



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